21 Dec 09

Robert’s Photo Blog no.10

power trip 2…

power trip 2

needle rust…

needle rust

red square…

red square

lego legs…

lego legs

red truck…

 red truck

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  1. cecilia villamayor

    Red square: is beautiful. Lego legs: si, so legs……. so high too . the man: ¿?……(muy buena, la foto). power trip : nice, danger….. Nice photo , Robert . Thanks. Abrazo…. chau. Cecilia .

    Dec 21 •
  2. cecilia villamayor

    I wish you happinnes , Robert. Chau. Cecilia .

    Dec 21 •
  3. the Firecat

    power trip 2 is neat and nice.. the blood-coloured berries and the giant giraffe are sweet..

    Dec 21 •
  4. cecilia villamayor

    is true , the firecat

    Dec 21 •
  5. laurent laforge

    wonderful pictures…….

    Jan 01 •
  6. Gosia

    Well you were lucky that wasn’t winter that time:) nice pictures.. I realy like first one

    Jan 05 •
  7. Ghostchase

    I wish I could walk around with you as you take your pictures Robert. Beautiful.

    Jan 08 •
  8. Alexey

    hi! i visited moscow perfomance on septembre 24th..it was fab! i like it even more than last year perfomance…sound was perfect as usuall at your concerts..i still don’t understand why it wasn’t sold out…i’m sorry..you are great musicians!!! i hope that there will be live dvd after heligoland tour…

    Sep 25 •
  9. FRED

    Bravo pour ton coup d’oeil et tes photos, j’adore !

    Oct 28 •
  10. c72

    electrifying. . . that’s why I love the first one

    Nov 14 •

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