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  1. stef

    Thanks for this exclusivity, i love this artwork, continue your briliant job Robert!!!

    ene 26 •
  2. Philip

    thank you guys for your music!

    ene 26 •
  3. Yulita

    Robert, if you need some help… :)))
    the pics loos gorgeous. can’t wait for the album! :)

    ene 26 •
  4. Marcia K Moore

    Love it….Raw!! Beautiful work.

    ene 26 •
  5. Kai

    I recognise one of those images i;m sure! Unkle album cover – http://991.com/newGallery/Unkle-End-TitlesStories-438622.jpg

    ene 26 •
  6. David

    Make a book of the work! All the work looks great!

    ene 26 •
  7. scavos

    I don’t envy you the job of selecting from all these quality images but I have faith you’ll do it!
    Great work! Roll on the release date.

    ene 26 •
  8. carlo carloni

    grazie robert
    grazie 1000

    ene 26 •
  9. carlo carloni

    Potresti venire anche a fare una mostra se preferisci. Sarebbe fantastico. Al palazzo ducale. Che ne dici?

    ene 26 •
  10. Jacob

    I didn’t like the final cover. I think that is the reason for having a bad notion for the album at the first place…But I can see above so many nice covers, why did you have to pick the worst one?

    ene 26 •
  11. johnny_ripper

    Heligoland deserved one of these covers, just saying.

    ene 26 •
  12. Richard

    I’m guessing some of the live photography images are from Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton-Jones. The vinyl edition with all this artwork should be a treat!

    ene 26 •
  13. stcz

    Perfection, pure perfection!
    But I’ve got one case, “special case”. All this song’s on the youtube, all song from Heligoland are the real, final versions? Beacuse if that is a true, I’m a little disappointed. You’ve uncover the whole album and I think that’s not fair. There’s no left to show us at the premiere. So I’m still in hope there will be something different, something other that the songs on youtube.


    ene 27 •
  14. Vanessa

    This artwork is so interesting for me.
    It shows us the reflection of our world ,and let enough space for thinking about …
    Realy love it.
    A book is a good idea.
    More yellow ,orange and brown colours please ;-)

    btw,when comes the vinyl edition out?

    Hello from germany-frankfurt

    ene 27 •
  15. Y the Firecat

    Bring them on, Tom. How exciting ! You could make a great book; and an exhibition following .. that’s what I’m hoping and dreaming .. anyway. The fifth lot from the top looking particularly great (the one taken from the other side).. The pair with yellow and green lights look fantastic too.. I love them. I’m interested in seeing sketches and texts too. I’m so happy to be able to see these snapshots. Thank you.

    ene 27 •
  16. mark

    Green Brown Yellow Orange & Blue ”I LOVE YOU”

    ene 27 •
  17. poizzenapple

    does original booklet contains some of this stuff?
    oh my….. it caught my eyes…. awesome….
    madly missing the pre-order in our country…. (((

    ene 27 •
  18. JUXX

    i’ll take a 16×22 of everything please.

    ene 27 •
  19. Blake

    Love the paintings, have to agree with not loving the choice for the cover =(
    Just saw the back cover art at Amazon, love it =)

    ene 27 •
  20. Manuel Gouveia

    I just want to say thank you for your music.

    ene 28 •
  21. Manuela

    Love pics!!!!!! Love art works!!!

    ene 28 •
  22. spiritstar69 - Anja

    OH WOW! YOUR PAINTINGS AND ARTWORK ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much Robert!! I love it! You should published a artwork book! LOVE&PEACE, Anja

    feb 02 •
  23. cecilia villamayor

    I like painting about one heart , is beautiful, i love it. . Great and beautiful work ! Muy bueno!!! un gran abrazo (A big ambrase). chau from Argentina. Cecilia

    feb 02 •
  24. cecilia villamayor

    I like the way , youu work whit thee photos , art work. Did you need some help for it…??…. I would sennd you somee help as GOD ‘S HAND’S (Diego Maradonna)…. Exellente all the Remix’s , themes, and nice interview. Would you come to South America?? Buenos Aires in autumn is lovely, May is my favorite . A biig ambrase from Argentina. Cecilia

    feb 02 •
  25. adriano


    feb 04 •
  26. jochen börgmann

    Hi robert, we love your artwork. A beautiful show. We have to make a solo exhibition in our gallery in germany. Thanks for artwork and the fine album heligoland, Jochen & Carolin

    feb 05 •
  27. ginger liu

    Brilliant work. UK is the most exciting place on earth.

    feb 06 •
  28. sioux

    beautiful artwork and beautiful music!!

    feb 08 •
  29. Nature Photography

    awesome! i love it. very nice artwork. great job! thanks for posting this.

    feb 09 •
  30. m a barnes-wynters

    muchos respex.
    good to see solid body of work in one swipe.

    feb 09 •
  31. My Own Private Alaska

    Kick fucking ass !!

    feb 16 •
  32. Laura

    G r e a t artwork…the BEST MUSIC EVER!!!! The new album is genial….PERFECTION!!!! Thank YOU!!!!!! – Laura-

    feb 20 •
  33. alex

    heart is really amazing, i love it, especially onein the back of heligoland cd.

    feb 26 •
  34. Frederic

    The Vinyl Factory website tells of a forthcoming artwork/project… anybody knows what this is? Would like to know before I order the £30 vinyl album

    mar 04 •
  35. tom

    i will write an analyse of the cover for school^^ wish there would be more information about this in net

    mar 09 •
  36. LeVince

    To Frederic: I asked them and they confirmed to me that there would be another edition to be more complete but I don’t have more details on what exactly/how much

    mar 11 •
  37. James Neill

    Hi, loving the art work, is there any way i can buy any of the originals?

    abr 14 •
  38. Lorenzo Bensi

    Heligoland is simply wonderfull!!!
    And the Deluxe Vinyl Edition, with your Artwork is a great trip for my eyes and my ears!!
    Very Thanks to all the Band and to The Vinyl Factory.
    I wait you all in Rome again.
    Ciao!! Lorenzo

    abr 21 •
  39. paul pulszartti

    very good works for music cover! i like it!

    jun 24 •
  40. Patricio Nuñez

    Massive Attack are the best ♥♦♣♠

    jun 15 •

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