26 nov 09


Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Vanessa

    Hello MA Team
    Thanks for this update!
    Now it’s clear for the fans.
    regards from frankfurt

    nov 26 •
  2. Tokkatonkka

    What happened with the vinyl! It was so limited!!! Don’t you have more copies…? Where can I buy it!!!

    nov 26 •
  3. Evliya

    Thanks for update. But where is dobroo? :(

    nov 26 •
  4. Forceflow

    Thanks a lot for the clarification. I’m so happy Marrakesh is on the album, it’s a bomb of a track, and the live performance in Antwerp was mind-blowing.

    Thanks 3D, Grant and all of the MA team.

    nov 26 •
  5. Qedlach

    Oh, what a great new – Marrakesh included.

    nov 26 •
  6. ezangrando

    Ok with this new info i can’t wait!!!!!! THanks MA!!

    nov 26 •
  7. maclean

    Shame. Still no sign of Hartcliff Star. Great track live.

    nov 26 •
  8. Jimbo

    Thanks for info. Hope we’ll find all other Great tracks heard in these two years in the next album.

    nov 26 •
  9. Sabin

    Please do not forget All I Want… and Dobro… and the rest… you can even surprise us all and release a double album, with all listed and not listed tracks :)
    These two months of waiting will be terrible.
    Thanks, MA – it’s massive!

    nov 26 •
  10. Jasmijn

    oooh, that’s nice ! I loved these songs when you brought them live :D
    thanks so much, it was fan-tas-tic.

    nov 26 •
  11. Paul-tergeist

    Maybe you can do another update and tell us what’s gonna happen to other tracks? Any plans? We’d be happy to pay for em.
    Thanx in advance!

    nov 26 •
  12. Melk1978

    Dobro ?!
    Please guys !

    nov 26 •
  13. Martin

    I was in winterthur yesterday. you gives us a perfect show, thx a lot!! Please give us a live-album!!

    i like the “safe from harm” live-mix :-))

    nov 26 •
  14. anonymaly

    Thanks for the update! Great news!! Maybe the comments are being read after all…

    Still, don’t sell yourselves short guys, you’re landing track after track after track which ALL sound phenomenal. If you will, kindly consider some sort of limited edition with a couple of extras (Red Light, United Snakes and some other ones mentioned in the other comments). I for one will more than gladly pay a couple more euro’s to get a limited packaging, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

    Take care, thanks for the update!
    /end transmission

    nov 26 •
  15. Francois

    “All I Want” ? Pleeeeaaaase !

    nov 26 •
  16. HelloBoy

    Thanks for Marakesh and 16 Seeter, but need Red Light and Hartcliff Star to ! Please :)
    Maybe on a bonus CD ?

    nov 26 •
  17. siddhartha

    ¿And the rest of songs?, you could publish via new Ep’s…

    nov 26 •
  18. that guy

    Marrakesh melted my face in Amsterdam.

    Dobro. PLEASE.

    any plans for special vinyl releases?

    nov 26 •
  19. The Joining Of Adam

    Forgot the very minor detail of

    *** Paradise Circus (Harpsichord) ***

    … right on the pulse here!

    Please now delete or censor this however you so choose

    nov 27 •
  20. Terenn

    Thank you !

    Looking forward + 1 !

    nov 27 •
  21. Alex C

    Robert will Dobro ever get released? Thats the best song I’ve ever heard and I’m really shocked to see its not on the album! I thought it would be ending the album like many of the sets. oh well, maybe as a b-side then?

    nov 27 •
  22. Hollylicious

    Blurry greatness xoxoxo

    nov 27 •
  23. cecilia villamayor

    Thancks you , Robert.

    nov 27 •
  24. Harpichord forever fan

    ¿Harpichord?, ¿singing by Hope Sandoval?… Hmmmmmm.

    nov 27 •
  25. Roman

    From Russia with Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nov 27 •
  26. Manganocchio!

    What’s Heligoland? Is this a place? What’s the meaning????????????????????????????

    nov 27 •
  27. _Budd

    thx for this update.

    I hope you will surprise us!

    I claim you are a legendary band ;)

    nov 27 •
  28. nikolas

    cant wait for the album! and i really really hope Red Light will be releashed.
    Greetings from Athens and thanks for the best bday ever (at paris)

    nov 27 •
  29. Qedlach


    nov 27 •
  30. mike

    What about release Dobro, and “this one” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VMWs-bO_WQ ? :/

    nov 27 •
  31. marco

    can’t wait for the album, but please, dobro needs to be released, one of the best live moments in my life.

    nov 27 •
  32. Rob

    all I want is… ALL I WANT!!!!!!
    PLEASE!!!! :-(

    nov 28 •
  33. trinome

    Thanks for relaseas finaly the new album …
    … but … Why the best live tracks are missing ???
    1. Dobro
    2. Heartcliff Star
    3. All I Want
    4. Marooned
    5. Red Light …
    Hope you’ll change your mind and put them in a “B-side CD extra” :-)
    Regards from Brussels

    nov 28 •
  34. Alex C

    I read an interview and Robert said that he was tired of some of the songs after touring with them… which I can understand… and maybe they don’t fit the vibe of this album. I would love to see them released on the E.P that he mentioned in the interview for summer.

    nov 30 •
  35. derp

    you guys should totally make a b-sides or another EP with the live tracks not on heligoland

    nov 30 •
  36. Ice crystal

    Your show at the Zenith in Paris was really fabulous.

    All I want should be on Heligoland, but with Yolanda

    nov 30 •
  37. Fifi

    I’m really sorry to hear ‘Dobro’ will not find place on the album, it’s your best track ever…
    Hope it will be released soon!

    dic 01 •
  38. Stefano

    Glad to know how some of my favourite new tracks only shifted name… So Marrakesh is in, yes! BUT Dobro, Marooned, Red Light, All I Want, Harpsichord, as many others have said, are ALL absolutely stunning tracks that can bring a band to the complete fulfillment of their career. And everybody’s forgetting KINGPIN… another truly AMAZING one!
    I have some fear that the final album is going to break the expactations that Massive Attack gave us during the last years’ tours. I hope I will not have to keep listening to the Stereoleto Concert forever… ;o)
    But If, for any reason that fans cannot understand, many of these songs will never see the light, please in the future DO NOT PLAY new songs whose fate is to remain stored in secret drawers.

    Thanks and hope for the best!

    dic 02 •
  39. Boycott LP5

    Bez Dobro i innych piosenek olewam ten album i nie kupuję, fanom w Polsce radzę to samo.

    dic 03 •
  40. stef

    Please, put Heartcliff Star on the new album D and G sing together a must hear. G has a great great voice and D to.

    dic 03 •
  41. _Budd


    I think you have to release Dobro, All I want & co

    Heligoland should be the best album in 2010 :)

    gen 08 •
  42. cassio

    Still there is no All I want, which is the one I wanted the most :( I just bought the album, the orange one. I was confused and unsure about the colours, but then i decided to pick the orange one

    feb 08 •
  43. julio

    Here’s a perfect album……..

    disc 1

    1-pray for rain
    3-live with me
    4-girl i love you
    6-100 suns ( calling mumia)
    7-paradise circus
    8-rush minute
    9-splitting the atom
    10-atlas air

    disc 2

    1-all i want
    2-red light
    4-hartcliff star
    6-flat of the blade
    7-saturday comes to slow
    9-united snakes
    10-paradise circus (remix)
    11-prain for rain ( remix)

    This is better than Pink Floyds The wall

    a perfect album!! who would complain about this?

    I would pay $ 30 dlls for this. Claude Challe charges $ 40 for his.

    i can’t think of who would’t pay for this, don’t undersell your selves. we support you.


    feb 23 •
  44. julio

    i bought heligoland from Amazon. it said is had the remixes and it doesn’t, what’s this about?

    feb 23 •

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