24 ott 09

(English) Marc’s Photo Blog

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. poizzenapple

    Yeah, behind the scenes is always the most interesting …

    ott 24 •
  2. ESA

    I hope you can make it to Guadalajara!!! :)

    ott 24 •
  3. Vanessa

    Did anybody make a picture of me ,i was the girl in frankfurt in the first row,
    with the flower tattoo on the right side of my arm ,it would be nice if anybody could show it here ;-)

    Say hallo from Frankfurt and thanks for your visit here !

    ott 24 •
  4. Nooc210

    this is so awesome, getting an ‘inside’ view of things, thanks Massive Attack!!

    ott 24 •
  5. HAL 9000

    Frankfurt was amazing! Inertia Creeps never sounded better, the new songs rock! All the other songs notwithstanding. Every musician did a great job, big compliment! aw…. These were the shortest 3 hours in my life! PLEASE come back sometime!
    Thank you, had a great night!

    ott 24 •
  6. Nick

    Saw them at The Olympia, Dublin (6/10). Brilliant concert and fantastic (small.intimate)venue. Enjoyed the new material too. Couldn’t stay over in Dublin for the second show – a real sickener having to leave and miss the second show. Enjoying the backstage shots! Looking forward to seeing them again soon.

    ott 25 •
  7. Hollylicious

    Please get your arses over to eastern canada next year!!
    Love ya xoxox

    ott 26 •
  8. ruth


    the show in cologne was absolutely thrilling.

    thanks a lot for the champagne & myer’s rum at the aftershow (and yes – the champagne tasted like rubbish after having a sip of the very mild rum ;-) )

    loads of greetings from the heart. my best friend (saying “for sure” all the time) and i had so much fun explaining the joke regarding to my grey jacket with the – MUFFSLEEVES!!! -

    we will remember this wonderful evening for the next 30 years minimum!

    boy… i had to got to work at 9 a.m. the next day… wtf

    big hug and kiss from miss muffsleeves

    ott 27 •
  9. Mike

    Comment is free …. yes :) I’ll nice to meet you again.

    ott 29 •
  10. Colette

    Night 2 in Dublin was fantastic, Nick!
    Big thanks for invite, Massive Attack. I have a couple of nice photos of gig. Is there a facility to upload them here?

    ott 30 •
  11. stw

    Thank you for the impressive show in Bratislava. Well done

    nov 05 •
  12. spiritstar69 - Anja

    Thank you for the absolutly great show in Frankfurt! You were fantastic! I love you so much! I seeing myself in your eyes!

    nov 05 •

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