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Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Prima

    it’s russian language?

    ожин – Ogin
    стал – was
    пр – pr

    ott 18 •
  2. Aleks

    mezzanine text was awesome!

    ott 18 •
  3. Nika

    I would like to see it in polish ;).

    ott 18 •
  4. Aleks

    yes, it’s russian. it was “пригожин стал продюсером авраама руссо”

    ott 18 •
  5. my1reanimation

    “пригожин” = Prigozhin (it is a surname of the producer Russian f.ckng show business)
    It is all information stardust =)

    During execution Inertia Creeps

    ott 18 •
  6. Vitas

    This is a part of videoart showed during “Inertia Creeps” on concert in Moscow. “Пригожин стал продюссером Авраама Руссо”, that means “Prigozhin became Avraam Russo’s manager”, where “Prigozhin” is name of featured (in Russia) showbiz-manager, and “Avraam Russo” is name of one of russian pop-singers. Both of them are common nouns for russian pop-music.
    The funny thing was that Mr. Prigozhin was there, on concert. What an irony.

    ott 18 •
  7. Nooc210

    maybe it was intentional?

    ott 19 •
  8. Serg

    Text lines for background on a gig were headlines of some news taken form Russian entertainment portal mail.ru.

    ott 19 •
  9. poizzenapple

    funny to read this… :)

    ott 20 •
  10. AA_le_XXX

    That was very unexpected! Thanx for that strange effect.

    ott 22 •
  11. Oliver

    I loved these background texts!
    Does anyone know where MA got the data they displayed in on of their songs e.g. “100$ = Parlamentarian Dinner / 100$ = Social worker income in Kenia”

    Thank you!

    ott 23 •
  12. Bluedress

    I really appreciated the idea of posting these background texts in the language of the country where you played! Congrats guys!

    ott 28 •
  13. alex

    yeah, moscow background) didn’t watch much because stood just in front of robert and was looking on him) robert, you’re awsome man. and i love you all)

    nov 01 •
  14. cecilia villamayor

    Otro dato de traduccion: la palabra CHE, en idioma mapuche significa GENTE (PERSONAS) esto es en Argentina y Chile

    nov 14 •

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