22 Oct 09

Robert’s Photo Blog no.2

backstage with ms. jones and mr. levine
backstage with ms. jones and mr. levine

angelo alone
angelo alone


vip romania
vip romania

bring more chaos
bring more chaos

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  1. carlo carloni

    Bisogna che i Massive vengano a suonare a Urbino – Marche – Italy

    Oct 22 •
  2. crstbl

    bring more chaos to chile, please

    Oct 22 •
  3. gk


    Oct 22 •
  4. PoGo


    Oct 22 •
  5. Nika

    First photo – ok, it’s not a full smile, but better than nothing ;). And Grace Jones… as always gorgeous :).

    Second photo – which one to choose, which one to choose :D.

    Third – and that’s mine :) :

    Bring more chaos, yes!

    Oct 22 •
  6. Jason Leung

    It’d be great if we can see you guys performing live in Hong Kong next year!

    Oct 22 •
  7. Kidlid

    …and Toronto, please :)
    Great pics, I look forward to seeing more !

    Oct 22 •
  8. RJ

    Awww…the b went out. :(

    Oct 22 •
  9. radio

    next Toronto please??

    Oct 22 •
  10. cecilia villamayor

    la cara de robert!!! habra sido terrible de niño?!bueno,robert, con esa cara te queremos en latinoamerica… muy buenas fotos tano!!!! esperamos con gusto mas fotos… Espero que lo esten pasando muy lindo …

    Oct 22 •
  11. Sylvia

    R- Just when False Flags came out, you presented the best show in Seattle. I really liked that coat of yours. Authentic, for sure. I was the girl in the Murray and vern corset, in Seattle. Missed you in Helsinki. Grace, you’re fab. Viva AtsukoKudo!!!

    Oct 22 •
  12. cecilia villamayor

    Mmmmmm, perfume….. , sigo diciendo: esa cara de Robert pareciera un sello (signo) de massive…

    Oct 23 •
  13. poizzenapple

    nice photos, D
    want more…

    and – what about visiting Ukraine?
    it’s not so far from Romania, but neighbouring

    Oct 23 •
  14. Hbib


    Oct 23 •
  15. g

    wow… many thx for the great concert in frankfurt. it was amazing for me to see and hear you on stage again. last time was berlin in the end of the 90s with you mezzanine tour. you can still touch my soul with you music. thx a lot!!!!!!!!

    Oct 23 •
  16. Jason

    Please come back to Cape Town

    Oct 23 •
  17. Hollylicious

    Great pictures guys! Love the flower one.
    Please get your arses over to eastern Canada next year???
    Love your music xoxoxox

    Oct 26 •
  18. DejnaD

    thanks for concert in Bratislava!!

    Nov 06 •
  19. cecilia villamayor

    Que hermosa foto de la rosa, imagino el perfume……Gracias Robert……..

    Nov 24 •

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