15 Dec 09

Paradise Circus

Paradise Circus film, directed by Toby Dye (explicit content)

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  1. Magus

    Is this Marilyn Chambers?

    Dec 15 •
  2. tryni

    so outspoken…

    Dec 15 •
  3. Mr. Zaziki

    Sounds like Martina!

    Oh Yeah!!! I love stuff like this!

    Dec 15 •
  4. spiritstar69 - Anja

    Oh Wow! GEE! Christ! Speakless.
    Pls don´t forget to save this video against the kids. You know. Its really UuuuuHH!
    Apart from that I like porn – I have no problem to combine it with MA .. I like controversy and “break on throughs to the other sides” .. besides a documentation .. and yeah the org is a feeling really from other dimension. ;) … public dispute … Massive Attack have to work it out again! *lol*

    Dec 15 •
  5. Qedlach


    Dec 15 •
  6. Miles Jelfs

    Love Massive Attack and loving this track… but really, is there any need for this video

    Dec 15 •
  7. alex

    oh that’s hell!! so amazing, i love this!! thanks MA.

    Dec 15 •
  8. Hans Burger

    it’s out of any thought scheme, really natural, regardless prejudice and moralism.

    Dec 15 •
  9. listener63itnew

    she is Georgina Spelving I found this video great and cool

    Dec 15 •
  10. Carl

    wow, stunning – well done toby dye, and well done massive attack for using art to push boundaries.

    Dec 15 •
  11. Daniel Gilliam

    Love this track and love this video. Already heard this live when (I think) it was called harpsichorded and was digging it then but am loving this mix and the video really brings a new dimension to it all. Can’t wait until february fro the album!

    Dec 15 •
  12. johnny_ripper

    Jeeez, glad that snake didn’t end up someplace else.

    Dec 15 •
  13. TravisB

    This should send the cat amongst the pigeons…well done Massive Attack. Should I be getting my hopes up?

    Dec 15 •
  14. Ares

    Oh la la! This make the clip for ‘Be thankfully for what you’ve got’ look like ‘Watch with Mother’!

    I bloody love it! Good skills!

    Dec 15 •
  15. Suzie Dale

    That woman is amazing. Hope I’m as cool as her at that age.

    Dec 15 •
  16. poizzenapple

    so hard, so exiting, so fustful – it makes me slightly crazy…
    not suitable for kids at all, but it’s feeling really from other dimension…
    and… i love it at last ;) :redface:

    Dec 15 •
  17. Austral

    Beautiful song. Maybe the best MA song since Teardrop in melancolic way.

    Dec 15 •
  18. Enge

    Hmmm, now then. Where do we take this? Massive Attack, that well known pioneer of the sonic dark and sometimes visual, combining new audio material with vintage porn…not too sure fellas I have to say.
    You have, for years, tried to highlight the underclasses, the desperate, the disparate and the hard done by, does this new combination serve to highlight the plight of those in the new-world porn industry, the one that has become very dark compared to the seemingly easy-going version portrayed by the “star” and interviewee in Mr. Dye’s piece?
    I for one am confused, if I’ve missed the point, then more fool me and I apologise, but on the first couple of viewings I can’t help but think this is just going to be misconstrued and misunderstood.

    Dec 15 •
  19. dasdumm

    Great video – really!
    Great idea, great song, an original!

    Who said, that he or she thinks there’s no need for this video?

    It’s not only about the fact that porn actresses and actors are human beings just like bus drivers or the people who work in supermarkets – perhaps these people are even more honest and real than other “normal” people? So what’s the problem?

    Who are the real prostitutes in our world?

    Well, I live in Germany and I have worked for 10 long and totally wasted years as a book and newspaper seller – I never want to go back there, because I know that I was a prostitute in the end. And I think that this is nothing special in these times. We have many many prostitutes here who have already sold their soul, their peace and their heart for nothing but money.

    Porn actresses and actors know what they sell and what’s its worth – so do we???

    However – thank you , MA, for this great work!!!

    Greetings from Berlin!

    Dec 15 •
  20. Enge

    Is that Hope Sandoval on vocals?

    Dec 15 •
  21. sweetie


    Dec 15 •
  22. clarkosetla

    controversial as always. brilliant.

    Dec 15 •
  23. astral

    @ Enge, yes, that’s Hope Sandoval :)
    to me, this is a thought provoking video. i know there has been discussion about this elsewhere to,o but this is the first place i was able to get a chance to watch it from. i think looking beyond the obvious porn aspect to the human nature is important. the porn makes a strong statement one way or another and doubly so because it is from an era that most people on this board will not relate. the woman interviewed is also older than the people watching this video. these are perspectives we would not easily have in our normal lives. but despite these elements, the very human aspects are universal.

    Dec 15 •
  24. Tanya

    It’s totally amazing. Very touching.

    Dec 15 •
  25. Vanessa

    I’m a little bit shocked this is not art or something like that !
    If teenager see this, i don’t know if it’s right to express this kind of sexuality on that way .

    What a mad world !
    Please think about it ;-)

    Greets Vx

    Dec 16 •
  26. Miss Jones

    It’s an extract from The Devil in Miss Jones, with Georgina Spelvin

    Dec 16 •
  27. the Firecat

    Enge, are you a feminist? Take it easy and let us believe that she really loved it. The lady maybe an exhibitionist with a slight masochistic tendency …. thinking that still, watching this made me feel uncomfortable – especially as she said she was uncomfortable !!!! Pornography often pulls out the darkest side of human beings.

    Dec 16 •
  28. HAL 9000

    Nice!!! Guess I’ll have to buy the Album to hear it without that docu stuff… *G* Consider it done, once it’s released!
    Liked the voice of the singer (Yolanda?) of the live version better, but Hope is Hope….. still great, just love her voice, do more stuff with her!
    And come back to Frankfurt, please!!!

    Dec 16 •
  29. Antonio

    Wow! Amazing!

    Dec 16 •
  30. Ghostchase

    Loved it! Is it Hope on vocals?

    Dec 16 •
  31. danna

    can somebody tell me the meaning of this song, i think it’s beautiful but can`t totally get it…

    Dec 16 •
  32. morfea


    Dec 16 •
  33. Pearl

    Definately benefits from repeated viewings….very nuanced video. I find the old ladies voice strangely hypnotic.

    Dec 16 •
  34. Kool Keif

    If this video leaves you a little grossed out (old gal talking about getting diddled) but strangely intrigued by the contrast of sound and video, as it did with me, then MA did a good job. Cool beans.

    Dec 16 •
  35. Saville

    holy crap i just had a nasty thought about 73 yo woman wtf! that’s not supposed to happen. her attitude and wisdom are flat sexy what can ya say.

    Dec 16 •
  36. Chris Cook

    She totally rocks – never heard of Georgina Spelvin before but have just googled her – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgina_Spelvin

    Dec 16 •
  37. Gollum

    I love this!!!

    Dec 16 •
  38. The Kidd

    Great!!! Always the best!!

    Dec 16 •
  39. Saville

    @Ghostchase: yes that is our beloved Hope indeed.

    Dec 16 •
  40. gexly

    Very unusual video. Amazing!

    Dec 16 •
  41. Molot

    Love it

    Dec 16 •
  42. Hubble

    Yeah, Hope Sandoval. I love her wonderful voice since the Mazzy Star days.

    Dec 16 •
  43. Kool Keif

    I agree with Pearl, I watched it again and it becomes more enveloping with each pass through.

    Dec 16 •
  44. Myself

    So true

    Dec 16 •
  45. Kurt

    wicked track, intriguing lady, ouch for all the hair

    Dec 16 •
  46. Dick Dastardlee

    AMAZING! Absolutely brilliant use of imagery. The content of the film (aside from it being porn) is so spot on with the vision of the song.

    Great great job!

    Dec 16 •
  47. Nenu

    Is this possible that their best song ever – the collaboration with Fraser named Silent Spring will be mixed and included ina future album one day? PLZZZ :)))))))))))

    Dec 16 •
  48. Enge

    @ firecat: not a feminist mate, just was thinking a bit deeper about the promo and it’s meanings really.

    I also thought that Spelvin’s voice linked with the imagery and track was strangley symbiotic, I managed to *ahem* aquire the track from the nice people at Zane’s show and although still a fakkin’ great track, it felt like something was, missing…strane but true.

    I see that Psyche is making on to Heligoland, I wonder what the album version is like as the one that’s on Splitting The Atom is going to take some bettering.

    Dec 16 •
  49. psycho_O

    one of their best song ever…brilliant!
    come to romaniaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! :D

    Dec 17 •
  50. Chris81

    I think this might be my favourite video of 2010. Though I guess I’ll NEVER see it on MTV!

    Dec 17 •
  51. Lullaby


    I was like “noooo they didn’t put Harpsichord on the albuuuuum ;__________;” BUT MAN YOU DID !

    I’m SO GLAD ! I almost cried when I heard it in Arles, performed by Yolanda ! She was amazing ! So powerful and beautiful !


    Dec 17 •
  52. Alain

    This won’t make it into iTunes, that’s for sure.

    Great stuff. Who is she ?

    Dec 17 •
  53. cacarond

    I’ ve upload the orignal movie on my blog.
    So you ‘ll see that the music is totally different !

    Dec 17 •
  54. rhys

    She’s “Georgina Spelvin”, a nom du porn. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgina_Spelvin

    This is the only porno I ever received as a gift, and it still rocks. Now, in my mind, it has a brilliant backing track.

    Nice job.

    Dec 17 •
  55. Lucy Axe

    Everything about this rocks.

    Dec 17 •
  56. SorinT

    I love the song … I can’t wait to listen the entire album…. <3 Massive Attack :)

    Dec 18 •
  57. the Firecat

    Enge, and others interested,
    I think this audio/video combination also mean something to the people affected by porn addictions or those who are susceptible to that. Coincidentally there’s a chapter describing about it in a book I’ve been reading. Apparently, increasing number of men are affected by internet porn addiction: the nature of addiction is similar to cocaine addiction, and the affected cricks images rather automatically for quick fix; eventually developing tolerance sexually craving for stronger images; and become troubled physically and emotionally (e.g. feeling disgusted but can’t stop etc). Becoming slaves to own brain biochemistry that make them reinforces the habit, severely affected had compromised their relationships, jobs and own health.
    But thankfully, our brains can re-adapt itself (i.e. it is possible to undo the bad habit). The author of the book claims that most addicted he encountered were able to go through cold turkey, and found their loved ones again.
    If anyone interested in reading about that, the book is called “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge. Go for fairly readable chapter 4. If anyone is happened to be affected by the issue, good luck to you.

    Dec 18 •
  58. Arturo

    this is great, MA are fabolous

    Dec 18 •
  59. lo

    Terrible, surprenant, j’adore être destabilisée !
    on retrouve la même ambiance sonore, celle que l’on aime !


    Dec 18 •
  60. Justin

    I don’t know much about porn but I know what I like and this is fucking great. Well done MA!

    Dec 18 •
  61. involver

    Quel film ! Massive Attack est toujours vivant… la preuve !
    Personne ne peut resté indifférent sur ce clip…
    Ce prochain album est prometteur !!!

    <3 Massive !

    Dec 18 •
  62. Lisa

    Wow! Amazing….wonderful…let’s watch it again

    Dec 19 •
  63. Brizzle

    This is just beautiful.

    I love the delicate beauty of Hope Sandoval’s voice against the honesty of Georgina Spelvin’s commentary and the visual brutality of the imagery.

    Dec 19 •
  64. you

    I think It’s too short.

    Dec 20 •
  65. Stevie

    I must admit I’d like to hear more…are there any plans for an extended version I wonder?

    Dec 20 •
  66. Lauren L

    In the first and penultimate segments of Spelvin’s narration she expresses her love for the camera. How thrilling it is, how despite that she found some of the experience of filming The Devil in Miss Jones “uncomfortable” and “humiliating,” she loves the camera. In between she describes orgasm as “a mystical instant that doesn’t really exist in this dimension,” which also describes that which a camera records. Her last line is “we are our own devil” then the film burns–the camera, her devil–what makes her spin–ceases to exist outside of her, is gathered up and in that flame the mystical instant is made ordinary. Her face at 73 and her body at 37 are at once united and separate, discrete instances in dislocated time made whole only by her being (and her devil still there, filming her, loving her again).

    Dec 20 •
  67. Serpentine

    @ Brizzle: you said exatcly what i thought, well done on expressing it a lot better than i could have done!
    that woman’s pretty impressive, not many ladies her age would be as frank as her regarding their past…

    Dec 21 •
  68. cecilia villamayor

    Thanks to :@ la FIrecat ,@ Brizzle , and @Lauren L. for your comentaries. @ Laurent L. : I agreed whit your comentaries. Thanks. Cecilia.

    Dec 21 •
  69. Kristof

    Yes, why not this video. Everyone needs it, does it. It don’t find it at all porno. It’s shown lovely what we looking for, with our loved person. Special moments. New track support it’s fantastic … or vice/versa

    Dec 21 •
  70. lika

    hehe, mine is 69th comment..
    the track and video is apsolutely fantastic together.

    Dec 21 •
  71. Erik

    wow!!! it seems like pasolini’s films… on comsumption society

    Dec 22 •
  72. Albi

    so perfect. Seein’ her young as a prostitute -as she says- and nowadays just takes me away, because of her way to tell us her experiences. And this is not pornography, but erotic explicit material, it’s just art. Compare it to the trash talk shows on afternoon tv… it’s not WHAT you show, it’s HOW you show. And here it’s a higher level.
    Also it’s so emotional and true what she says: ”orgasm is not something from this dimension”. Best words to describe best thing on Earth.

    Dec 22 •
  73. Theoz

    Very unusual music video .. Great stuff. Better than Rammstein :)

    Dec 23 •
  74. skip

    Is this a joke? What does Hope Sandoval make of this? the thinest veil over porn I have ever seen.
    The guardian readers will love it.

    Dec 24 •
  75. evilove

    i like
    allways massive this attacks

    Dec 24 •
  76. sasha bruce

    Kis Kids Kids don’t deludes yourselves. I am a lesbian and an artist. and I’ve been around the bloick so I know what pornography is and this is pure unadulterated porn. stop trying to convince yourselves it’s something other then what it is.

    That is unforunate because the song is great.

    Dec 25 •
  77. nuno

    really? this video is bad? anyone who thinks that, that believes it wasn’t called for it, that thinks its a joke and got disgusted, should see ramstein’s “pussy”. now that is pure porn, totally uncalled a meaningless, like porn is!

    now this isnt’s porn! this is kinda a documentary about it, and it doesn’t promote it, i thinf it makes the opposite, it shows that it is people that do it because they don’t find another options, not an object that we can film and sell.

    its aboput time that a film like this should be done, to show the other side of porn we donts wanna know… it sends a message of morality that everyone sholud capture.

    and by the way, we all have sex! we all are sex! so what’s the problem?

    Dec 26 •
  78. Phase

    She’s Georgina Spelvin…

    Dec 26 •
  79. Mark Hutchinson

    Skip and sasha have kinda shown their ignorance on this matter by wholly missing the point. This video does pretend to be anything it isn´t – there´s no veil and there is no pretention. It´s a portrait of a woman who was in the porn industry, who in some way was clearly defined by her brush with that industry and the film does not shy away from showing exactly what that entailed – to cut away or to censor that would be infantile. For me the film is extremly moral and I certainly wouldn´t say pro-porn, though I wouldn´t say anti-porn either – to put it into either catergory is to miss the point. It´s not film about issues (porn or whatever) it´s an intimate, candid snapshot of one woman (Georgina Spelvin for the record). Oh and I love it.

    Dec 27 •
  80. Petur Lzavor

    I´m with the last coment, this wonderful little film deserves some thought and not dumb quips or lazy moralising. Watch it, think it through. Magnicent stuff Massive Attack. Can´t wait for the album.

    Dec 27 •
  81. Simone

    Wonderful. I’d love to see this in HD.

    Dec 28 •
  82. 12SELVES

    The Devil And Ms. Jones!

    Dec 29 •
  83. chiara

    ma che è?

    Dec 29 •
  84. Legless

    Will I be able to buy this video somewhere? I´d like to get the single too but I know that will be made available eventually, but I´m curious to know about this and the previous video posted here fro splitting the atom.

    Dec 29 •
  85. vitor teles


    Dec 30 •
  86. huey

    Absolutely fantastic,
    the fact that you see her having orgasms when young and pretty doing porn, at the same time you see her old with white hair and humble is just outstanding.
    Sexy, dark and twisted. Just how romance should be.
    Well done Massive Attack. an outstanding combination of music and video.

    Jan 01 •
  87. Cindy

    PLEASE be on the CD.

    Jan 03 •
  88. cuitlahuac

    wow!, sin palabras que se adecuen a lo que realmente quiero decir, será uno de mis videos favoritos del Massive, sin duda, y es genial escuchar a Hope Sandoval, aunque para ser honesto esperaba algo más explosivo de esa combinación. Pero me sigue gustando mucho la canción

    Jan 03 •
  89. Simone

    I second that! Yes please!

    Jan 03 •
  90. Ronald

    Great music… but the clip : DON’T WORK…

    Jan 04 •
  91. cathyD

    How sweet!! loving this :)

    Jan 04 •
  92. citizensmith

    Simone I’ve just seen that there’s a HD version of this just gone live on vimeo – http://www.vimeo.com/8521418 – well worth checking out, it looks amazing. There’s some really nice little details I missed in the low res version – check out what’s being reflected in her eyes!

    Jan 04 •
  93. Burnsey

    @ Mark Hutchinson: In so far as this is a “portrait of a woman in the porn industry,” you can’t draw conclusions from a handful of words excised from an interview that lasted who-knows-how-long. She’s not even necessarily talking about the images we’re shown; its the editor who juxtaposes the words and images to create that impression (somewhat overdetermined by the “reflection” of images in her eyes). We have no idea what she’s really talking about or whether her words are in context. Your term “portrait” is apt because all we are seeing is the band’s creative team’s interpretation of a woman, or rather, selected images and words of a woman that that the creative team cherry-picked to convey *their* vision. Which, when you get down to it, is juvenile and trite. Personally, I’d love to see a long, unedited interview with Georgina Spelvin – she seems fascinating. But as for this video, I agree with Sasha – there’s no “there” there.

    Taking into account the music, lyrics, film clips, and the final “God help me, I loved the camera” line, what this video tells you is that the band and/or their creative team believe sexy = slinky, “sinful,” “dark,” “devilish,” “infernal” in a vaguely Catholic sort of way. Which is just silly. Sex is a natural function; its a normal part of life. In this day and age, do we still have to dress it up in all this pseudo-mystical hooey? Can’t we put this “dark side of human nature” thing on the shelf alongside Adam, Eve, and the Garden of Eden?

    And speaking of snakes, that business with the live snake was and still is just ridiculous. A snake is an animal, and like all animals, it does not want to have its head put near or in any larger animal’s mouth. Between poor Georgina having to act like she’s turned on by a reptile, and the poor snake thinking, no doubt, in its primitive snake-y way, “what the fuck, get me the fucking hell out of here” the last thing those scenes are is sexy. They’re not sexy – they’re absurd!

    Jan 04 •
  94. SDale

    What a painfully cynical view. I wonder if Burnsey believes all film and music are so bereft of any truth or integrity or is it just this example in particular? I’m well aware that people can be edited to say that black is white, but I see no reason to assume that is or isn’t the case here. In fact one of the many things I liked about this video was that whilst the segments of interview we get to hear are brief they were refreshingly non-soundbitey, when Ms Spelvin does speak she is allowed to say her piece.

    Jan 05 •
  95. Carlos


    Jan 05 •
  96. Melsmith

    This is good, toby dye has directed some interesting movies

    Jan 05 •
  97. killergram

    @ SDale: totally agree with your view regarding this movie

    Jan 06 •
  98. iMorpheus

    From Brilliant Lads Brilliant Creatation Produced to muture our mind to Higher Inteligence!



    Jan 06 •
  99. farrah

    Quite. Good vid by the way.

    Jan 06 •
  100. Salon_Kitty

    I heard the song today and instantly loved it. I am gobsmacked by the video, however. Pure genius. I think this is positively brilliant and the track overlaid to the vintage scenes becomes suddenly desperately tragic and haunting. Seeing Georgina Spelvin in her old age reflect on what drew her to porn is compelling. As much as I love porn and freedom in sexuality, I think we are oversaturated with it and with the obsessive need for carnal satisfaction. We are becoming quickly addicted to images over real bodies and what actually feels good. What’s most fascinating about this video is the close-up of pubic hair and real tits, which I haven’t seen in porn in forever.

    Jan 07 •
  101. melanie


    l like it!

    Jan 07 •
  102. Tim Tedaldi


    Jan 07 •
  103. elizha

    Maravillozo mmmm

    Jan 07 •
  104. viper

    well,what is there to say simply jaw dropping

    Jan 08 •
  105. bluebird

    beautiful song.
    love the video.
    disturbing: the old lady has so much sadness in her eyes, as if she lost all her passion.

    Jan 09 •
  106. BuddyNoone

    Very cool video, I wanna see this movie

    Jan 09 •
  107. gusgus23

    great video. and better music.

    Jan 09 •
  108. carlos90

    The song is great. The movie is quite dark. The actress’ life is as sad and disgusting as every porn actress’ life.
    Of course she loves the camera, it brings her much more money than being a hooker.
    Neverthless I think she’s brave.

    Now I’m wondering, what would think a 10 year old little girl who is interested in the music of this band after watching this video?
    This should not be in the official website.

    Jan 09 •
  109. alisa

    really cool and stunning video
    i think it’s a plus to the music!

    Jan 10 •
  110. Pilar

    one of the best videos i’ve seen in my life… the song… beautiful… I have no words…

    Jan 10 •
  111. xavi

    The music is fantastic. The video toooo much.

    Jan 10 •
  112. da09

    very impressive

    Jan 11 •
  113. Abby

    cool video

    Jan 11 •
  114. snatch

    sad movie….

    Jan 11 •
  115. pietro

    vi amo

    non poteva esserci ritorno migliore
    far parlare di voi
    annche nella vostra assenza

    vi ho aspettato per un botto di tempo
    ed eccovi

    Jan 11 •
  116. 太屌了~

    Jan 12 •
  117. orbit

    cool piece

    Jan 12 •
  118. PU

    OMG!this is a cool video i never seen!!!

    Jan 12 •
  119. MK


    Jan 12 •
  120. Whiteboy Bristol

    WOW – I’m pretty speechless. I love the song, as with most MA stuff. Vid is cool, real gritty.

    Jan 12 •
  121. -=negrepetit=-

    Me encanta, encantador, un encant de dona! L-O-V-E-L-Y

    Jan 12 •
  122. dave

    i love this musicvideo!

    Jan 12 •

    kawałek świetny i ogólnie zespół jest super ale teledysk sprawia wrażenie nijakie i niesmaczne:) pozdrowienia z Polski

    Jan 13 •
  124. maggie

    I love sex, but video was pathetic.

    Jan 13 •
  125. majk

    Goooood Job !!

    Jan 13 •
  126. adlix

    I must say: GREAT! But we’ll never see this video in Italy! Too hard for our false niceness society…
    By the way… the actress is Georgina Spelvin – porno actress of the 70s.

    Jan 14 •
  127. Tjobbe

    Guys, met you at V99 and you both kindly signed my copy of Inertia Creeps, love the video and the song too. Didn’t know you were back in the studio until I heard the single on Radio1 today, can’t wait for the album!

    Jan 16 •
  128. Head

    Excelente, ya los estamos esperando en la Ciudad de México…. No existe mejor inicio de año 2010. Massive Attack Rifa y Rifa mucho.

    Jan 19 •
  129. PK

    sorry to be so dull – but what´s the name of the song along with this video? the vid is amazing by the way

    Jan 20 •
  130. Rita

    También en Guadalajara,México estamos ansiosos de verles.
    Excelente el nuevo álbum y esta canción es de las mejores.
    Love U Massive Attack!

    Jan 20 •
  131. DABULUS


    Jan 21 •
  132. Victoria

    Having sex in front of the camera, is a lot like being nude on nude beach. You mus remove the clothing which protects your virtue. Everyone is naked. It’s true freedom. And to swim naked is beyond Bliss. Imagine cool water all over your hot body. It’s like making to the ocean and vice versa.

    I can not walk up and down the beach, but I can sit in my chair and be free. To remove your clothing is liberating.

    I’ve made love to my boyfriend in front of the camera, but I could not watch it after wards. He could though and enjoyed it.

    The music is fabulous and also “I Love The Girl”. Please come to Los Angeles. Air is here soon.

    I love you guys eternally and I respect your Art. Also, please listen to Nineyears on Myspace under music. He worships you guys. ;)

    Goddess and Druid Witch

    Jan 21 •
  133. Astrid

    PK– The song is called PARADISE CIRCUS and is on the new MA cd that comes out at the beginning of February.

    Jan 22 •
  134. Nelson

    What a fantastic audio track; I have to listen to more of this group; this is my very first time to ever hear them.

    Jan 22 •
  135. Alejandro Castillo

    Is a fantastic song and a great video…woOw

    Jan 22 •
  136. ياسر0162747437

    بحب المداعبه الجنسيه والممارسه

    Jan 22 •
  137. Andreamirabile

    I just cried when I saw this, so real, so simple, so close to what we are, near my skin and soul, and flesh and blood.
    Thank you. Since I’m 14 years old (in the 1994) my life has your music as a soundtrack. You just make me cry. Once again. With this. So real. So near. Thank you MA.

    Jan 22 •
  138. belinda

    this is genius, music and pictures, imagines are a perfect union!

    Jan 23 •
  139. ANtifaz

    The singer is Hope Sandoval the ex singer from Mazzy Star she is wanderful

    Jan 23 •
  140. jonny80s

    Great song, great video. There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman. Her reflection and complete acceptance of who she is and what she has done is refreshing. Keep up the great work.

    Jan 25 •
  141. shinjuku zulu

    hmm… could have been an interesting musing on sexuality, aging, self-reflection, sadness, acceptance, defiance… but it’s sadly lacking in poetry… too heavy-handed. damn– the first 15 seconds set you up for something profound, and then it let’s you down. hope it’s not a metaphor for the new album…

    Jan 26 •
  142. Dave

    Gorgeous song, beautiful video clip..
    Classic Massive Attack…

    Jan 28 •
  143. utopia*engine

    Like a fist on my fu#@*ng face.

    Jan 28 •
  144. liz.


    Jan 29 •
  145. perico

    simply a poem. one of the most beautiful of recent years. what is amazing i how this brilliant song challenges all your feelings when watching such a video. and there is no interconnection with porn. telling this porn is an insult for this cult movie. what is an insult is the sui generis porn we are watching every day of our lifes in low-cost media…

    Jan 29 •
  146. madhangover

    beautiful, dreamy track…greatly anticipating the album and the live show in March. as to the video, unfortunately for me it freezes just after the halfway point (coitus interruptus!) so i can’t offer a true critique but of what i did see, i can say that i had no issue with it in any negative sense (i’ve seen the original film, it was actually the first “porn” film i ever saw all the way through way back in senior high school). in fact, it kinda turned me on. i know it ain’t PC and all but every once in a while it’s nice to drop the politics and just get down to business…thanks MA, your shit’s always great to fuck to!

    Jan 31 •
  147. Jan GG

    Great music and a stunning clip. They belong together.

    Feb 01 •
  148. LyfAdeo

    That was wonderful. It’s like a battle between reality and fiction… The music is just perfect, in my opinion one of their best, and the combination with simulated sex (which gives the impression that the act itself gives more pleasure than it actually does) makes us directly go to 7th heaven, or further… Loved it.

    Feb 01 •
  149. bullz.eye

    too bad : it’s not on the album :((

    Feb 02 •
  150. jpc

    i tink this is a good track so emotive

    mas que eso es una rola que te lleva a otra realidad

    Feb 03 •
  151. d2b


    great video thou from Massive Attack

    Feb 07 •
  152. Chromosexual

    Great music to screw to……………..massive attack does it again :thumbup:

    I think I would honestly buy an album of massive attack on the toilet… thats how much i love you guys….



    Feb 07 •
  153. Olkocholik

    Sexual Energy is the most important energy we have.

    Feb 07 •
  154. d2b

    Chromosexual,I don’t think that is the message we should get unless we think that Massive Attack wants the world to have better sex.

    MA – am I wrong to think that you guys are trying to push the moral envelope ?

    Most impressively it that is the case, outlining the sex vs society problems.
    I have to say , Placebo has done it first and their song is better from an erotic point of view. But then again, thats not your message, is it? Olkcohlick and many others think that you just want us to be horny

    btw – live with me – my favorite..

    Feb 08 •
  155. raul

    es un documento visual exquisito, fiel a la propuesta estética de MA. El hard core en un contexto muy auténtico

    Feb 10 •
  156. m a barnes-wynters

    spot on

    Feb 10 •
  157. Shal

    Brilliant… the juxtaposition between her now watching herself then, her eyes reflecting the action, and the sense of pride mixed with sadness, the lyrics and the beat – hypnotic and moving. We are our own devil… well said.

    Feb 13 •
  158. RELO

    Una pena lo de este video, realmente massive attack me ha decepcionado en si el nuevo album nada que ver super x y luego este video para levantar un poco la voz por que no esta sonando su musica.

    Una pena

    Feb 14 •
  159. bruno


    Feb 15 •
  160. plank


    Feb 18 •
  161. JenJen

    Has anyone listen the song and see the video and analizd them as part of the same piece? i mean you see the video but can you feel and hear the music?… guys try it again… can you see how it relates? I totally loved it

    Feb 23 •
  162. godsaveus

    Could have done WITHOUT the cum shot, the snake scene and the dude with the ’stache. Remind me to forget this link.

    Feb 25 •
  163. orsvlt

    That’s really a great idea. Grandma talking about the explicit sex scenes she made 40 years ago, when she was about 35 years old. I know it’s just prejudice, but we really don’t expect that a woman her age talk about sex the way she does. As for the music, I love Hpe Sandoval, but I prefer everything on the previous version of this song, that was called Harpsichord. All of a sudden it’s just too fast and Hopes’s voice is not profound and misterious like the voice of that singer (sorry, I don’t know her name) whose video is available on the Net. In short: It’s not bad, it’s just not as beautiful as the the other one.

    Feb 25 •
  164. Arkonen

    Just Amazing

    Feb 25 •
  165. orsvlt

    Back just to say I’ve discovered the name of the singer when the music was called harpsichord. her name is Yolanda Quartey. Marvelous velvet voice.

    Feb 26 •
  166. etermalsese

    Taggart would sigh, they are. Will you wait for me? The entire San Sebastian swindle. What was happening to him? Why, yes, yes, of course. Shouldnt you want to find out the reasons? I am one of the dollarchasers, Dr. He turned and looked at her.

    Feb 27 •
  167. phunkerboy

    great track, although i have to say i liked the live version better. I was at their concert in Bucharest and when this song started you could feel that something awesome is gonna happen. it got quiet, all of a sudden everyone stopped to listen and we were all trippin’ to the same waves… video is also very interesting.

    Feb 27 •
  168. Sten

    Anybody knows anything about this new video for “Paradise Circus”?

    Is it official? Looks expensive, for sure more than 5000 Pound. :-)

    Feb 28 •
  169. CelmAmumArevy

    A strange hopelessness threatened underneath the pleasant thrum of release, but he fought it off. Savous crushed Hyles mouth with his, bearing the shorter man down to the ground. For a heartbeat, Nialdlye thought shed fall into Radins embrace and that Savous would follow. Rhaes markings stood out on his black skin, almost glowing in the amply lit arena. They deserved to find comfort. So handsome, she thought, relatively sure that he wasnt listening. Im looking forward to seeing the spell myself. He pulled her from Gala into his own embrace. Eyrhaens here, he announced quietly to the room, waving for her to pass by him. I…didnt realize until recently thats what Id done, but its true. Her righteous rage dimmed, however, when she saw him flinch. Ive gotten better at controlling it. She groaned, twisting the wrists in Tykirs grasp, rotating the hips pinned under Lanthans weight. He was on his elbow now, his lips a breath away from hers. Over, he commanded with a light slap to the side of her hip. She frowned a little and squinted to get as best a look as she could. There is no blaming yourself for this, Nialdlye. So, I know how you might feel. As shed known she would, she melted. His eyes closed the rest of the way, tongue teasing her fingertips.

    Feb 28 •
  170. Istvan Ocztos


    Feb 28 •
  171. J4K3

    Epic!!!! I love the subtle rhythm. Simple = Strong. Perfectly balanced. Good video choice, sadly not for the children…

    Mar 02 •
  172. greekikon

    It’s Georgina Spelvin from The Devil In Miss Jones. The clips are form that movie as well.

    Mar 03 •
  173. Jaffa

    Great!!! really super short………..

    Mar 03 •
  174. Jaffa


    Mar 03 •
  175. Monica

    I like the track and the video, but it’s very sad

    Mar 10 •
  176. iofchaos vigo

    great video, it reminds me of metallica’s “turn the page”

    Mar 11 •
  177. fox

    paradise circus is such a great track, wish they could have played it at their awesome sydney opera house gig. never mind, the other tracks off heligoland were amazing. see the gig footage [11 tracks] go to youtube and put /coolhandluque after the dotcom.
    >> http://www.youtube.com/user/coolhandluque?feature=mhw4#g/c/A756E63CDC06F6DD

    Mar 20 •
  178. chimpy

    I’m whackin’ like a chimp to the old lady at the start..
    It’s what she would have wanted.

    Mar 22 •
  179. Freqgirl

    Wow…. Massive Attack, you guys always come out with great music & such interesting videos.

    Mar 25 •
  180. Vava Dinger

    Wow! That’s Georgina Spelvin and the movie is her in The Devil In Miss Jones from 1973. At the time it was considered an “artistic” porno film and was shown in mainstream theaters. Many relevant directors today hold it in high regard due to how effective it was at breaking barriers. Crazy. MASSIVE ATTACK ARE CLEARLY JUST AS EFFECTIVE AT BARRIER BREAKING. Love them!

    Mar 25 •
  181. unprecious of you

    That’s so cute how you disable mouse buttons. How unprecious of you

    Mar 26 •
  182. Toronto

    I couldn’t find a forum section, so here goes:
    Last night MA started their North American tour in Toronto. This is one of the first bands I’ve ever liked, and I have been a fan for the past 15 years. Yet, I have to say it was very disappointing.
    Martina Topley Bird opened for them, and she did a wonderful job at keeping the crowd entertained. But following her act, we had to wait almost an hour listening to elevator music, standing squished in against each other, before MA showed up. And this wasn’t even in the front area. Two ppl fainted close to where I was, and at one point everyone around me was booing that band saying they were being disrespectful. And I think it was disrespectful to show up an hour late and oversell your concert to the extent that ppl faint.
    You may see fit to delete this comment, but please note my friends and I walked out of this much-anticipated event for fear of being stampeded. The band owes us the courtesy of reading this comment, since we’ve thrown $60 a piece out the window to support them.
    The irony is that I work as a concert reviewer for a number of publications…

    May 08 •
  183. fritz

    from germany “geil”

    May 19 •
  184. Reter Rodriguez Zapata

    fuck yea!!!!!!!!!!!

    May 21 •
  185. Reter Rodriguez Zapata

    massive fuck yea!!!!!!

    May 21 •
  186. Mike K

    This video is beautiful, truly. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    May 22 •
  187. » Hey What’s Goin’ On?

    [...] So I’ve been very influenced lately by some incredible movies and media. For example, I very much enjoy this clip, which is an interview with Georgina Spelvin. “The Devil in Miss Jones” is a great porn film. And if you have a moment, I’d invite you to go ahead and view the clip. [...]

    May 27 •
  188. Bee

    ……she will love you like a fly, and will never love you again……….

    Jun 19 •
  189. voiceshahahaha

    this is popsong, so, and video too.
    “we are our own devil” is excuse for taken place losers,i guees..coz some people break their life to fight with their own defects and sins…accept it as fact.

    Jun 22 •
  190. ursula


    Jun 24 •
  191. Cecilia R. Luna

    very good song and amazing video, we are our own devil, it’s true becase we choose to live in wich one’s hell :)

    Jun 30 •
  192. ivana

    this is brilliant.

    Jun 30 •
  193. Michel

    A monument once again. Both visually as well as the track. Absolutely thought provoking.


    Jul 26 •
  194. Winston Bowden

    Stunningly beautiful.

    Aug 02 •
  195. MentalNinja220

    what is the movie or video

    Aug 03 •
  196. AsianDivaGirlsWebDude

    God Bless Georgina Spelvin and the Devil in Miss Jones…

    I love erotica!!!


    Aug 07 •
  197. adam

    great clip

    Aug 07 •
  198. Marlon

    Wow, that’s amazing. A well-done, thoughtful video to a simply beautiful song. It’s my stand-out track on the CD.

    Aug 12 •
  199. tet

    more you do,less you learn.
    maybe porn is new direction in art,ok,then can anyone tell where we all become with it…no,brain’s blocked,you cannot tell anything…you think you live out of all steretype in this world (including religion) but you just create another steretype…ridiculous…comprehension = zero

    Aug 12 •
  200. poetcrab

    oh, now i’ve got a woody (at the office)

    Aug 13 •
  201. OneEyedJackal

    waste of a beautiful song…

    Aug 16 •
  202. TrzyDe

    It’s breathtaking. I think Massive Attack made a wonderful thing. They showed us that every disgusting thing we do in sex is really amazing and beauty. I hope every of you will see the beauty and enjoy it.

    Aug 28 •
  203. ky

    aha, for some people cannibalism is very amazing and beauty…you should read psychiatric book’s…
    massive attack didn’t made something by itself, absolutely…and as you maybe know humanity always doing the same mistakes..

    Aug 30 •
  204. Sklep Komputerowy

    Very nice in my opinion :)

    Sep 23 •
  205. stacy

    wow thats great, love it.

    Sep 26 •
  206. Mace

    I got an incredible amount from this video. I won’t go into detail but, the video just spoke to me. I can’t even describe how grateful I am for this. Thank you.

    Sep 29 •
  207. Flor Hercules

    The woman is amazing , how she talks and the images are strong and really fits with the text of the song.
    The video talks by itself…
    Congratulations , the result is a beautiful video.

    Oct 05 •
  208. Mark Dumas

    This video is wonderful. This woman was doing something that she DIDNT love, to be in something that she DID love. She is in love with the camera. The screen hightens her, makes her feel like who she really is. She can see a part of herself that she cant see while being in any other situation. She is in love with the science. The Nature. “We are our own devils.” Meaning that we can put ourselves in situations that we arent attracted to, in order to be associated with something that fatally attracts us. What a successful message this video has. 5/5

    Oct 06 •
  209. E. Keruak

    The Devil in Miss Jones!! I watched in 90´s in a porn cinema here in São Paulo…
    Remember those crazy nights with this great Massive Attack song is amazing!!

    Oct 08 •
  210. Jag216

    MA steps into the prophetic realm with this track, not judging but displaying the nature of where we are, what we have become and how we got here. In the end we have no one to blame for ourselves if we sell the beautiful aspects of our lives short.

    Not sure that I agree that it is unfortunate that as a species we are so easily able to escape pain as the song suggests, but it is certainly true that when we have endless forms of entertainment at our disposal, we tend to lose the value of who we are and what we mean to each other. We are less willing to endure the pains of life and find ourselves flitting from one preoccupation to the next. We can easily slip into an unconscious drift – that is both satisfying and disorienting. When your feet aren’t on the ground, you have no idea how hard the ground will come up to meet you when the party is over.

    The song is about the collapse of the human experience. The loss of maturity that comes from the unbridling effects of affluence. What will happen when the wine stops flowing – will we ever be able to face sobriety, or will we pursue deeper forms of medication? MA has always written songs about the folly of immaturity, but also it’s magnetic draw and the tensions between those two lifestyles.

    The question missing from this interview – right after she gives the excellent rumination on the orgasm, I would have loved to know if she ever had a real one on camera or if she just gave the camera what it asked for. She mentions earlier that she could not drum up the energy needed when she was a prostitute – the missing answer to this question is something that might have added a lot to this video.

    One of the beautiful things about the song – the idea that love is a sin for those who feel it most – the one who takes it all – when cheap gratification is constantly available – when we don’t work for our joy – love becomes a cheap commodity rather than a gift. And when love is built on what you get – it is like the love of a fly – it lands, takes what it can get, and leaves.

    This video was certainly worth doing. I wish I could share it and discuss it with a wider audience.

    Oct 11 •
  211. Jag216

    For those who want more, I found this great youtube posting of a full-scale interview of her in the late 90s… again, NSFW but intriguing.


    Oct 11 •
  212. L. Mariano


    Oct 17 •
  213. some1somewhere

    Old lady is cute but , this is disgusting. I’m not a prude but this is fucking tasteless. I feel bad for that poor snake.

    Oct 18 •
  214. Vadim Z

    Very beautiful track !!! Very very very!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!

    Oct 19 •
  215. tanya

    i love this song but, i hope this isnt suppose to be some inspiration to have sex n to stick things like this in your mind cus young adult even older than 18 can easily get influenced by stuff like this, specially when they read n hear that this is what ‘beautiful’ is. its bad enough we got whores n porn in this world n even though we all obviously know they end up in hell n exploiting sex other than two ppl in a relationship privately, they still do this. its been goin on for decades all this porn being an art crap that it literally brainwashes everybody thinking that its normal, just cus its been goin on for so long, that this world is just fucked. no ones mind can be right now cus its everywhere n hardly anybody will agree with you that watching females being demoralized (at their own will at that..) just isnt..beautiful…its sad that ppl think it is, those are the ones that either should go out there n do that themselves n see if they feel ‘beautiful’. ppl should prove their damn points in a more careful way cus not everybody will look at things like u n u never know u might actually be hurting someone. nothing u can be proud of or good comes outta porn so stop twistin it tryina make a good point out of it in goin this far.

    Oct 21 •
  216. James C.

    Fucking amazing video. Really excellent discussion of what it means to be a performer in the pornography industry, the editing was flawless, the generational aspect of this performer is captured brilliantly.

    Oct 22 •
  217. Moon

    I liked the song alot even though I did not know what it meant.
    It felt a little eerie a little dark, but it was comforting. something about the beats, something about the cooing melody.
    If the song was indeed inspired by that retired porn star’s experiences, tbh, it did detract from the good vibe I got from the song. just imo.

    Oct 26 •
  218. Glenn Danzig

    the devil in miss jones FTW

    Oct 28 •
  219. Agustin

    Really explicit content for my taste, but a wonderful song though

    Nov 02 •
  220. Mayte

    Very explicit but amazing the video and song!

    Nov 06 •
  221. bo

    Love isn’t sin if you do it in normal way. All things that showed in this video – it’s not love, and it’s not normal because this is treachery against human nature (and it’s pursued by the law). And don’t even try mix love with porn, it’s different things. If this one of MA positions – so, it’s pity. Main point now – in their responsibility and whether they realize it? I don’t think so.

    Nov 07 •
  222. Sbz

    It’s still brilliant and beautiful after almost a year after viewing. Thank you.

    Nov 10 •
  223. IW

    The experience is not determined by what you show, but by how you show it.

    This was a good experience, but I wonder if I moraly reject the things that were shown.

    Nov 10 •
  224. inershawon

    a play on a play on a play on a play… I love the separation of mind from sex; and it is made sharper by the lyrics. This struggle is always present anyways in sex, and this juxtaposition of her reflection, at her age, makes the separation very sharp, while the song weaving the words also has this brick-wall feeling as skips between spoken prose and dreamy music. The distance is amplified again as she reflects on her own thoughts at the time; her own performance, the separation between what we, the viewer, might see or feel and what she, the performer might see or feel. So here we are, with this explicit sexual material of another era, shocked maybe, or interested, but definately viewing through the peephole of time at things that were normal then (the ornate doors of entrance, the “white wedding” dress to start, playing with the snake symbolism and all the glorious hair – but also the decadence of the surroundings – the dirty old tub, the loft and low lighting, the luxurious fabrics.. the kind of clumsy theme of sin). It takes us back – stages this sexual performance in a cultural moment that is not today, which then pulls up today’s sexual performances sharply and makes us wonder what, about today, is lurid, laughable, performed; or maybe, as she indicates, lost in that moment beyond time. Meanwhile, the lyrics tempt us with the accusation that we avoid at our convenience. Who is lying to whom? And is sex the same as orgasm? Not for nothing it was called “the little death”. What is the real text here? And just as an aside, she is gorgeous – today. Wish I would be so beautiful and sexually open at her age.

    Nov 13 •
  225. Dillido

    This is truely a brilliant music video and song… infact I fell in love to this song at the beggining of the year…oh and I know this is rather late but I think we can all agree that Burnsey’s comment about “sex is a natural function’ proves he/she has probably never realy experienced good sex… or is possibly sexless… its all well and fine to throw biology into an argument buddy, but you cannot realy deny the fact that people’s Psychology has a huge role to play when it comes to sex otherwise porn would be to people having sex only… if there even would be porn, but instead we have a myriad of genres etc that play to the minds desires of different people, and please leave your anti religeous Prejudice at the door, this is art in its on way infact porn itself can be considered art…. I think you are completely misguided and are possibly robotic if you have no dark sexual fantasy… most people do…

    but then thats just my opinion.

    Nov 23 •
  226. DunDun

    The fact that we still view sex as intimate and sincere and perhaps even a little bit dark is what stops it from becoming a “natural function” like eating or breathing. If sex were just an arb occurance then there’d be nothing special about it. We’d have nothing left to portray the depths of emotions and desire. Thank goodness it’s not just a “natural function!”

    Nov 25 •
  227. Emil

    But… This is no porn you uptight people! In my opinion, there is nothing sexually arousing in this video and nothing except a couple of naked women that implies that anyone would interpret it as such. To me, porn is visualized sex, and this is not. Stop being such moralists, just because American TV censors naked women doesn’t mean you should.

    Also, really nice song. I like it a lot.

    Nov 27 •
  228. RIchard

    The song and the video go so well together. Having re-read and listend to the lyrics…it is powerful…i love it….i adore MA

    Nov 28 •
  229. kyriakos


    i just love this track!! any1 knows where i can find the parts of the track? i would like to make a remix

    Dec 05 •
  230. matt

    what film is this song in ??

    Dec 07 •
  231. daidai

    sorry aabout the miss spelling this is what i ment to say i have to say with all the videos out there all the shit we get stuck with this is the best i have seen in years the video is freakin awsome the BEST I LOVE IT the REALITY the TRUTH the VISUAL i saw the other video to this song i thought what th bleep thats not what i expected that sucks the reason i say that is because i watched the misfits tv series and heard the song and fell in love with it the song. when i watched the real video i feel even more in love with the song if only all songs and videos where this good

    thank you keep up the good work

    Dec 17 •
  232. Seppia

    Hiya’ll friends ! Can someone help me ? Does anybody know where is the round building seen in the “Paradise Circus” video? The one with the Sufi twisting dancers. Thank you very much for your help !

    Jan 08 •
  233. Esteban Zapata Rojas

    Is an amazing video that show to us how can we live in Sin… Excellent Video-Art Work!

    Jan 09 •
  234. Ramram

    I believe that it’s an amazing clip, I do not think that people should make comments about this clip as it is still art – it is creative writing, sound and image connected together, it’s brute reality, pure reality, why are we so ashamed of all this? it is not disgusting, we all do it. the fact that massive attack made this just shows how important is for them to connect people between them and with the music. just let it get you.

    Jan 20 •
  235. sonja

    This is holistic art. I’m so glad, there still is.
    Thank you guys

    Jan 21 •
  236. Jeff

    Vert interesting seeing and hearing from her after so many years ago, brilliant!

    Jan 22 •
  237. leika

    You know what it takes to call a movie a porn movie? the way the sex is recorded.
    Yes, there are presented porn movies, but this mix is… art.

    Jan 23 •
  238. Jeff

    This film led me to her book ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’, which she signed. She’s a lovely lady. Yes, she’s Georgina Spelvin.

    Jan 28 •
  239. Carlos

    Wow!, just Wow. This is just one of the best videos ever. I loved the song already but this is an outstanding work. “We are our own devil”. I don’t know the lady but it’s pure genius, thank you for this.

    Jan 29 •
  240. kostas

    dark ,briliant, masterpiece,pure ,one of the best songs and videos ever……….

    Feb 22 •
  241. Resa

    continue with the the good work on the blog. Do like it! :p Could use some more frequent updates, but i’m sure you got more or better things to do like we all do. :)

    Mar 01 •
  242. Rene H

    What a beautiful and amazing piece of art!!!!

    Mar 30 •
  243. Ivy

    I “knew” the song. I just watched the vid.
    Frankly, I think, the whole just gave me the tools to mend my damaged vision and feeling about sex, due to porn.
    Thank you for bringing me to think outside the frame. =)

    Apr 04 •
  244. Juan Davi'd

    I hope I could find the audio including the interview… not only a touching song but a heart full video, we all find our courage to do difficult things in something. She had the camera…

    Apr 26 •
  245. EatTheRainbow

    the song and video are so erotic. probably it’s the most erotic and sexual combination of them ever. congratulations, you make me wanna watching video and listen to song all the time.

    Apr 26 •
  246. heftyk

    Really nice mini documentary ,photography in this movie seems quite unique, i wish all modern x-rated flicks were like this one.
    Paradise Circus is one of my favourite tune!! Cheers from france.

    Jun 17 •
  247. Narmina

    I know this video already for a long time, and only today decided to say my thoughts)
    Well, I wasn’t shocked by it, no, I see a deeper sense here. Maybe I am wrong, but I feel the sadness with the desire at the same time, just look in the eyes of this old lady, she looks at herself when she was young and she never regrets about playing in porn, there is only a regret that her youth is in the past. But this woman is so bright, I mean her inner world, she is sincere and her eyes are absolutely sinless. I would never be such kind of snob who can blame her for what she did, I would only blame her if she ruined some family with her skills in reality but not on the screen)) I mean, for me the sin is when you make something bad to somebody, hurt somebody, but she didn’t, she just enjoyed her youth, her body and as she says, the work with camera.

    That’s were my first thoughts about the video+music, and now, already for a year I feel the same.

    P.s. the music of MA is always beyond any expectations, I feel like I was born with this music inside me) It is the main soundtrack of my life already for 13 years!

    Jul 01 •
  248. James Pope

    This is a wonderful piece of film and music.

    Aug 06 •
  249. Sine Macula

    Bellissimo. BRAVI!!! You are always beyond everyone else.

    Oct 18 •

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