08 Dec 09

Robert’s Photo Blog no.8: Berlin

shopping buddies…

shopping buddies

burning man…

burning man

r.i.p. rat…

r.i.p. rat

printed bird…

printed bird



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  1. Sabin


    Dec 08 •
  2. Sandra

    mmmm beautiful man .. love U

    Dec 08 •
  3. Vania

    great pics Robert! come back to Chile next year, please : )

    Dec 08 •
  4. barbara

    Nice you not only rushed to the venue but took some time to have a look! But there is more to Berlin. You should come here for a longer visit, maybe in spring! Here are some pictures of you in Berlin – on stage: http://popkontext.de/Homepage/fotos_massive_attack.htm

    Dec 08 •
  5. johnny_ripper

    Haha that last pone is stylish. RIP Bobby the Rat

    Dec 08 •
  6. deborrah

    oh you… So cute. Love U too

    Dec 08 •
  7. Monica

    Burning man is lovely….
    Thank you fir the beautiful photos..,. All of them!

    Dec 08 •
  8. vlkos

    Come to Czech Republic to city Brno :o)) thx

    Dec 08 •
  9. rodd

    Chile 2010 plis
    th enew albun is great…psyche

    Dec 08 •
  10. María Fernanda Andrés

    We need to see U in Argentina!!! Please!

    Love your pics!


    Dec 08 •
  11. Emma

    Nice pics !!Loved the gig in Marseille, Hope you come to Budapest in March.

    Dec 08 •
  12. Magus

    Awesome pics, Robert…
    Looking forward to the new album.

    Dec 08 •
  13. DejnaD

    I like printed bird.. and you of course!!

    Dec 08 •
  14. Paolo

    daii Robertooo!! can’t wait for ur next masterpiece guys, will never forget that some of the best moments in music i’ve ever heard are from you..peace and take care man

    Dec 08 •
  15. Tracy Gaylord

    Love all the pic…oh master!!!

    Dec 08 •
  16. Rotbeere

    Welcome in Berlin guys :)))
    It is lovely here, isn’t it ;)

    Dec 08 •
  17. Hollylicious

    The first one kills me :D haha
    I like the’ printed bird’ one. I can’t explain why but it’s great :)
    And the last one is…..*purrs*

    Dec 08 •
  18. Nika

    Shopping buddies … :D.

    Dec 08 •
  19. Ezel

    seems like having fun with that small bags
    will you come to Turkey again ?? ever??
    it would be so lovely to see you and listen you in here!!!:)

    Dec 08 •
  20. alex

    ahhaha, robert and his female army))) i know, you wanted to count how much ladies are in. ok, handsome man, count +1.

    Dec 08 •
  21. poizzenapple

    awesome, just no comments ))))))))

    Dec 09 •
  22. poizzenapple

    “printed bird” also reminds me the “separation” from the photo blog #5…
    both of them nice as two parts of one masterpiece, keep it, man, waiting for the pt.3!!!

    Dec 09 •
  23. Khalid

    Nice photos, i love your work very much as a band…and i like your charisma & style (Robert).
    Hope you’ll someday have a concert here in Egypt.

    Dec 09 •
  24. Vanessa

    The innocence in person

    Autum rules

    Stylish as always ;-)

    Greets Vanessa

    Dec 09 •
  25. cecilia villamayor

    Muy Buenas fotos Robert , ! la foto sobre vos (”me” , about you) , desperto amores…. y una argentina te dejo un beso! Un gran gusto de verte en las fotos, lo disfruto mucho , y de ver a los chicos del grupo tambien. Muchos esperamos verlos , .Muy bueno todo lo que haces! espero verte… Gracias

    Dec 10 •
  26. sydartha

    Dublin was a blast!! Dont leave it so long next time.

    Dec 10 •
  27. spiritstar69 - Anja

    Shopping buddies – what a fun!
    Beautiful burning man and printed birds!
    Poor sweety rat!
    Why you look so serious? Smile .. because
    Berlin was absolutly great and tks for all!
    I miss you,

    Dec 10 •
  28. cecilia villamayor

    Have a nice moments,Robert…..gud luck !

    Dec 10 •
  29. cecilia villamayor

    Good luck!! (sorry) heve a good time, Robert …thancks for the photo about you.

    Dec 10 •
  30. the Firecat

    Black clothes and black bag; it would have been perfect with red lipstick.
    The rat looks like being poisoned.
    Yes it is a good print with fine tree lines.
    You’re keeping your hair well for your age Robert. You have strikingly beautiful eyes.

    Dec 11 •
  31. BioRoiday


    Dec 11 •
  32. the Firecat

    Robert, would it be possible for you to do an exhibition of yours sometime soon?
    I’d love to see you and your paintings. Please.

    Dec 11 •
  33. Haris Trgo

    Poor rat :-)

    Dec 11 •
  34. Mr. Zaziki

    Von welchen Laden sind die Einkaufstüten?? Weiß jemand aus Berlin bescheid??
    Gruß aus München

    Dec 11 •
  35. state of sysyphus

    you’re a genius..man!

    Dec 13 •
  36. Ghostchase

    I wish I could shop with Robert.

    Dec 16 •
  37. murphy

    toylike people make me boylike…

    Dec 20 •
  38. Nihan

    Robert please don’t forget about Istanbul! Please come.
    dont forget about us babe. i love you xx

    Jan 04 •
  39. killergram

    pic of the dead rat is hilarious :)

    Jan 06 •
  40. Lola

    i love that man….A MASSIVE LOVE

    Jan 14 •
  41. rosario

    Fan of your photos.
    But today, I hope, is your day.
    Wishing you a (Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence), Happy Birthday, Mr. Del Naja.


    Jan 21 •
  42. miss arez

    hate complimenting (ok you rock anyways :) ) .. But i find it funny to make a poem using your words… so it silly so am I :

    “the cold approaching
    the buddies are shopping…
    accross the street the burning man
    appears…before your eyes
    a rat is dead.
    The man comes close to warm a soul… the rat.. will Rest.
    in peace you say? .. you print your birds towards your mind
    you leave your thought around to fly…”

    hope u enjoyed my silliness !

    Jan 22 •
  43. Leo

    thank you for living.

    Oct 23 •

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