26 Aug 09

Splitting The Atom EP

Splitting The Atom EPReleased 05/10: 

01. Splitting The Atom (feat. 3D, Daddy G, and Horace Andy)
02. Pray For Rain (feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
03. Psyche (Van Rivers / The Subliminal Kid Remix) (feat. Martina Topley Bird)
04. Bulletproof Love (Christoff Berg Remix) (feat. Guy Garvey)

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  1. the FLIR

    Nice teaser for the Full length album. Psyche is my fav so far. Waiting for the US tour announcements…

    Sep 18 •
  2. Ares

    I wholly concur, Psyche is beautiful. I’ve not had the best of months, so new MA music has been a real tonic.

    Psyche is by far my favourite. Getting Martina involved is such a coup – her vocals on this are some of the most lovely and sexy I’ve heard in a long time. When I hear it, it makes me think of those beautiful slo-mo scenes in Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist. Not a very profound though, probably all those woodland references!

    Never really got the Billie Holiday comparisons until now. She did a great job at Bestival on Teardrop! Shame about the sound :(

    Really like what the remixers have done on this and Bulletproof Love. If you haven’t done so yet check out the work of Van Rivers et al on the Fever Ray album. It’s fucking amazing record, and her gig at Shepherd’s Bush is my favourite this year so far. Gutted I’m not seeing Massive on tour, the youtube stuff looks ace.

    It’s really good to have the guys back! I’ve missed them, but when they get their shit together the results are always worth the wait!

    Thanks! I love you guys!

    Sep 19 •
  3. Mr.T

    Hey you guys!
    Prain for rain is beautifull. The best one on the EP. Back to the old times. Psyche is also great. Not so sure about that beep during all the song.

    Can’t wait for the gigs in Lisbon. See you in November!

    Sep 25 •
  4. facebok

    Your message raises contradictions in my head

    Oct 31 •
  5. Mario


    Jul 20 •

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