14 Oct 09

Backstage Photo Blog no.2

D, Grant, Damon & Nelson (photograph by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones)…
D, Grant, Damon & Nelson

D & Grant…
D & Grant

Horace & Grant…
Horace & Grant



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  1. SPY


    Oct 14 •
  2. Biagio


    Oct 14 •
  3. victoria stambolis

    Great photos , very artistic . I loved your song live with me , the video was real , kisses to all of you v

    Oct 14 •
  4. Victor

    You are on fire!!!

    Oct 14 •
  5. misko

    belgrade guys

    Oct 14 •
  6. Rusty Sheriff


    The first one reminds me of the Anson Rooms show, Bristol during the Mezzanine tour. Before the show me and my mate popped upstairs for a quick booze in the student union I presume. The chelsea match was on and D and Grant were there watching it. Through some sort of coincidence, D asked us if we wanted a game of table football. So D and Grant vs me and my mate, they won – by cheating. You can never spin the ‘keeper!

    Happy days…

    Oct 14 •
  7. Konstantin Belyshev

    Its little pictures and teases like these that make me want to hear the album even more. But it would be even better if Massive Attack came to US to promote thier album. IT’s weird, I’m from Austin area, but Massive Attack are pretty massive around here. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

    Oct 14 •
  8. Marcel_M

    I absolutely love it, I want to see you all live so badly! Come to America! Get me out of here please!

    Oct 14 •
  9. Marcel_M

    I absolutely love it, I want to see you all live so badly! Come to America! Get me out of here please! :)

    Oct 14 •
  10. Rémi

    just few words to say that I’ve always loved your music, but now I understand more things. Good luck guys and keep to do your music, I’ll probably not here to listen it but people need it. Sorry for my pathetic english… Bye,…

    Oct 14 •
  11. Lucca

    I am looking forward to see you in Zagreb. People in Croatia are soulful and great audience, hope we all have a good time . Cheers

    Oct 14 •
  12. Andreeog

    I can not wait to see you in Romania back again :)

    Oct 14 •
  13. Nika

    First Photo – I would like to play too :). Yes, I’m a girl, but I like football ! And I know what offside means ;).

    The Second Photo – D… hmmm… Pray for Rain ;).

    Oct 14 •
  14. basstardust

    yo también quiero jugar pin pong de plateado

    Oct 14 •
  15. cecilia villamayor

    que ganas de jugar un metegool!!! tengo a mi hermana trini gritndo por los goles del partido entre argentina y uruguay. por supuesto, gana argentina!!! espero que lo esten pasando lindo,, pease!! vengan a Argentina!! America Latina los quiere!!!….

    Oct 15 •
  16. Pogo

    La raja las fotos!!!

    Oct 15 •
  17. Aleks

    It was brilliant concert yesterday!

    Oct 15 •
  18. spiritstar69 - Anja

    Yeah, you have really fun! I am glad to see the photos! Beautiful Martina and hotty mens! ;) I am so happy to see you next week in Germany!! Can´t wait and I am so exciting! LOVE & PEACE ANJA and don´t forget FREE TIBET!

    Oct 15 •
  19. poizzenapple

    nice photos, THANKS!!!

    Oct 15 •
  20. nm30

    nice pics! the new website kicks ass!!

    Oct 15 •
  21. Pierre

    Guys I’ve always love your music. Went to see you in Brixton Academy. I thought your were fantastic. Actually It’s not the first time that I come and see you. You are always great. Keep on going. You make good music. Hope to see soon again.

    Oct 15 •
  22. Daro

    come to Argentinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oct 16 •
  23. July Garden

    Big thanks for your concert in Moscow!!!! It was amezing!!! Your are the BEST!!!!

    Oct 16 •
  24. Enge

    Nice ping pong skills from Horace.

    If you pray hard enough D…

    Oct 16 •
  25. Ghostchase

    Beautiful pictures. Martina is in fine form, just smokin’ hawt

    Oct 17 •
  26. danny mcallister

    amazing gig in helsinki last night,i’ve seen you 5 times now new zealand,uk and now finland,you always deliver,MASSIVE respect 3d,daddy g,and the incredible horace andy and the rest of the band,truly amazing band and live act

    Oct 17 •
  27. Junona

    it was so fantastic show in Moscow!!! thank u so mush!!!!we love u!!!

    Oct 17 •
  28. alex

    thank you so much for moscow show! stood in first line so near to you, amazing, just amazing. i love you all!

    Oct 17 •
  29. Kristoffer

    Hello and thank you so much for today. I was at your concert in Stockholm earlier this evening and I have loved your music since I was 12 (I am now 29). I remembered when I first heard Unfinished Sympathy on MTV at my grandmas apartment. It took my breath away. It is still my favourite song and I listen to it daily. Thank you so much for your great music and for still being around. I am so glad that you have collaborated with Martina Topley-Bird. She is fantastic. I remebered when I heard her on Tricky’s Maxinquaye album that I thought and hoped that she would release a solo album. Have a great end of this year and a fantastic 2010!
    Love and respect.


    Oct 19 •
  30. chicca

    I can’t wait to see you again in Milan on 7 november… Kisses from Italy.. I love your music..3D is a genius! ;)

    Oct 19 •
  31. Gianky

    Robert vi stiamo aspettando a Milano! Facci sognare come sempre. Non ti posso dire forza Napoli, ma GRANDE RISPETTO per tutta la band. Thank U.

    Oct 23 •
  32. Mike

    Shadoves , we love … like Martina’s hands, and streets with numbers and faceing the same distance …. rigth way. I loved and enjoyed the concert in Hungary a year ago, and I’ll love next again and again :)
    Nice pictures, nice Tricky!

    Oct 23 •
  33. Piero

    Ciao Angelo ci vediamo a Milano, grandi Massive Attack

    Oct 23 •
  34. uk

    Thank you so much for your show in Moscow! We love you love you love you love you ))

    Oct 27 •
  35. Bluedress

    D & Grant :)))) good one ;)

    Oct 28 •
  36. state of sysyphus

    The best ever…Massive we are waiting for Milan!!
    Ciao dall’ ITALIA.

    Oct 28 •
  37. omer doitel

    fuck…. martinas so beautiful……………..l

    Oct 29 •
  38. betterthing

    ya los estamos esperando en mexico, de nuevo la mejor banda del mundo.

    Jan 16 •
  39. mass

    Great concert in Belgrade!
    Thx for coming, I’ll watch you anytime anywhere, you’re soo good!

    Jun 28 •
  40. ivana

    thank you so much for Belgrade concert! it was one of a kind…! the best of the best! blew me away, totally.

    Jun 30 •

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