06 oct. 09

(English) Backstage Photo Blog no.1

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English.

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  1. Nooc210


    oct. 06 •
  2. Maria Maldonado

    Dear friends from Massive Attack:

    I am writing from Ecuador in SouthAmerica, I am one of your fans from many here,
    you are very different, they way you played ,,,very interesting and beautiful.. I want to congratulate you for your efforts in the organization you are supporting.
    I wish I could be in one of your concerts, but they are all in Europe , is too far for me to go.
    but I told my best friend in Paris to go instead of me.. I am sure it will be incredible.
    I hope one day you can come and visit SA, its a very different land, like your music… !
    thanks so much for your attention!
    good luck in your concerts!
    and God Bless you,

    oct. 07 •
  3. poizzenapple

    nice photos!!!
    but – where’s Robert? ;)

    oct. 07 •
  4. Marcel_M


    oct. 14 •
  5. cecilia villamayor

    muy buenas fotos!!!….

    oct. 15 •
  6. cecilia villamayor

    me encanto tu carta Maria Maldonado! es hermosa, muy bueno todo lo que les decis , es algo que sale del alma de manera sencilla y rica a la vez, como nuestra america latina !! seguro que ellos la saben apreciar.

    oct. 23 •
  7. moritz

    I am sooo much looking forward to tonight!

    oct. 23 •

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