18 sept. 09


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  1. damokorma

    Hi, I am new to this site, I just won 2 tickets to Massive Attack’s Brixton Academy Show for tonight Friday 18 September, would anyone like to use the extra ticket for free?, get back to me(sorry it’s short notice but I won them half an hour ago), thanks. damonewton@hotmail.com

    sept. 18 •
  2. Anahita


    sept. 19 •
  3. Matt

    Hello, I attanded the Brixton Gig last night and I just wanted to say how damn good it was, amazing show guys – amazing!!

    sept. 19 •
  4. Diego Q

    What was the set in Brixton???

    sept. 20 •
  5. poizzenapple

    des anyoneknows tracklist???
    who singing with D,G, H.A. & MTB???
    those who were at the concert, share yhe secret! :)

    sept. 20 •
  6. poizzenapple

    sorry for the tripled message – i just learning :)
    submitted the message before checking all the mistakes…

    but – very interesting to learn about the details of the concert, so you can take my tripled message as extreme manifestation of curiosity … :)

    love and reapect!


    sept. 20 •
  7. Mandy & Paul

    Truly awesome, but then you guys always are. So inspiring. We saw you at Brixton in 2004 and at Westonbirt in 2006, but please don’t leave it too long before touring again. Respectfully, Mandy & Paul in Norwich. PS Good to see we weren’t the oldest couple at Brixton Academy!

    sept. 20 •
  8. Diego Q

    Does anybody went to Brixton?????????????? which songs sing Martina????

    sept. 24 •

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