28 oct 09

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.3

Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en English.

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  1. Josh

    Comment is Free

    oct 28 •
  2. Gabriela

    Ciao Roberto!
    Great gig in A’dam tonight!

    oct 28 •
  3. donna berry

    Gday …love the pics…been a fan since my Bristol days back in 94….my now hubby bought me Protection as his first gift to me whilst he was living in St Pauls and I was working as a therapist for Bristol Cyrenians homeless housing charity all those years ago….just wanted to share with you that i work as a infant, child, adolescent and family creative therapist for the NHS and I use your music loads in therapy…it has helped the kids and families I work with thru some dark times and I work with the most traumatised and depressed kids and families there are…one of the adolescents i work with made me promise to tell you how much your art, music and values have helped him…so there you are xxx Donna …i think we all need to know we have an impact on someone’s life and that we can make a difference no matter how small xx

    oct 28 •
  4. the Firecat

    I can’t stop loving the demonstrators….

    A good effort indeed.

    oct 28 •
  5. Olga

    people with bags on faces from the last pic look like Guantanamo prisoners

    oct 28 •
  6. Maria

    Nothing to do with the post (tho I do like the pics)… just wanted to say hi. I used to work in an Italian restaurant in Clifton where Grant went quite often, I’m sure he remembers (blatant Spanish accent, tall). Well, I live in Berlin now! Been here for a year. You’re playing at the Tempodrom in a couple of days. I can’t afford the gig as I’m truly skint, but I wanted to say, if you need any help at all, or anything, I don’t know… well, I’m here! Hope the tour’s going sweet… Liebe Grüsse.

    oct 28 •
  7. Utopia*engine

    … And we’re waiting for Milano gig…

    oct 28 •
  8. astral

    Great sky shot Robert! The best part of flying, as far as i’m concerned, is the view. The other photos are cool to be sure, but you know my fondness for those skyscapes ;)

    oct 28 •
  9. Dalverny

    Great pictures, love them!

    oct 28 •
  10. Yannick Putz

    Man, lovely photos Robert! I loved the show in Amsterdam!
    I’ve got here some pictures, you can use.:)

    oct 28 •
  11. Caroline

    I missed your show in Sthlm (just like last time – and every time) but then I found your photos. How r u?

    oct 28 •
  12. Mike

    Runin’ to the strt … and make comments said and make coments been free … :) just like life in the city. Make enjoyable happens …!

    oct 29 •
  13. Leo

    Loved your show in Amsterdam!!! In one word: MASSIVE!! Third one i’ve seen and best of the three. Come back soon!!!

    oct 29 •
  14. laly

    your show was so wonderfull !!!! thanks a lot for this unforgettable moment…. i think the best show that i saw

    oct 30 •
  15. poizzenapple

    loved the _drive_ it’s my style of photography :))))
    awesome photos…. comment is free )))

    oct 31 •
  16. clelia

    merci pour ce sublime show, une x de + c etait cellulaire,merci pour ce sublime cadeau et ces sensations
    a tres vite.

    nov 02 •
  17. aLEXEY

    I remember my first times under “Sly”. But in Moscow and in Lux was much better.
    Robert, in Moscow we say “You can illuminate a reality also with tracers”.
    Absolutely incredible show!!! Thanks to you and to your colleagues!!!

    nov 02 •
  18. Hollylicious


    nov 06 •
  19. chicca

    roberto! see you tonight in Milan!!!! can’t waiiiiiitttt!!!

    nov 07 •
  20. moderator

    tnx for such a great concert in Zagreb last night…..I have enjoyed it a lot! ;)
    your new stuff is great…come back soon ;)

    nov 07 •
  21. Rotbeere

    Democracy is sexy
    Tokyo is fantastiv
    Jelo is kinda hot

    nov 08 •
  22. Simo

    Yesterday in Milan, at the Palasharp WAS INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC and AMAZING CONCERT!!!

    Ieri al Palasharp di Milano è stato un corcerto incredibile, antastico ed emazionante. Ed io c’ero e ho tazzato come un caimano!!!

    nov 08 •
  23. skwierczynski

    comment is

    nov 10 •
  24. thunderzeal

    yesterday at Lille… your concert.
    I was in fright.
    I love you all for 15 years and still more now…
    massive attack fo life !

    nov 15 •
  25. twylarawli

    events decadal non announced hemisphere

    nov 26 •

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