23 nov 09

(English) Heligoland

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Qedlach

    Cant believe to see this shit

    nov 23 •
  2. Ryan

    Yessss, an album at last

    nov 23 •
  3. Bandit


    nov 23 •
  4. Largo

    I´m really looking forward to listen it. Congratulations for the cd cover!
    Regards from Spain

    nov 24 •
  5. johnny_ripper

    Already pre ordered from french website.

    nov 24 •
  6. aygen

    no dobro or marakesh in the album :(

    at least give us some proper recordings of those 2 songs , you people!

    nov 24 •
  7. johnny_ripper

    + I’m guessing “Girl I Love You” is 16 Seeter?

    nov 24 •
  8. Pogo

    FINALY! :D

    nov 24 •
  9. Sherry

    Oh finally, can’t wait to listen to it.

    nov 24 •
  10. Hollylicious

    Soooooooooooooooooooo stoked for this!! :D

    nov 24 •
  11. http://it.netlog.com/who_is_civitas

    great massive

    nov 24 •
  12. HAL 9000

    Yep, yep, yes!!! Finally!! Can’t explain how happy I am to see this entry! The only downer is: only 10 songs… but I sure don’t wanna complain! Massive Attack are perfectionists, nothing wrong with that. I just hope, that there will be more releases of where those songs come from, and i know there sure is a lot at least “very good” stuff! I eat everything you throw at me, anyway!!! Just release a “B” side album, too and rip me off! I’m glad, Hope Sandoval will appear on the album, too. Must be an interesting combination…. can’t wait to listen… Aw…. great cover, mysterious name, so is the island…. OK enough, now I am satisfied.

    nov 24 •
  13. poizzenapple

    such a GREAT news!!!
    Yhanks! :)

    nov 24 •
  14. Blake

    Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    Can’t wait.

    nov 24 •
  15. Damar

    …..And Dobro, Marakesh, 16 Seeter, All I Want, Red Light??!?!?!?
    I can’t belive this… I really, really, really disappointed… :(

    nov 24 •
  16. Tibas

    I’m really looking forward for it, but…Marakesh, Dobro, harpsichord, marooned and 16 seeter are HuuUuuuge songs. I hope they’re in there somewhere!! If not, join them on your probably best-selling EP ever! I mean, I think they are in there with different names, but if not THIS ALBUM WILL BE EPIC, i mean you would be on some master material!!

    btw, I saw your final tour concert in Lisbon and you missed some of these songs…and that got me worried. Please clarify…I loved the concert but left me a weird taste in the mouth because of that.

    nov 24 •
  17. vils

    Molto bene!

    nov 24 •
  18. JUXX

    the artwork is dope!

    nov 24 •
  19. sick

    GREAT! cant wait, cheers form poland ;)

    nov 24 •
  20. D

    No mention of Tunde as vocalist on the album…. isn’t Pray For Rain his song?
    Can’t wait to hear the Hope and Martina tracks :)

    nov 24 •
  21. nm30

    amazing cover art!!!cant wait for the

    nov 24 •
  22. nikolas

    OMG! what a great start of the day! i hope Red Light is somewhere in there with a different title…

    nov 24 •
  23. Qedlach

    I hope, the album will be awesome, but I´m still missing songs like Dobro, Marakesh, Harpsichord, All I Want…quite dissapointed with this fact

    nov 24 •
  24. carlos

    I am excited

    nov 24 •
  25. Yannis Mobil

    i can hardly wait… nice cover, nice music… what else could i want?

    nov 24 •
  26. crni

    Finally! 5 albums for 20 years is not enough :)

    nov 24 •
  27. Om-Shanti

    Genius! can’t wait. x

    nov 24 •
  28. Zac

    great news!!

    nov 24 •
  29. a n a

    Finaaaaaally ;D;D;D

    nov 24 •
  30. utopia*engine

    I’m waiting since 2003…

    nov 24 •
  31. Rodrigotsm

    Dobro? :(

    nov 24 •
  32. Forceflow

    Fantastic news.

    What will happen with the tracks Marakesh, Red Light, Dobro, …. those were epic tunes when I saw them live …

    nov 24 •
  33. HelloBoy

    Waiting since 2003 to !! Impatient :)
    But where are Marakesh, Red Light, 16 Seeter and Heartcliff Star ?
    Hope they are on the album under another name !

    nov 24 •
  34. eurochild


    nov 24 •
  35. roott

    hope this time with Daddy! B)

    nov 24 •
  36. Thomper_Bristol

    hmmm, a bit disapointed at the number of tracks and the fact that they include the EP tracks (3 of which I wasn’t blown away by)

    Still, it’s out on my birthday, so it will still be nice!

    nov 24 •
  37. Nickdgl

    What’s the meaning behind the title?

    nov 24 •
  38. Damar



    nov 24 •
  39. Damar

    …the “ghost tracks” are:

    All I Want
    16 Seeter (maybe The Girl I Love You)
    Red Light
    Marakesh (2008, the best, for me)
    Marakesh (2009 —> maybe Atlas Air?)
    Hartcliffe Star

    There are a lot of songs…!
    I’m disappointend because I truly love the “old-new” songs and it’s sad think that these are simply disappear from the new record… :/

    nov 24 •
  40. ezangrando

    Yes i’m with all of you!!! I was waiting for this album hoping to find a studio version of marrakesh and others live unreleased songs, i was at Conegliano (IT) live last month and i really love them…. Please release that Songs Too!!!

    nov 24 •
  41. spiritstar69 - Anja

    What a surprise! Can´t believe it! Thank you for the awesome information. Love your Coverartwork and wow with mystical rainbows! ;) Heligoland! Mhm! Its a secret Island in Germany! Love it! Can´t wait to hear the songs! Love&Peace, Anja

    nov 24 •
  42. Drew

    The news has made my day much brighter but a little bemused about no Harpsichord or All I Want, such huge songs.Maybe you guys have got more up your sleeve. Was blown away by the intensity and love of the Sheffiled gig and still call up Glastonbury last year(those fantastic “old-new” songs) when the world feels a little glum. Life love and unity,.

    nov 24 •
  43. Manganocchio!

    want more and more… ! ;D

    nov 24 •
  44. amorica


    nov 24 •
  45. spiritstar69 - Anja

    Robert, pls don´t forget Marakesh! This song blows my mind away during concerts! ;) Would you like to release it as a X-Mas album with all your concert stuff? You could take it on your new album as bonus tracks! Pls! Love you! ;)

    nov 24 •
  46. Damar

    I suggest that “The Girl I Love You” could be “16 Seeter”… probably “Atlas Air” is Marakesh… but Red Light, All I Want, Dobro, Harpischord, Hartcliffe Star and others great songs are lost…I hope not forever!

    nov 24 •
  47. Stebbie

    Could it be, that Atlas Air is the Synonym for Marakesh … thinkin of the Videoshow of Marakesh.

    nov 24 •
  48. Colin

    I’ve been waiting for this album since Collected and while I’m really looking forward to hearing it, I can’t help feeling a little disappointed that all the EP tracks are on it. Great as they are, I was hoping they were just a “taste” of what was to come. Hopefully the rumour that there’s enough material for two albums in quick succession will be true as another 3-4 years wait for anything else will be too much!!! The album of samples that was rumoured would be great too!

    nov 24 •
  49. Gina

    Foda!!! finalmente. Quero muito e ainda com Martina, Hope e Horace. Heaven!!!

    nov 24 •
  50. Neil Massive

    Hmmm, Not convinced ‘Pray for rain ‘ is a decent Massive song and yet its the album opener… Why no ‘United Snakes’ ??

    nov 24 •
  51. Mr. Banning

    I am super Stoked for this album. The EP was dope, So here’s to hoping the album as a whole can hold up!!!

    nov 24 •
  52. sick

    >Why no ‘United Snakes’ ??

    because it had been already released in early 00′ as b-side.

    nov 24 •
  53. alexR

    yes, finally !!
    Will it be released on CD support ?? i hate using a pc for listening music ;p)

    nov 24 •
  54. Terenn

    Great. Really looking forward to hearing this.

    Could you please tell us if some of these songs were played live under an other name (Marrakesh?…)

    nov 24 •
  55. alejandro

    por fin…………………….thanx massive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nov 24 •
  56. Emperor of the Moon


    nov 24 •
  57. Vanessa

    I love the orange colour ,but where are the other songs ?
    I’m missing some realy importent songs !!!

    nov 24 •
  58. chadders

    Boys where is marakesh ,,,,,,,,,i saw you in leicester and this track is without doubt the finest ……i cannot believe that this is not included…its easy dont let it go

    nov 24 •
  59. Damar

    Marakesh is probably Atlas Air… But many others songs are not included…

    nov 24 •
  60. la snatch

    can’t wait for new M.A studio sculptings :>

    nov 24 •
  61. Chango Cilindrero

    fuckin AMAZING!!!!!!!!!, Ive been waiting for this so much time.

    nov 24 •
  62. Felix

    Can’t believe it… Finally we have a new album but: NO MARAKESH?!?!?!?!

    nov 24 •
  63. Nooc210

    this is good to see, finally they set it in stone, lets just hope the “old-new” tracks that were left out are as GOOD as the new ones that were put in.

    nov 24 •
  64. Jamie

    That is too long. 77 days. Feels like forever.

    nov 24 •
  65. Ares

    Personally, I’m very very excited. This all feels really new – the artwork (for this and SLA) is fantastic and very different from what we’ve seen before, kind of like the other side of the bridge that was 100th Window (while really good, not really a proper MA record) from Mezzanine. This is the new millennium (sort of, still) and a new Massive Attack (Proper!). The collaborators are alot more diverse and sort of weird. I’m quite frightened (apprehensive) by the build-up to the album… something dark, but very good is coming!

    Maybe they’ll pull a lovely surprise on everyone and hide all our live favourites in the physical LP. But I also agree with a lot of speculation here that some seem to have been retained in Heligoland, under new titles (Flat of the Blade is definitely Bullet Proof Love, par example). I really like the idea that live tracks morph/change into entirely different beasts on physical release, lyrics are reused but in a different surround. Should be good yeah? This is sort of like what Tricky did with Protection stuff on Maxinquaye.

    Also, before this new site launched didn’t D and G promise to post some downloads of offcuts and live pieces on here? Maybe I just made that up or dreamt it!?! Might be a nice sweetener for all us adoring fans though, eh!

    Anyway, thanks guys I’m looking forward to receiving what ever you give!

    nov 24 •
  66. cecilia villamayor

    muy bueno!!! El nombre, el arte de tapa, las canciones elegidas …. nice! Gracias Robert!

    nov 24 •
  67. massivefan

    Oi Oi waited – literally years for this and i’m excited, for those a bit disheartened, don;t despair:

    Atlas Air is the new name for Marakesh and Girl I love you is the new name for 16 seeter.

    …but i’d love to know where that amazing into and first song is from the recent concerts (Red light and Hartcliffe star)…and the great ‘All I want’ from last year….

    Ah well…i’m sure this won’t be the only new recorded material released next year….

    nov 24 •
  68. freccia

    about the title: Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr and the Bomb. The quantum theory, splitting the atom, the atomic bomb’s delirium. All begings in Heligoland in 1920

    *Love your ever focused light on the follies of mankind*

    nov 24 •
  69. quaggy

    what a disturbing sleeve….

    nov 24 •
  70. Iván

    ¡Grandes, muy grandes!

    nov 24 •
  71. The_Man_The_Legend

    Weather Underground was a much better name AND i really hope you release Red Light with the vocals of Stephanie Dosen and not Martina Topley-Bird (and also in the 2008 version , not the version you play actually on tour).

    nov 24 •
  72. Gianni

    For sure everybody who see the concert ha been impressed by the incredible sound of ‘marakesh’
    I think everybody hopes it will come with another name …
    Sono semplicemente geniali !

    nov 24 •
  73. Gael

    Marrakech :’(

    nov 24 •
  74. Martijn

    Brilliant sleeve! Looking forward to the first listening session! :) Last 2 concerts were great. Hope most of the new tracks will be there in some form. Psyche is brilliant although I hope the album version will not be acapella but more like EP..

    nov 24 •
  75. Vanessa

    Hi Guys
    Maybe you should inform the fans about the titeltrack changes ;-)

    regards from germany – frankfurt


    nov 25 •
  76. Teni

    Finally!!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for the new album to come out. Cannot wait to hear the beauty that is Massive.

    nov 25 •
  77. El Koko

    That is fantastic news. I am so excited about the new LP. However, what happened to Red Light (a personal favorite)? I thought Guy Garvey had mentioned that it was going to be on the album? And also, I thought Hope Sandoval recorded two tracks?

    Regardless of these questions, I am still very excited!

    nov 25 •
  78. anonymaly

    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I first read the news… Finally a new MA album!!! As many above me have stated, I would also like to motion for somehow including the aforementioned tracks… Marakesh and Red Light simply sound amazing, and it would be a loss of great art if they didn’t make it to the public in some way or form. Perhaps a limited edition release / packaging? Also wondering if a Blu-Ray release has been considered an option… Regardless, simply can’t wait! February has just instantly improved. Without a doubt!

    Robert ‘n Grant, thank you!

    nov 25 •
  79. anonymaly

    And while I’m at it, I’d like to use the opportunity to pay my compliments for the ‘United Snakes’ video, truly love the efficiency of minimalism. Words fall short in expressing my gratitude for the peace your music creates within my mind as well as (hopefully) on a much, much larger scale.

    /end transmission

    nov 25 •
  80. SplosionMan

    I expect that for so long (a French man who loves you).

    nov 25 •
  81. DejanM

    What happened to the song: Marakesh ? It is not on the list …. and it is one of the best …. ever …

    nov 25 •
  82. zeb

    The tracklisting for Heligoland will be as follows. Note the ‘formerly known bits’, ie. Marakesh et al included)

    01. Pray For Rain – Vocals by Tunde Adebimpe
    02. Babel – Vocals By Martina Topley Bird
    03. Splitting The Atom – Vocals by Robert Del Naja, Grant Marshall and Horace Andy
    04. Girl I Love You – Vocals by Horace Andy (formerly known as ‘16 Seeter’)
    05. Psyche – Vocals by Martina Topley Bird
    06. Flat Of The Blade – Vocals by Guy Garvey (formerly known as ‘Bullet Proof Love’)
    07. Paradise Circus – Vocals by Hope Sandoval
    08. Rush Minute – Vocals by Robert Del Naja
    09. Saturday Come Slow – Vocals by Damon Albarn
    10. Atlas Air – Vocals by Robert Del Naja (formerly known as ‘Marakesh’)

    nov 25 •
  83. Jimbo

    1.All I Want
    3.16 Seeter
    6.Red Light
    7.Marakesh (2008 tour)
    9.Heartcliff Star
    10.United Snakes
    11.Marakesh (2009 tour)
    12.Psyche (the album version will be the live one? Please consider that the remix is REALLY better)

    Don’t tell me we are going to lose ALL THESE GREAT SONGS……(except 12)

    nov 25 •
  84. Charango

    Please Massive, won’t you release :
    Red Light
    All I Want


    Maybe a double CD ?

    Peace ! Saw you in Toulouse, France. A-MA-ZING !!! Don’t let these tracks unreleased please !!!

    nov 25 •
  85. ButterflyCaught

    I do think that real fans can’t be glad by receiving this news…
    We are following you since ‘91, and you just send them a 10 songs album for 6 years…
    Look how crazy we go when you play “Safe From Arm” a fucking almost 20 years old song!!
    Are you only playing for yourself? (for example: We can leave a comment but, i don’t think, you’ll read them!)

    nov 25 •
  86. siddhartha

    I prefer the Psyche live version. I think it is a small masterpiece. The remix sounds very poor.

    nov 25 •
  87. Simon

    Just saw this on Pitchfork media

    A Heligoland Remix album by none other than Burial is in the works as well

    nov 25 •
  88. O.K

    Great news ! finally a concrete date & sleeve. This time I feel that it’s true ! It’s obvious that Massive Attack love surprises ( which can be good and bad for the fans)
    Bad news are :
    - length album of 40 min. long in 2010 isn’t a bit too short? Especially when there is at least dozen of songs can be included.
    - Not necessarily a bad thing but chosen songs for the album looks less energetic than the new live songs on the 2008-2009 tours
    - Where is Heartcliffe Star? Dobro? All I want? Hapriscord?Marooned? etc etc( 16 seeter looks included with a new version but I guess I’ll prefer the 2008 live version)
    - I think MAssive attack will have difficulty in finding guest stars in the future since they are recording together marvellous songs but MA changes their mind last minute and prefer not to release them !

    nov 26 •
  89. MM

    Great news!!!
    But weren’t Mike Patton supposed to do some vocals for Splitting The Atom?

    nov 26 •
  90. Ghostchase

    Let’s hope the Burial Remix album actually happens .

    nov 26 •
  91. mikle

    fucking great cover sleeve!!!! i think splitting the atom (song) is amazing, thanks for putting it on the album. cant wait!!
    hey D, do you paint with acrylics or oil???

    nov 26 •


    nov 26 •
  93. Trickno

    For those who complain, you didn’t heard the album.
    One artist give his own work, if you are not satisfied, make better.

    nov 26 •
  94. Yulita

    The cover is stunning! Is this the disfigured Tricky’s face? :))))))

    nov 26 •
  95. Marco

    Oh, very good. I’m waiting for… But isn’t there “Harpsicord” song???

    nov 26 •
  96. kee

    Looking forward to the new album … but please release ‘All I Want’ and the other tracks that may or may not be on the album or add a Bonus CD wjen pre-ordering the album (UNKLE did something like this for War Stories), hell even do a collectors edition with a 2nd CD and charge us abit more!!

    nov 26 •
  97. William

    Yeah Double CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nov 27 •
  98. Jan Zeman

    Hallo. Please release all the songs you played live this and last year. Especially i love All i want and Red light in new version with Martina. And Harpsichord and Kingpin… It is such a good stuff… Double CD, please…
    Radiohead did a similar thing with their album In rainbows… the less modern and not 100% songs are on the second CD

    Splitting the atom is one of the best songs i have ever heard, i have listened to it maybe 500 times. Realy fantastic!

    nov 27 •
  99. state of sysyphus

    fucking amazing concert in Milan!!!….i’m another one that asks for new tracks listened on concert.
    I hope we will find them in a way…guys?!?!

    nov 28 •
  100. Graham

    Thanks Fellas ! Finally a new album after so long…Like the other people hear please offer the tracks that didn’t make the cut on a your website for us fans ! That Burial remix album I heard Daddy G mention sounds like gold ..please allow this to happen if possible it would be amazing…

    nov 28 •
  101. zws

    First of all, great news :)! I saw you live in the beginning of november in Zagreb and the concert was great.

    I really hope “Red light” will be released somehow. On vinyl. I’m pretty disappointed it won’t be on the new record since it’s such an exquisite and subtle track. Also, like someone has already said here, I thought the version with Stephanie Dosen’s vocals was FAR superior to the Martina Topley-Bird one. Stephanie sang it with so much more nuance and feeling and the colour of her voice suits that track much better as well.

    And also, the changes that were made to the song itself made it worse. I guess there’s always a great possibility of seriously overdoing things (and making them worse in the end) when you just work and re-work tracks for a long time without releasing them. It’s one thing to take a long time to write and make a track, but completely another to keep working on stuff that’s done.

    nov 28 •
  102. Kom

    D & G,
    You just can’t dropped HEARTCLIFF STAR!!

    nov 29 •
  103. Kom


    nov 29 •
  104. JP


    nov 29 •
  105. Damar

    Only 2 tracks with D and only 1 with G…? :(
    This seems Massive Attack & Friends… I’m disappointed…

    nov 30 •
  106. stef

    3 tracks with D with Splitting the Atom

    dic 01 •
  107. DUDA

    fui escutar o mezzanine nao parei de escutar mais , heligoland e mais um perfeito disco,se voltarem as origens vai serao imbativeis .PARABENS,CONGRATULATIONS.

    dic 04 •
  108. Indigo

    artwork is exactly like unkles last album.bit unimaginative of 3D to do that,to be honest.still,stoked about the albarn,garvey and martina songs.

    dic 04 •
  109. Miho Y

    I’m deeply fascinated by Massive Attack’s songs… and looking forward to the new album.

    dic 05 •
  110. B

    the paintwork makes me physically uncomfortable.i might fold in the sleeve..but looking forward to the music..paradise circus feels good#

    dic 06 •
  111. rob

    why is it named after an overseer song?

    dic 08 •
  112. Daniel

    Maybe an instrumental version of Paradise Cirkus ?

    dic 12 •
  113. Fint

    Я впечатлен вашими прошлыми работами и всё не дождусь услышать ваш новый альбом…

    dic 14 •
  114. Enge

    Oh yeah.

    Nice work fellas, and if you’re watching Mr. H, nice artwork son.

    dic 15 •
  115. Goats

    er, how is it possible that this album won’t contain All I Want?

    dic 16 •
  116. Rick

    I’m one more mate wondering if I’ll ever listen to Dobro, All I Want, Kingpin and other aforementioned phenomenal tracks in studio version. An album with these tracks would either be Massive Attack’s best album or a close second! I hope you [band] don’t miss such an opportunity.

    dic 25 •
  117. jakob

    great that the album is finally arriving!!!!

    missing those outstanding tracks which have been mentioned here already. i believe some of them are the greatest pieces of music of our times! this gives you some higher responsibility, i believe…
    anyway, it would be a shame to hold them back!
    i hope to find them on some special edition of the album on an extra cd (like massive attack – collected…?)

    gen 08 •
  118. Diego

    Where is All I Want?????? Lupotto è incazzato nero

    gen 08 •
  119. Levi

    Sooo happy. I love you guys, and all the great music that’s come from your innovation and grand creativity. WOOT!! Like everyone else — you can feel free to just not stop making more of this amazing music… really. Awesome-sauce!

    gen 08 •
  120. nuti

    please, release All i want, Harpischord with Yolanda, Kingpin, Dobro and the rest! :(

    gen 09 •
  121. Wojtek

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

    gen 10 •
  122. Furrybum

    “Paradise Circus” is “Harpsichord” with Hope Sandoval singing it and I think I read that “Atlas air” is actually “Dobro”. They just changed some names.

    gen 11 •
  123. that guy

    Any vinyl release?

    maybe another vinyl factory special?

    vinyl fellas, vinyl.

    gen 13 •
  124. Alessandro

    why did’nt you put DOBRO in the tracklist??? it’s an epic song!!!

    gen 13 •

    does anyone knows if Elizabeth Fraser will be on tour with Massive Attack this year?

    gen 17 •
  126. bobloblaw

    +1 for any news on vinyl release?

    gen 20 •
  127. anonimmmmm

    how to download

    gen 21 •
  128. Ivan

    listened from yt: BEAUTIFUL.
    The only critic is ‘not keeping Yolanda for “Paradise Circus”: I think her interpretation makes this song a masterpiece.

    listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TvLsJY-X0w

    Greetings from Milan (Italy)

    gen 25 •
  129. Никита

    Я не знаю, что и зачем я тут пишу, но раз все тут пишут, я не буду выделяться и тоже что-нибудь напишу! Интернет — это удивительный мир удивительных людей!

    gen 26 •
  130. eno

    this is gonna be awesome!!

    gen 27 •
  131. club

    very good sound!

    gen 30 •
  132. She La la

    Received a preview of Heligoland. Exquisite. A walk in the shade / light / sun/ dark with an old friend. It’s woken me up from the dirth of crap me-too releases. Diving in. Thanks Bristol Boys x

    gen 31 •
  133. maria joão mendes

    WELCOME BACK…….come soon to portugal………vocês são os maiores …..portugal está convosco e com a vossa magnifíca música…..o bom trip hop……estamos juntos bjs

    gen 31 •
  134. Juan Manuel, Germany

    I’m looking forward to seeing you next week in London.

    feb 01 •
  135. Peter Culshaw


    positive review of the album on theartsdesk.com (influential and v hip arts site)

    feb 02 •
  136. Bart Leekens

    Nice album. Loved the tracks and the show, hope to see you during summer at a festival in Belgium

    feb 04 •
  137. Richard

    I got my copy of Heligoland yesterday as part of a special preorder offer for the Auckland, New Zealand concert and it is awesome, can’t wait to see them live next month.

    The 6 extra remix tracks are great also.

    feb 05 •
  138. lee tomkow

    Welcome back guys, you have been sorely missed. Just pre-ordered the deluxe from Itunes, can’t wait.

    feb 06 •
  139. Eoghany Boy

    Just downloaded on Zune sub. The 14 track version. Looking forward to this growing on me slowly, surely, as it was with everything else you’ve done. So far 7 and 9 are doing the job.

    feb 10 •
  140. Eoghany Boy

    Ok – I’m baffled – how did you get my photo? That’s messed up.

    feb 10 •
  141. Georgie

    Where is Dobro????!! I want to buy it and really disapointed that it’s not on the album!! Thought it was amazing at glasto 2008 and at brixton!! Ah well love the rest of it nonethelss ! x

    feb 14 •
  142. egg

    poniewaz na tym blogu jest cenzura (usunieto moj wczorajszy wpis po angielsku) powtorze: jest cos nie tak z ta plyta. gdzie jest all i want, marooned, red light, dobro itd.? wersja koncertowa atlas air (marakesh) z 2008 jest duzo lepsza od tej, ktora dostajemy na heligoland. ta plyta to jedno wielkie nieporozumienie.

    feb 14 •
  143. analogic76

    This album is beautiful

    feb 15 •
  144. keiba

    Perfect things.

    feb 18 •
  145. rob

    suppppeeeerrrr – Atlas Air, Paradice Circus ***** (5 stars)

    feb 18 •
  146. Alejo

    Great job, thanks!!!!

    feb 18 •
  147. Patrick

    Awesome album.
    Marakesh ‘08 not being included sucks though. :(

    feb 19 •
  148. Kman

    Great album. Really cool stuff. I’m not even really a fan of the genre, but I liked this CD a lot. You can read my full review here: http://www.kreetik.com/1/post/2010/02/massive-attack-heligoland.html

    feb 20 •
  149. George

    I love this CD by massive attack, I have been listening to it non stop, but it was dissapointing to get 4 tracks less for pre-ordering at amazon. I pre ordered, and got the 10 song version. As soon as it was released, they changed it to 14 songs.

    amazon says it is the publisher’s fault. I trading it in for the complete version, but it was a bit dissapointing. The 10 songs that I did get are amazing! I love it!

    feb 23 •
  150. David Radii

    Por fin… Congratulations ;) Massive Attack…
    I look forward to having the album in my hands … and my ears.

    feb 25 •
  151. Fabio Guerra

    Adorei o som.

    feb 27 •
  152. ivab

    heligoland, compared 2 the 100th window, ain’t even worth its 53 minute listenin’ time.

    feb 27 •
  153. Tété

    Martina topley bird !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5j9yQOulvI

    mar 04 •
  154. pg1462

    7 years after 100th window,(which was mostly awful) this is just about ok

    mar 05 •
  155. Kaosamigos

    Perfect music!!! Thank vou! :)))) Hungary

    mar 09 •
  156. Niall

    has anyone else noticed that there are different mixes of tracks on different albums of this? i asked my mate to play psyche while in his house a few nights back and it wasnt what i had, i had an acoustic version and he had the electronic one, also subtle differences in things like the drums in flat of the blade and the bass line being slowed down in atlas air, any one know anything about this?

    mar 13 •
  157. mariano


    mar 19 •
  158. Neeve khakpour

    Neeve is calling you, I got your ….. I think it’s great, this is my vote. I love you, can’t wait to reach YOU not you.


    mar 19 •
  159. Deer

    I love the album! But where’s the Heartcliff star? I heard it in Helsinki icehockey hall and that was love at first listening. I wan’t that song!!!!
    Greetings from Finland!

    mag 12 •
  160. Deer

    Love this album! But where’s Heartcliff star??!!!! I heard it in Helsinki icehockey hall and that was love at first listening!!
    I want that song!
    Greetings frm Finland!

    mag 12 •
  161. Mg

    Very good JOB ! My favourite is saturday comes slow…
    W’ll wait them to come to Turkey ..

    mag 19 •
  162. Vik

    You have to watch this video… super


    ago 09 •
  163. Stuart

    This music is very interesting – mature and full bodied like in rainbows

    dic 13 •

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