01 Dec 09

Photo Blog: Moscow 2009



green light…

green light

moscow dust…

moscow dust



red light…

red light

winston & damon…

winston & damon

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  1. cecilia villamayor

    beautiful picture! nice city! que presencias! Gret a foto the group !! muy buenas! gracias!

    Dec 02 •
  2. cecilia villamayor

    Gracias por mandar fotos!!! por favor, si fuera posible, Robert ,mandanos mas fotos …. Espero que se haga posible que vengan a South America , Argentina… Please…….. Gracias!!

    Dec 02 •
  3. alex

    damn you) i can’t forget your moscow show cos i was waiting for you since 2003 and you just remind me again and again about it(. come again please)

    Dec 02 •
  4. Vanessa

    Oh,these are nice pictures from Moscow.
    Yes,leather is always a good choice ;-).

    Bye from Germany

    Dec 03 •
  5. Maria

    Thank you!!!
    I can’t forget your concert.
    For me you’re the best group! Your sound makes me crazy)
    We’ll wait for you again!

    Maria. Moscow.

    Dec 03 •
  6. poizzenapple

    nice pics, nice people, nice gig…
    but – you’ve seen Moscow already, but never seen Kyiv! :))
    it’s great&beautiful city, much older than Moscow!
    please, come someday…

    Dec 06 •
  7. AA_le_XXX

    Great pictures!
    it’s such a pleasure to see…
    Thank you very much for coming, that was the greatest live perfomance I ever seen.
    Alex. Moscow.

    Dec 14 •
  8. timewaster

    hope you liked your brief visit to moscow 2009
    the show was superexcellent!
    hope you will tour here more often to spread your word all over this place!
    godspeed you, masters of the rhyme, sound and light!
    BTW, who was making those text lines in russian accompanying some of the songs? they were hilarious)))))))))))

    Jan 12 •
  9. Victoria

    At a Moscow concert was an amazing sound!! Million thanks!!

    Jan 24 •
  10. menull

    Welcome back!!!

    Nov 22 •

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