19 Jan 10

iTunes LP pre-order available now

This is a new format which has 6 additional tracks – two which are only available on iTunes but it also has exclusive art.
On ‘LP’ there will be an enhanced version of the standard artwork plus new works and photos not available anywhere else.

Pre-order Heligoland: iTunes Deluxe Edition

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  1. Robert Rabbit

    Waiting for the vinyl edition.

    Jan 19 •
  2. vbueso

    Oh great!!! I love the remixes… Thanks for this 7 years work… !!!

    Jan 19 •
  3. duffy_duck

    me too
    where to get that bloody great Vinyl ???

    Jan 19 •
  4. Nicolaj

    Well I’ll be waiting for the enhanced version then. Where can it be ordered?

    Jan 19 •
  5. Humberto

    Massive Attack el próximo 22 de febrero vienen estrenando nueva producción, creo que será un gran concierto. Heligo Land 2010!!!!

    Jan 19 •
  6. KMS

    That’s the iTunes Delux download pre-ordered. Just need the DeluxVinyl and CD info to complete the set!

    Jan 19 •
  7. kostek

    why can not I buy this in Poland ?

    Jan 19 •
  8. Tim King

    I thought it wasn’t available in the US, but it was just a UK-specific link. Yay! Can’t wait. Now I’m just wondering if there will be a deluxe CD…

    Jan 19 •
  9. Aerosol

    Where is Dobro? LOL

    Jan 19 •
  10. the Firecat

    Damn I don’t shop at iTunes. Could you please sell that LP in the venues on 8th or 11th Feb.? I’d be grateful if you could.

    Jan 20 •
  11. the Firecat

    Or is that enhanced version only in digital “iTune LP” but not in vinyl? I suppose it is. In that case I haven’t got a choice to be more flexible, just for this time then.

    Jan 20 •
  12. adberraman

    1000gracias, Massive. Aunque hubiese preferido que hubieseis incluido otro material en el la edición especial, y no 4 remixes chungeros, 1 tema de hace 4 años y un remix de un tema que aún no se ha publicado: fatalism.

    Jan 20 •
  13. princelu

    No Deluxe Edition for the linux users ’cause apple haven’t done any i-tune version for us… :-(

    Jan 21 •
  14. Dror

    The Deluxe Edition is not for sale for Isrealies fan – such a shame. I tried to place a pre-order to support massive attack and I got this dumm I-tunes policy. When I try to create a new acount and order this item it dosent allow me to place Isreal deatiles. when I try to change the country this item is not in the search. you can’t even found Massive Attack in the search in the Isrealy I-tunes shop. not the first time….I-tunes is gr8 but not if you’re an isrealy fan of massive attack or a music lover of any band….makes you want to download it without payment….
    when people want to support musican I-tunes kick there ass with polices – this item is not in your country or you can shop this item in your shop, in your area. when will I-tunes will be without borders???

    Jan 21 •
  15. nm30

    great news! can’t wait, and happy birthday

    Jan 21 •
  16. maiki

    Where is RED LIGHT ?? :-((((((((( it was not included in the new album and i am so disappointed!

    Jan 21 •
  17. Drew

    The release date is getting me through January. WAHOO!!!But I don’t shop at itunes either.Dearest Massive Attack I have adored your music since 1990 when I moved to Brizzle, I wept with joy when you ran the dance tent at Glasto, Live you simply kick the cobwebs away, you are my favourite band. I cook a mean curry and bake a serious cake. Swap you a delicious meal for the extra tracks. Go on go on go on.

    Jan 21 •
  18. andrew

    yeah! got my tickets – see on march 25 in auckland, new zealand (not to mention looking forward to getting the download of the album that came with the tickets)…

    Jan 22 •
  19. 3J

    Come on – some of us are not fans of mp3s and/or Apple! Extra tracks only available on vinyl, now that would be cool. An actual LP rather than a fake digital one. I’ll be waiting for the vinyl/CD release, even if it doesn’t have the added extras. Big artwork, big sound and no money for Steve Jobs – hurrah!

    Jan 22 •
  20. Curvex

    Damn, there are no possibility to pre-order Deluxe (or any other) edition in Russia :((((((((( More than that, I’d like to get physical copy of Heligoland, not digital download! Anyway, I cannot get such download either. How fans from countries not supported by iTunes could OFFICIALLY! get this long-awaited release???

    Jan 22 •
  21. romanj

    What a shame. iTunes soxx big time. No flac or a really decent MP3 format (not even LAME encoded, just that inferior Apple crap), instead u get drm. Whoop. Would’ve expected something better from u Massive attack guys. I hope the »real« LP-version has got something better to offer.

    Jan 22 •
  22. sin

    IM disappointed. An Vinyl or CD release would be great, but I Tunes?
    Not that I won’t buy the CD version, but I hoped for a Deluxe edition.

    Jan 22 •
  23. murmurer

    itunes claims they will have it feb 5, everybody else says feb 8 – will they really have it before anybody else??

    Jan 24 •
  24. Muzzy

    Where’s the vinyl??

    Jan 25 •
  25. arnaud

    F*ck itunes and apple, viva vintl!!!

    Jan 26 •
  26. rick

    Whens the details for the vinyl and deluxe CD coming out, are they limited editions, I agree with a number of others, itunes sound quality is very poor, and their artwork is of low standard. see you 11th Feb.

    Jan 26 •
  27. samaris

    again and again the same song from 1977

    Jan 28 •
  28. bandsxbands

    I truly believe that we have reached the point where technology has become one with our society, and I can say with 99% certainty that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside… I just hope that as the price of memory decreases, the possibility of transferring our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It’s one of the things I really wish I could see in my lifetime.

    Feb 03 •

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