08 ott 09

(English) Robert / Grant, Brixton. photo by Warren and Nick

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Nika

    black and white / classical / mysterious

    ott 08 •
  2. Eric

    I really enjoy these backstage photo’s. Is there any consideration towards a Massive Attack book?

    ott 08 •
  3. Mr. Zaziki

    Oh Yes!
    Such a gloomy picture look good only with you
    greetings from munich

    ott 08 •
  4. Nooc210

    I dig it, that book idea is a good one, there stage show’s are awesome & full of color!!

    ott 09 •
  5. Mr. Zaziki

    I would buy it!

    ott 09 •
  6. poizzenapple

    excellent photo!
    boys, you are awful awesome!

    ott 10 •
  7. antistar

    Cool i really hope they publish book, one of the best photos of Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshell together.

    ott 13 •
  8. Miranda

    What a clever photo, of two very clever people.

    ott 14 •
  9. Mike

    This picture talks about everything in their life, live….. ‘right in two’ .

    ott 23 •
  10. DejnaD

    what a expression

    nov 08 •
  11. miki

    lovely portraits of you two. gosh, i’d kill for the opportunity to photograph the band…

    nov 24 •

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