11 Oct 09

New to MA wiki: Meltdown 2008 programme

The latest addition to the wiki is the full programme for Massive Attack’s Meltdown 2008, featuring interviews with 3D and Daddy G about the acts they chose… click HERE to view.

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  1. Nooc210

    fuckin awesome!!

    Oct 12 •
  2. Nika

    Nice part about Blade Runner. It’s one of my favourite books/movies. So many questions about humanity, our identity. And this loneliness as a background. Even in a crowd of people. Plus amazing music. Song “Memories of Green” always makes me wanna cry. Pure magic.

    Oct 12 •
  3. nm30

    amazing!! thanks!!!

    Oct 13 •
  4. Nika

    I’m just wondering, have you seen “The Road to Guantanamo” (dir. Michael Winterbottom). I only can say: terrifying.

    Oct 16 •

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