10 Nov 09

Jerry Fuchs

Jerry played on the new record – a lovely man and a great drummer.
With love to his friends and family. Rest In Peace.

Jerry by Fred Weaver

(Jerry by Fred Weaver)

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  1. Marcel Maynard


    Nov 10 •
  2. Stephan

    Please accept my sincere condolences :’-(

    Nov 10 •
  3. maxist

    sorry to hear this…. rest in peace man

    Nov 10 •
  4. Tim

    RIP :(

    Nov 10 •
  5. CZ

    He will be eternal with his music :)

    Nov 10 •
  6. Zazathebee

    One more angel in the sky… RIP.

    Nov 10 •
  7. Jon

    Wow so sad read about this on the LCD website. What a great musician Jerry was RIP

    Nov 11 •
  8. Tina riek

    what a terrible accident! RIP Jerry

    Nov 11 •
  9. Ghostchase

    That’s the same thing he was wearing when Maserati opened for Mono. I thought he was just some cool guy with a rad moustache that just sold Maserati merch. That night he came on stage and drummed his ass off, an amazing night. He will be missed.

    Nov 12 •
  10. poizzenapple

    so silly… so terrible….
    so untimely…
    rest in peace, bra…

    Nov 12 •
  11. Fred Weaver

    Thanks for the kind words about our friend.

    I had the pleasure of knowing Jerry Fuchs for 15 years. I’m happy that I got so much time compared to what others did. We did many tours together, spent countless hours playing music together.

    I was tour manager on the 7 week long Maserati tour that ended on Novermber 2nd. The photograph above was taken a month before, early in the morning outside of Fargo, ND, at the beginning of a 950 mile drive towards the next night’s show. I forgot to turn the flash off for the first shot, and thus we wound up with the eerie image above, which Jerry thought was great.

    The Monday before his death, I dropped Jerry off at the airport in Atlanta. We didn’t have a dramatic goodbye, really, since I was going to be in NYC in the next couple weeks and he and I were to travel to France together in a month. But it was okay, because we ended that tour knowing that we were as close as ever, having stayed up late many nights on tour reflecting on our 15 years of friendship and how awe inspiring and magical such a thing could be.

    Anyway… I’m sorry everyone has to endure this loss. The world is truly changed without him.
    I look forward to hearing his drumming on your record.


    Nov 19 •
  12. drummer 2

    His rhythm lives on ) )) ))) ))))

    Feb 23 •

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