18 gen 10

(English) Heligoland formats

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Forceflow

    What are you doing with the pictures, Robert?

    gen 18 •
  2. Michele


    gen 18 •
  3. astral

    i’m salivating! i want one of EACH!

    gen 18 •
  4. thomas

    Looking forward to it, gentlemen – this is gonna be good!

    gen 18 •
  5. Josh

    So happy to hear good music again in this world gone mad

    gen 18 •
  6. Feanor

    cool picture~!

    gen 18 •
  7. Vanessa

    Wow great news that’s what i ‘ll heard :-)
    Vinyl lovely !
    Nice pic by the way .I love that kind of artwork,look forward to see more…

    Greets from Germany-frankfurt

    gen 18 •
  8. Dario

    Hi Robert!!
    This is my photo from Lisbon??
    Do you remember?
    See you soon.
    I love the vinyl…thank tou!

    gen 18 •
  9. Rod

    Massive Attack in Chile????Great.

    gen 18 •
  10. Mako

    I hope the bonus tracks will be available on one of the CD editions?
    Can’t wait by the way – the new stuff sounded absolutely AMAZING live – such a good gig!!

    gen 18 •
  11. nikolas

    already pre-ordered mine (special edition) from iTunes

    gen 18 •
  12. reactiv

    heady times.. now.

    gen 18 •
  13. Magus

    Possible artwork for the CD, perhaps?
    I want the album NOW!!!!

    gen 18 •
  14. poizzenapple

    artworking in progress… ;)
    i hope i’ll get the album…. someday…. oneday….

    gen 18 •
  15. DiegoQ

    Chile? what´s that? some kind of carrot????

    gen 18 •
  16. anonymaly

    This news really made my day. Thank you, Massive Attack.

    gen 19 •
  17. the FLIR

    Itunes USA has the deluxe edition previews…. sounds good

    gen 19 •
  18. spinbanks

    Awesome! I can’t wait! I already preorded my album from Itunes while i was checking out the previews, and I am SOOO impatient. I might die from the anticipation, because my nerves are shot, but the moment, Heligoland drops, it’ll all be worth it!!!!

    gen 19 •
  19. vbueso

    Deleted my comments??!!. I can’t say that i dont like the deluxe edition and prefer the original editon. Viva freedom of opinion!.

    gen 19 •
  20. Jem

    I NEED the vinyl version!!!

    gen 19 •
  21. )Jamesq.

    Oh screw the iTunes deluxe edition… I need my full audiophile version… where’s the news of the vinyl/cd edition? Come on… come on….! :)

    gen 20 •
  22. Cyber Surfer

    I’m travelling to Mexico City to see Massive Attack for 3rd time :D

    gen 20 •
  23. Aloof

    I get this well known feeling looking at this photo…

    gen 20 •
  24. )Jamesq.

    By the way, there’s supposedly a 2-disc “deluxe” Japanese version of this coming out too, so if those extra iTunes tracks don’t appear on a UK/international format, they may do on the Japanese one.

    gen 20 •
  25. virginie

    Do you need help???

    gen 20 •
  26. virginie

    Oh, by the way, how can i send you pictures?

    gen 20 •
  27. Lola

    do you need a helping hand…my Robert ???? ;)
    kiss you!!!

    gen 20 •
  28. tomekay

    Will the triple vinyl be by “The Vinyl Factory”?

    gen 21 •
  29. the_caught_butterfly

    ..anyone know more about the vinyl-release??
    ‘tomorrow’ ’s gone since 5 days!!

    gen 24 •
  30. pablo

    Chile is a great country of south america.
    Please come to Chile…

    gen 25 •
  31. Paul

    I absoulutely love yourstuff and withot dobt you’re creative geniuses. Please don’t get tempted to disappear up your own arse in the aftermath of no doubt will be a lot more praise once the forthcoming album is released. It’s not cool to be too cool.

    gen 25 •
  32. h3lv3c10

    Robert, think in the audiophiles!
    We need the Deluxe Version in high-fidelity (FLAC), please!!!
    We love you!

    gen 25 •
  33. babou

    cool la photo

    gen 26 •
  34. samaris

    “Deluxe edition not available everywhere”, “iTunes Store preoder”… the part of the music business that really makes me sick.

    gen 28 •
  35. tripe d

    I’m being pushed into piracy…releasing exclusive tracks on iTunes. What’s with this approach? Let’s give more power to iTunes! Yeaaaah….It’s becoming a word in the dictionary. Hail to the marketing tactics of Apple. Don’t they have enough hyped products where you pay extortionate prices for the brand? This is so disappointing.

    gen 30 •
  36. )Jamesq.

    Well, the Deluxe triple vinyl + CD edition is now available to order over at The Vinyl Factory. Looks really nice. :)

    feb 03 •
  37. Takeshi

    I’m from japan, i ask the shops, the 2 cd edition seems cancelled…
    So no chance to see this thing back?

    feb 07 •

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