02 Oct 09

Brixton Setlist 17/09

Brixton setlist 17/09

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  1. DM

    Seriously… you guys should consider putting out a live album. The reworking of the older tunes with the live band were AMAZING!

    Oct 05 •
  2. spiritstar69 - Anja

    WOW! Exciting! I can´t waiting to hear it for myself! Love&Peace!

    Oct 05 •
  3. spiritstar69 - Anja - the invisible

    WOW! Exciting! I can´t wait to hear the songs for myself! Love&Peace!

    Oct 05 •
  4. Jameson

    You HAVE TO COME to Toronto Canada!!! I have never seen you — ever since the Virgin Music Fest was cancelled. I need you in my life!! Especially with a set list like that.

    Oct 06 •
  5. Abyme

    What about Dobro ?

    I’ve heard/seen it on the last tour and il was AWESOME !! would be nice to hear it again =)

    Oct 06 •
  6. Diegoq

    Thanx a lot, awesome track list, I hope to see you next year in Latin America, Colombia more exactly ;)

    Oct 06 •
  7. Stroke

    Can`t wait to see your performance in Zagreb. Ticket is in the pocket :). See you soon.

    Oct 11 •

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