15 déc. 09

(English) Paradise Circus on Radio One

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  1. nikolas

    its amazing. loved the live version of Harpsichord as well but i think this is even better.

    déc. 15 •
  2. spiritstar69 - Anja

    I´ ve heard this song right now … wow .. unbelievable .. I´ ve cried for happyness and for the beauty! The lyrics and hope .. tks so much rob. you remember?! flame .. the doors of perception .. my reflection.

    déc. 15 •
  3. nm30

    beautiful!!pure emotion & soul, perfect!!

    déc. 15 •
  4. alex

    that’s a miracle. thank you so much, that’s just brilliant.

    déc. 15 •
  5. stef

    Wow!!! amazing song, amazing sound Haunting and brilliant!! A piece of art!! Thanks D and G for this moment of pure emotion.

    déc. 15 •
  6. Andrew

    thats what i’m talkin about, simply incredible.

    déc. 15 •
  7. the Firecat

    Lovely sounds melt together incredibly well with Hope’s vocal – perfect.
    I dearly love the track, but I don’t think I could face the horror film again – that was quite a traumatic experience watching that – you morons.

    déc. 16 •
  8. the Firecat

    Second thought: I’ll take back the word morons. Probably this is one of the saddest song I’ve ever listened. Stop wasting time in pornography; love someone sincerely to appreciate the beauty of the continuity of life-forms. Reproduction should be a delightful thing, though the world is over-crowded.

    déc. 16 •
  9. Matt

    FireCat Firecat Firecat – you should take life a little more seriously ?

    déc. 18 •
  10. Forceflow

    I love it how they play it twice.

    déc. 26 •

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