12 Nov 09

JR’s ‘Women Are Heroes’, Le Zenith, Paris

photos by JR

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  1. Mr. Zaziki


    Nov 12 •
  2. Tetsuo Shima

    thats an awesome shot…..ohhhhh god i wish i was there

    Nov 12 •
  3. poizzenapple

    nice eyes!

    Nov 12 •
  4. nikolas

    that was a FANTASTIC concert. i went to Paris from for 5 days and on the first night of the concert (10/11) it was my Bday as well as my one year anniversary. it was more than i could ask and pure magic. thank you guys. hope to see you this summer in athens – and being able to understand the visual text :-)

    Nov 12 •
  5. DiegoQ

    So good, let´s hope to have that eyes in Colombia next year ;)

    Nov 13 •
  6. ZeHelo

    That was just perfect !
    I won’t say much more
    Thank you from a french girl that has been listening to you since her sweet 16, while she was stealing her big brother’s CD

    Nov 13 •
  7. Friedrich Paul

    love that!

    Nov 13 •
  8. Lili

    When great artists meet… a delight to the eyes and to the ears, thank u ! love

    Nov 13 •
  9. Fab

    Les grands artistes créent les grands moments… Positif…

    Nov 13 •
  10. tonio

    we’ll see tonight ! seems to be fat ! h-5 !!!!!!!! can’t wait ;)
    my best

    Nov 13 •
  11. cecilia villamayor

    SI!! Las mujeres son Heroes!!! very Nice the Art Visual!! Dive my soul ….!!! Gracias!!!!

    Nov 14 •
  12. lululanantaise

    yesterday in NANTES @ Zenith, stars were shining.
    i ‘m 40 and ‘ve been listening to MA for 20 years now !
    yesterday i had a look at the stars.

    Nov 14 •
  13. cecilia villamayor

    Si!!! Las Mujeres son heroes!!! Very nise the art visual !!! Gracias!!!

    Nov 14 •
  14. oahn

    Thank you so much for the concert! Too short for me but I hope you’ll be back in 2010!

    Nov 18 •
  15. cecilia villamayor

    Si ! las mujeres son heroes! very nice the wall art. !

    Nov 19 •
  16. Joie

    Love is All
    Sounds vibrating in our Hearts
    Thanks for Being
    All is One

    Nov 21 •
  17. androphonique

    please visit my country….bjork was here a few year ago………..

    Nov 24 •
  18. palo

    kapos, maestros

    Nov 25 •
  19. TCMC

    so invigorating and stimulating of truth and enlightenment

    Nov 27 •
  20. kenny

    Que buen documental, como se llama la cancion creada por massive attack? donde puedo conseguir la canción?

    Jun 02 •

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