29 Jan 10

Heligoland special: Guardian Music Weekly podcast

This month’s Guardian Music Weekly podcast has a special feature on Heligoland, with tracks from the upcoming album plus a new interview with Robert; you can stream or download it HERE

Photograph by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

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  1. Antistar

    Looking cool guys cant wait see you in newport

    Jan 29 •
  2. cameron

    Looking forward to seeing the gig in Australia except can’t afford the tickets. The most loyal fan base generation now have children to support!!

    Jan 29 •
  3. diegoq

    Please come to south america!!!!!!!!!1

    Jan 30 •
  4. cecilia villamayor

    I like the way , you work whit the photos or the art work.,…’Did you need some help for it … ??……I WOULD SEND YOU SOME HELP AS GOD’ HAND (Diego Maradona)….Exellente all the Remixe’s themes and the nice interview. i wish you hive nice moment, good luck. ¿¿ Would you come to south America ??, Buenos Aire’s Autumn is lovvely, May is my favorite… A big ambrase from Argentina . Cecilia .

    Jan 31 •
  5. rosario

    Hi, Mr. Del Naja.
    I’ve just listened to your interview to The Guardian, and it’s all ‘a nice guy, making confections’. Last night I’ve read the piece of O Expresso, and ‘you’re not a nice guy’ and even the photo shows indifference (I still believe you’re one of ‘the few good men’, and it’s only your ‘Protection’). Me, instead, just ‘look like a nice gal’. In the end we inhabit the same planet, but we surely don’t live in the same world. You have ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Melancholia’, we have ‘Saudade’.
    Best of Luck. Best of Life.

    Feb 07 •

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