05 Oct 09

Splitting The Atom EP out now

The Splitting The Atom EP is out now:

01. Splitting The Atom (feat. 3D, Daddy G, and Horace Andy)
02. Pray For Rain (feat. Tunde Adebimpe)
03. Bulletproof Love (Van Rivers / The Subliminal Kid Remix) (feat. Guy Garvey)
04. Psyche (Flash Treatment) (feat. Martina Topley Bird)





Splitting The Atom EP

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  1. michael

    i’m presuming there won’t be a physical release of this EP then? it’s listed on Amazon as a forthcoming CD release but guess that’s wrong?

    Sep 29 •
  2. Henrik

    it’s available on eBay as a pomotional cd release, but i’m a bit reluctant to puchase it, as i’d rather wait and buy myself a legimit copy. Hope the EP will be sold from the merchandise store at the Copenhagen venue on Oct. 19.

    Sep 30 •
  3. Dan

    In the Dutch iTunes Store, the EP is set to be released October 2nd…

    Oct 01 •
  4. Tim (Ireland)

    Any update on a 12″ release for ‘Splitting The Atom EP’. Haven’t seen any mention of it on any online record stores. Hope it becomes available soon. Was disappointed when ‘Live With Me’ didn’t get a 12″ release – maybe it could feature on a future b-side (hint ! hint !)

    Oct 04 •
  5. dc

    see the 12″ maxi single news : http://www.thevinylfactory.com/shop/index.php/massive-attack.html
    should buy quick while you still can .

    Oct 05 •
  6. usa

    Any information on a USA release?

    Oct 05 •
  7. RankZero

    Can’t wait for the next full length CD. Have to wait until tomorrow to order the EP in the US. Hope all is well!

    Oct 05 •
  8. KoCha

    So beautiful !!

    Nice to take a little flavor of the album :) so much time I wait for it


    Oct 05 •
  9. Baris ATILGAN

    Yeahhh! Be thankfull We’ve got the Massive Attack… “Bulletproof Love” is greath after than “Bullet Boy” have a nice day people (hi from Turkey)

    Oct 05 •

    i want to wait for the full album to buy as mp3. But i’m not sure that it’s sold in turkey in digital format?

    Oct 05 •

    Sorry i’ve noticed later the full album and downloaded.

    Oct 05 •
  12. hakiki (indonesia)

    Will it be released in indonesia? I also can’t hardly wait for the new full length album..btw, does anyone know in wich EP can I get “False Flag” track?? Thx, regards from indonesia..

    Oct 06 •
  13. Johnny

    False Flags is on the limited 2CD/DVD edition of Collected

    Oct 06 •
  14. RJ

    Is there going to be a physical release of this EP? I like having a piece of plastic in my hand and some liner notes when I purchase an album….

    Oct 06 •
  15. joao paulo

    will you perfom in rio de janeiro? gotta many fans here….

    Oct 07 •
  16. Andrew

    Fantastic! And in FLAC! You guys are awesome.

    Oct 15 •
  17. christian


    Oct 20 •

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