11 Dec 09

Robert’s Photo Blog no.9

winter tour…




donner and blitzen…

donner and blitzen

oslo cross…

oslo cross

zagreb spectrum…

zagreb spectrum

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  1. Diana

    Enjoy the snow

    Dec 11 •
  2. nikolas

    now where is the Paradise Circus masterpiece film?

    Dec 11 •
  3. AngieDetroit

    You guys are my mind inside out!

    Dec 11 •
  4. poizzenapple

    so lyrical…. so nice…

    Dec 11 •
  5. poizzenapple

    oops…. where’s “arenarama”?…
    now i see “winter tour” instead…

    Dec 11 •
  6. tamara Momirski

    Zagreb i fasizam u etru !

    Dec 11 •
  7. Mr Cheshsure

    and i could say thanks for the inspirations and wow those pics are great… but…

    ummm merry christmas all the strange ecentric people who also clicked on this page.

    hugs n snuggles, Lions of Buddha

    Dec 11 •
  8. cecilia villamayor

    Fría …. en mi país: orar por la lluvia ……. Muy buenas fotos!!! lindas fotos! Muy bonito: “cruz de Oslo” y “Angel” ¡¡¡Gracias, “Tano” !! (Thanks , Robert ! )

    Dec 11 •
  9. Vanessa

    Good Evening

    Yes, Jesus saves :-)

    Greets Vanessa

    Dec 12 •
  10. the Firecat

    Looks so much brighter but that angel must be the one appeared in Wings of Desire !
    Great Christmas cards and season’s greetings.
    The people in Zagreb, please make some more effort whatever you do. Look at the pathetic swastika at the bottom left, it tells a lot about the individual who scrabbled it down but I’m not going into details of my speculations because I don’t really enjoy insulting an unknown person.

    Dec 12 •
  11. Pedro Tudela

    Nice, nice, nice and nice

    Dec 12 •
  12. cecilia villamayor

    I like the ligth of the sunset on the Angel and the shadows of the city…. Ligth and shadows, lie a live…. have a nice moments, Robert . Abrazo . Cecilia.

    Dec 13 •
  13. cecilia villamayor

    Lith and shadows ; like a live…….

    Dec 13 •
  14. Tibas

    Love that Jesus!

    Dec 14 •
  15. vbueso

    Congratulations for the photos and your new song Paradise Circus, listen yesterday in Zane Radio. :D Its a BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL song.

    Dec 15 •
  16. ataxoual

    great pics.. no i really MEAN it. you guys still blowing our heads after all these years. i’m enjoying your new wonderful EP on a daily basis.take care MA :))
    merry xmas all strange people who also clicked and found themselves over here,as stated below by the mighty Buddha lions ;):)

    greets from greece

    Dec 17 •
  17. Dom Esteves

    Estamos na expectativa pelo lançamento do disco aqui no Brasil!

    Dec 23 •
  18. Hollylicious

    The scenic pictures remind me of here (Atlantic CAN).
    Drive safe and love you guys xoxoxoxoxox


    Dec 23 •
  19. killergram

    The “donner and blitzen” pic reminds me of a scene in world war II film

    Jan 06 •
  20. Zagreb

    Zagreb in winter ….nice

    Sep 25 •

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