17 Sep 09

Splitting The Atom


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  1. poizzenapple

    why corrida?…

    Sep 18 •
  2. siddharrtha

    What the fuck!!!

    Sep 19 •
  3. Alex Nakanda

    I was starving for these tunes!

    Sep 20 •
  4. Better

    Kill the matadors and all the audience.

    Sep 21 •
  5. nikolas

    hm i think the bull represents the economy ( the stock markets have a bull statue at their entrance)


    Sep 21 •
  6. B

    realisation/mirrored horror /of pomp and cowardice

    Sep 21 •
  7. Michael

    I was expecting the bull killing the Matador. Why did you take all my hopes?

    Sep 21 •
  8. Mikael Simpson

    Fuckin brilliant !

    Sep 22 •
  9. Nagashadow

    it’s so heavy…

    Sep 22 •
  10. Jay

    Bullfighting should be f#¤%&*g banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sep 22 •
  11. spiritstar69 - Anja - the invisible

    Oh my God! I am so shocked and feeling sick! What a horror! Pls Spanish Guys Stop this Shit! Poor People ! Poor Animals! Shit *uck* tradition! But I love this song! Thank you! Love&Peace to everyone! “the invisible” ;) Anja
    P.S. I am not disappear ..

    Sep 22 •
  12. Big Rob

    I always find myself cheering for the bull when watching bullfights……

    Sep 22 •
  13. dimitri

    corrida de merde

    Sep 22 •
  14. Neil Massive

    Matadors are cowardly scum and their ‘audience’ are a bunch of saddo’s.

    Sep 22 •
  15. poizzenapple

    from tne beginning i found myself wanting an STA’s video, but sure, NOT like this!..
    why don’t they shoot themselves in the clip as, for example, in the “angel”?
    but generally the guys are free to do as themselves see fit ….
    Amen, the creative process goes in mysterious ways …

    Sep 22 •
  16. Miguel Ángel

    Simplemente es Massive Attack, oscuro, melancólico y un tanto denso, guuau!!!!!!! han vuelto.

    Sep 22 •
  17. eva

    que sólo hablen los vegetarianos por favor.!!

    Sep 22 •
  18. Javier

    Hello to everyone. I must say that here in Spain, most of people are against bullfighting, but there is a powerfull minority and politic interests that support this ‘nacional party’. There are many people like me that detest bullfighting but the goverment don´t listen our voices, it´s a pity. After see the video I asked myself, why Massive Attack don´t come to Spain in their Tour? I don´t know the reason, because many people want to see them, does anyone?

    Sep 23 •
  19. Utopia*engine

    Cruel and direct.
    Just like the EP’s atmosphere.

    Sep 23 •
  20. Neckros

    Please Spain needs famous groups like Massive attack to fight against that horror. Every day a bull is tortured in my country, people pay for look this barbarism, and nobody does anything.
    The following video is a explicitly murder but is the reality of a nacional party based on the animal suffer:
    People who fight against the bullfighting are booed, justifying our human thought as a lack of artistic vision.
    Spain is wonderful in much others aspects, but please, don’t support this behavior.
    From Spain, Thank’s MA

    Sep 23 •
  21. bora

    This bull can represent anything(manything), but the matador represents himself, human! the way of playing with such a powerfull creature and killing it with slow torment, like the way we do to everything..carrying a great arrogance with it..
    The idea is watching that guy, deep inside being him against that power, feeling that excitement..bla blu bla….

    Massive Attack, here we go…

    Sep 24 •
  22. Nagashadow

    Sí, el matador da asco, creo que logra tornar incómoda la imagen del hombre, repugnar en cierta forma nuestra raza y lo que hemos construido.
    La canción es excelente, tiene un toque de oscuridad e inquietud que nunca antes había visto marcado tan potentemente en Massive Attack.

    Sep 24 •
  23. Fab

    Is this a metaphor ?

    Sep 24 •
  24. Matthew Hargreaves

    There will be a day when people no longer have the need to carry out such barbarity

    for me its good to show it as it can only help bring about its demise

    Sep 24 •
  25. Magicvice

    …….the pure horror! I hate this kind of stupidity! …and what for? …for entertainment?
    There are only animal abuser in the arena and also the spectators!
    …. beyond my understanding!

    P.S.: Massive Attack => Keep it up!
    I’m a fan of your music since 1896 ;-)

    Sep 24 •
  26. acid_attack

    This is not barbarism, it is sadly civilisation, man in control, man in search of control, man losing control.
    Barbarians didn’t build arenas to create a spectacle of death.
    Macho Bravado = Pathetic

    Sep 25 •
  27. StéDJ

    We want ‘you now’ and we want it…

    Sep 25 •
  28. David Talavera

    I’ve always been fascinated by the art of bull-fighting, from a traditional aspect, it’s no different from another ’sport’ we have in England , the controversial Fox hunting..
    I’m sure there are similar practices involving the cruel torture and hunting of animals for fun, in other countries too.
    The term ’sport’ is probably what we use to justify these actions…we hide behind the guises of ‘tradition’ and ‘culture’ to carry out s&**t like this…we need to wake up.
    After seeing this, i must admit the curiosity has faded, and i feel nothing but sheer anger and sympathy for the bull…and can’t help but notice how barbariic, cowardly and unfair it is…i would love to have seen the bull gore the matador to death!!

    Spain is a fantastic country and has beautiful locations, food, tradition and people………there are lots of things to praise it for……..this is not one of them, something has to be done.
    Thanks massive attack..again for the always class music, and actually bothering to try and use your position to do some good.

    Nice one

    Sep 26 •
  29. kelly mitchell

    Pah-leez! this video is brilliant. You know what it is and can only appreciate the craftsmanship and vision, which has obviously been accomplished. There are no comments that can justify it’s wholeness. I love it. I hate it. And I love it again


    Sep 28 •
  30. kelly mitchell

    Bravo Bailey Walsh!

    Sep 28 •
  31. telma

    Massive attack are coming to Portugal to perform i can´t wait for it…The concert it will take place in a bullfight arena.Here in Portugal there are a few people who like bullfights they say it´s tradition…i think its cruelty …the bull doesn´t die on the arena its forbiden but they do it a litle village named Barrancos.
    Your music its brilliant; has allways

    Sep 30 •
  32. minichester

    Initial element was captivating but later repetitive and soon became the ‘beating a dead cat’ phenomenon. Some wasted seconds that could have brought people to their knees, however instead we got the teenage shock value of ‘faces of death’ …. more value please

    Oct 01 •
  33. pmlu

    Corrida de Toros: the “art” of transfiguring a magnificent animal into five hundred kilos of burger meat.
    Cruel, criminal, ugly, disgusting, grotesque…

    Oct 01 •
  34. Ramiro

    The video depicts the state of things.Obviously these kind of things persist in countries like Spain. Europe has always had a cornucopia full of sadistic peoples , look at all the empires, how they sacked, raped, and eliminated peoples just for the sake of god and modern civilization.When I have to admit that the people who still do these brutal things ,I feel so ashamed of having that blood in me.You do not have to see a video or wear a t shirt in order to denounce how current events happen right in front of your nose. Shit happens and at this speed of idiotic events we are going to end in books as the most imbecile race in the cosmos .

    Oct 02 •
  35. oscar

    Sorry BuT I Find this all a Bit pedestrian..though the first show at Brixton was Good..!!
    Very Brave of you to Play Out the New stuff..Some Great ..some things enhanced by the visuals
    Need to hear it ..On the Decks…and make a descion..(as an Old Timer)….THEN.!

    Oct 02 •
  36. Manuel

    Hello All,

    I am portuguese and live in Lisbon. I am not a vegetarian or an animal deffender maniac, but I AM NOTGOING TO THEIR CONCERT IN THE BULLFIGHT ARENA IN LISCON, Campo Pequeno, because I believe firmly that by buying a ticket to this concert I am supporting the society that runs Campo Pequeno, defenders and promoters of bullfights. I don´t know where MASSIVE ATTACK stands as far as animal cruelty but I believe that Massive Attack or any band that is against it shuold not allow gigs or activities in places that promote shows like bullfights or other kinds of shows where animals are handled for those seeking pleasure in the pain inflicted to them.

    Best regards,


    Oct 02 •
  37. cave

    massive attack is my favorite music, I have always considered it smooth and soothing, why would they incorporate such violence? I was excited about the new release, after seeing this, I don’t want to purchase it. Why would a band not use their power to protest something as barbaric as this?

    Oct 03 •
  38. mauro


    Oct 03 •
  39. Pablo Ferrer

    Mauro, I’m Spanish and I tell you that you are crazy!!!! Tell us why you say this afirmation… In Spain a lot of people are fighting against this injustice. This video is very sad but i’ts not all Spain. Las corridas de toros it’s a shame but Spain is very different…

    Oct 04 •
  40. Dom Green

    I agree with Alex Nakanda – I’ve been starved for new MA material. Hooked already. How do they always manage to tap into where I am..??? Been providing the soundtrack to my life since 1988. Outstanding.

    Oct 04 •
  41. amon

    reaction into the arena/atom maybe

    Oct 05 •
  42. Peace and Yunnan tea

    Sounds like you’re going back to the roots, i like that, but i have to say i got surprised when i first heard this. This makes me really eager to hear the rest of it. Thank you!
    And as for this video, the title speaks for itself.

    Oct 06 •
  43. hastex

    Love the song, dark as we’ve come to expect, hypnotising mesmerising, but i’d love to know the thinking behind the video.

    I’d be surprised if the band were in favour of the ’sport’. the clip leaves me feling pain for the bull and thinking that there is no honour in the killing the beast.

    what is were the thoughts in putting the video with the song…. looking forward to hearing more of the new material…

    Oct 06 •
  44. mauro

    pablo,all you have to do is read books,its all in there,or ask about spain in latin america.it is not your fault being born in spain.

    Oct 07 •
  45. Dirk

    not all traditions are good…change these stadiums into stadiums of peace between human and animal!

    Oct 08 •
  46. María-José

    Seriusly, this type of cultural critique could only show ignorance and the idea of supremacy of one culture over another.
    Yet we fail to see the depth of revisiting our own western mind frame over pre-modern tratidtions such as bullfighting. Despite your liking or disliking of a corrida,

    WE fail to see that:

    YES, This video is brilliant….

    Oct 08 •
  47. Lo'

    J’aime j’aime j’aime vraiment beaucoup :)

    Oct 12 •
  48. tom kop

    Big art…Its very bloody but graceful, you can´t take your eyes away sametime the excelent song is on.

    Oct 12 •
  49. markus

    massive maszscre

    Oct 12 •
  50. Melanie

    To all for whom bullfighting is simply unbearable and i thank you all for not accepting cruelty, you can ACT !
    DO sign this petition and make your voice heard for real changes and better days ! Do not hesitate to forward widely the word.
    Many thanks in advance.


    Oct 13 •
  51. alex

    don’t know is it an expression against bullfighting but i hope it is not, because if so, the video is turning into just a social and political expression, notjing more. hope, it is just an art of strong emotions.

    Oct 17 •
  52. Andre van Seenus

    All the while I thought this band was pro conciousness, anti war etc. So I don’t understand this. I lived in Spain, iunderstand it is “their thing”, I don’t want to play ping-pong about animal rights versus tradition. BUT why a bull fight appears on an English Band’s Website… Please explain! I am always for the underdog; be it a bull, or whatever else Man seems to enjoy fucking up, in the name of progress, ignorance, God (whatever you call that), greed and tradition.
    Damn this planet! it is in the hands of fools!
    Yet there is no better groove than Massive Attack. What to do?

    Oct 18 •
  53. Sylvie

    M.A. fan de corrida??
    Quelle déconvenue!…
    C’est juste moche.

    Oct 19 •
  54. nonoxprod

    it sounds some Solina…mmmmh.!!
    is the voice of Charlie Winston in “Pray for rain” ?

    Oct 20 •
  55. PhillDoc

    Nice story as for me. It would be great to read a bit more about this matter.

    Oct 22 •
  56. ESA

    I love the song!
    but well.. I don’t like La corrida de Toros et all, but actually, I don’t know how different of eat meat it is… because at the end, someone eat the bull too….

    Oct 23 •
  57. ESA

    Is Horrible to watch the end..
    and thinking in this makes me think I should be vegeterian…

    Oct 23 •
  58. FrancescoPerez

    Massive Respect

    Oct 28 •
  59. Jean from South of FRANCE

    CONGRATULATIONS to choose a perfect SPANISH corrida ( different of portuguese or french one),
    cngratulations because it s politically INCORRECT to like or to appreciate watching a perfect “mise à mort”, I dont know your position on this subject some GREAT XX century artist were pro-corrida : Hemingway, Picasso, … My English is not so perfect to be a good atorney. I just have one thing to tell to those who are horrified : toros lives in perfect freedom before in vast lands and die in one shot look attentively the clip. A beef or a cow live in a small stable before to be shot down with stress in a fabric, is its life more great ? What about the courage of the matador about 75 kgs in front of a muscle monster beast of 500 kgs ?

    Oct 28 •
  60. karlo


    Nov 02 •
  61. Gundosmpb

    Aloha! rdk

    Nov 05 •
  62. Agua DeValencia

    Hi, I love ur music since ur birth as Massive Attack… but the video that you’ve used to promote this song is a shame!!. Maybe all of you are blind maybe all of you need to open the eyes and open your heart and stop to think. Maybe you only want to create controversy to sell ur song but you only sell shame in this way of promotion. Your music is amazing you know but PLEASE, DON’T PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC WITH A SHAME… FIGHT AGAINST BULLFIGHTING AND THE BULLFIGHTERS, YOU CAN DO IT. In Spain there are a lot of people fighting against the bullfights aka “corridas de toros” each day for free. Think about it. Thank you from Spain.

    Nov 13 •
  63. Agua DeValencia

    As ur song… “It never stops and we’ll never learn”.

    Nov 13 •
  64. Gabriel


    Nov 18 •
  65. ignicion

    es facil! en este mundo de imagenes quedarse con un fotograma y crear/se una idea distorsionada de la realidad.
    2 tios supergordos con un taparrabos en Japon, es civilazado? 2 bueyes tirando de 2 pedrolos gigantescos mientras la gente apuesta…. 2 boxeadores tai…incluso diria mas 2 tias en el barro….tantos temas ilogicos, tanta estupidez!!!!
    el tema me flipa, el video: un horror

    Nov 18 •
  66. Celia

    I love the music… but I hate the video, I regret I’ve watch it. So shocking and sad… very sad :-(

    Nov 23 •
  67. Tete

    Hi, everibody! Let me tell you that the bull that are used in the corridas spend a very good life, in green widows. Only the best bulls (the Liria class) can be choosen. I cant say the same from the cows and bulls that everyday you eat!!! They keep their whole life into a very small place. Many countries (maybe you can live in one of them) like England (with foxes) In Iceland, (with whales), Denmark, Canada, Japan… have their own murders time, even much animals are sacrified. Finally, I want to remember all the wars around the world, wherre nobody of us try to keep the war out of these countries. Finally, I cant find where is the problem? Are the corridas or is Spain?

    Nov 29 •
  68. dr ulas

    ah come on dont do that… i cant listen this song anymore.. if im gonna listen i will remember this video… its pathetic… my blood is totally frost… i actually really like spain but actually should i?…

    Nov 30 •
  69. Hans

    at the end…… the human race is the biggest monster on earth

    Dec 03 •
  70. evilove

    i like because it makes me feel something and i feel alive saudades em portugal

    Dec 23 •
  71. David

    Hi I’m from Spain. I hate this thing and I’ll never understand it. Bullfigthers are a monsters. They haven’t got any culture and often are illiterate more less. They get a lot of money with this job, they have never needed learn nothing else……
    But don’t worry, the corridas have good things. When some bullfighter is knocked by a bull………the feeling is wonderfull and you can feel so happy…….. fuck them !…. Somebody has asked to the bull if it want to play this shit?

    Dec 24 •
  72. digitalsoma

    it seems to be BULL SHIT….so what??

    Jan 02 •
  73. smellydoze

    Any idea how credit crunch affected porn?

    Jan 03 •
  74. killergram

    I think bull fighters are very brave, its still a sick sport tho.

    Jan 06 •
  75. pandahoofs

    Any idea how credit crunch affected porn?

    Jan 07 •
  76. joe D

    Que jalada!

    Jan 11 •
  77. svar Krimea


    Jan 22 •
  78. svar Crimea

    what else migth be under such a musical accompaniment?!

    Jan 22 •
  79. Coby

    ay where’s my bota?

    Jan 23 •
  80. bob

    There is a short story/film set in the Cold War in which a computerized system malfunctions, sending orders to American nuclear bombers on an irreversible mission to nuke Moscow. The American President shows the Soviet Union that it was an accident, and not an act of war, by having a nuke dropped on New York.

    In the beginning of this story/film the President talks about a nightmare he had in which he was a matador. Perhaps the video is an allusion to that? Makes sense to me, since part of the theme of the album seems to be about nukes/nuclear war.

    Jan 23 •
  81. bob

    I couldn’t remember the name of the film, but I found it on imdb. It’s called “Failsafe,” made in 1964 and re-made for TV in 2000.

    Jan 23 •
  82. Ricardo

    Bravo Bravo

    Long Live the BULLFIGHTS!!!!

    Jan 26 •
  83. wah

    Im Hoping Massive Attack are using this video as a protest rather than Art for there new tune. In my opinion, Even the cameraman should be shot!

    Jan 26 •
  84. Mike White

    Balletic, heartbreaking. A brilliant video, no doubt about that. Some good news for anyone else disturbed by the footage:


    and here’s something for anyone moved to try and help bring an end to this anachronistic torture:


    Brilliant work Grant, Rob and Bailey. My respect for you continues to grow.

    Jan 28 •
  85. John

    Mauro, Go to the university or read some books, and, before talking shit try to use your brain, instead of repeting stupidities from panflets.

    Feb 02 •
  86. Pino

    Spero che Massive Attack abbia usato questo video come protesta verso questo crimine che è la corrida.complimenti per la musica veramente grandi, sarete sempre nel mio cuore.

    Feb 03 •
  87. tech51

    Ole, Ole ,Ole.

    Feb 04 •
  88. Fußballer

    Amazing Song. Tough clip. Esthetic movements.

    I like it.

    Feb 05 •
  89. Salvador

    Fuck bullfights!!! Fuck Bullfighters… The song is very cool.

    Feb 08 •
  90. ash

    im-presionante lo nuevo de Massive Attack, ya los hechabamos de menos……por fin!!!!!!
    referenta a la imagenes…..deplorables, me averguenzo de vivir y ser del mismo pais donde se hacen estas atrocidades con los pobres animales.

    Feb 10 •

    sad but true . we are the virus

    Feb 11 •
  92. mercanox

    i can do same think to people like that bullfighter. killing with torture.
    and actually we are all mammals. If you eat mammals you area cannibal.

    Feb 15 •
  93. Dmitriy

    Mankind will never stop doing such things…

    Feb 22 •
  94. Abraham

    Motherfuckers!! and they feel so proud about it…. the worse thing is that they took this shit to some other countries as well as mine (Mexico) and so, we have a bunch of Mexican Machos Motherfuckers that feel so “spanish” by supporting this shit….
    Macho, go fuck yourself!!!!!

    Mar 02 •
  95. elseyerone


    Mar 07 •
  96. vane

    I hate this video !

    Jul 03 •
  97. Emanuele

    Che schifo. Maledetti barbari.

    Jul 10 •
  98. Daywalker


    Jul 12 •
  99. greymaria

    I’m Portuguese, like Manuel, not vegetarian, not in any group of animals, just saying the reason of Bullfights still legal here, can? Not defending it of course. Bullfights is a right wing tradition, but the people of Barrancos (Alentejo, traditionally left wing) made it a popular issue on our black political period (193? til 1974). The all Village assisted to ‘Touradas’ and they transformed it in a not elite thing. So it’s more a political statement than only the fight itself… so…..

    Jul 19 •
  100. madge_72

    I feel utterly sickened by man’s need to display such acts of cruelty.

    This should be totally outlawed and ANY body who pays money to watch this pumped
    up circus should be ashamed of themselves.

    It’s left me feeling totally numb.

    Aug 03 •
  101. Rene


    Aug 18 •
  102. pedro pinto

    pets in small appartments and rooms is also cruel. bullfights in portugal are better.

    Dec 29 •
  103. sly954

    Pateticas son las personas que dicen avergonzarse de vivir en España. Estos comentarios solo denotan una falta de cultura y sabiduria impresionante y sobre todo falta de respeto. No estoy ni en contra ni a favor de los toros. En todas partes del mundo incluida EUROPA, se hacen cosas más atroces con los animales. El toro de lidia es una especie en extinción y existe gracias a las corridas.

    En fin, si más comentarios…estoy orgullosa de ESPAÑA! olé.

    Jun 09 •
  104. Eduardo

    Hipócritas los que desprecian el toreo y luego se zampan un T-bone con dos cojones. Patéticos los que hablan de lo que no saben, los que desprecian la belleza de la lucha que hace digno a un animal ante su muerte. Crueldad es dejar que miles de niños mueran cada día en el mundo por falta de alimentos. Y el toro es un alimento, en último término. Opinad sobre la caza del zorro, la matanza de ballenas y delfines a garrotazos, tantas orgias de crueldad carentes de belleza. El vídeo no destaca la crueldad, sino la armonía, la belleza. Gracias, Massive Attack.
    Hypocrites who despise bullfighting and then swallow a T-bone with two balls. Pathetic that speak of what they do not know who despise the beauty of the struggle that makes it worth an animal before his death. Cruelty is leaving thousands of children die every day worldwide from starvation. And the bull is a food, in the end. Comment on fox hunting, the killing of whales and dolphins with clubs, orgies of cruelty so devoid of beauty. The video does not highlight the cruelty, but the harmony, beauty. Thanks, Massive Attack.

    Jun 24 •

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