28 sep 09


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  1. ed

    the best Gig I’ve had the pleasure to witness in years! Unbelievable..

    sep 28 •
  2. Rosie

    Absolutely amazin i loved every moment…except 4 wen it ended…..

    sep 28 •
  3. mark

    Amazing gig…i got lost in the music at points…Marakesh and 16 Seeter in particular were brilliant!!!!

    sep 28 •
  4. Blanca

    Never been in a gig like this. Spectacular, so intimate, what they transmit with their music was too big..
    Never heard of Martina before, I fell in love.
    Big artist all of them, so so talented..
    Cant´t wait for the next one
    Congratulations, you´ve touched me like no band before

    sep 28 •
  5. Tim Bower

    Amazing show!! Been a fan since the start and to finally get to see you play was nothing like I could imagine. Still buzzing now. Thank you

    sep 29 •
  6. poizzenapple


    sep 30 •
  7. se7en

    shivers down my spine…can’t wait 06.11. Zagreb, Croatia…MA thx, thx, thx…

    oct 01 •
  8. Mike

    Excellent gig, Martina Topley Bird was a great choice for the support band, very talented. When you coming again???

    oct 02 •
  9. izzy

    loving my new tee and loved marrakesh

    oct 03 •
  10. IVAN

    From Italy I was there! GREAT! Love you Love you Love you…

    oct 12 •
  11. tom

    I saw you guys there when I was living in the UK back in … 2003. Quite a trip down memory lane ! I can’t wait to see you next month !

    oct 20 •

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