23 Sep 09

New show announced

Massive Attack will play at London HMV Hammersmith Apollo show on 11th February 2010 in support of HOPING Foundation.

Tickets on sale at 9am on Friday 25th September


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  1. poizzenapple

    eh …. good to live in London … : (
    at least in terms of opportunities to get to MA’s concert…

    Sep 23 •
  2. Algar

    Why don’t the tour go to Barcelona or Spain???? I would like to see MA live show and I live in Barcelona!!!

    Oct 02 •
  3. marconi

    this a fuck rule massive
    i like it
    marconi by BRASIL

    Oct 04 •
  4. annan

    i think it’s great you are supporting the hoping foundation. you rock! i love you guys can you come to chicago please? thanks!

    Oct 06 •

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