01 févr. 10

(English) Heligoland: first listen on 6Music today

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English.

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  1. Key

    Cool guys !

    févr. 01 •
  2. Nooc210

    Awesome! I’ll be tuning in for sure!

    févr. 01 •
  3. Lola

    love you rob…..XD

    févr. 01 •
  4. quaggy

    okay, but…
    can you telle us a little bit more about the TRIPLE VINYL edition, where to buy it, etc…
    thanks a lot

    févr. 01 •
  5. Tim King

    Blörg. Can’t listen to it outside of the UK…

    févr. 01 •
  6. )Jamesq.

    Indeed. News about the triple vinyl/cd edition would be great. I’m not pre-ordering or buying any other format until I know more about this version.

    févr. 02 •
  7. Christopher

    It’s also being played in the US on NPR:

    Really digging the whole record. Can’t wait to hear it without internet-based compression!

    févr. 02 •
  8. nm30

    fuck!! you can’t listen to it,only uk!

    févr. 02 •
  9. poizzenapple

    not allowed in our country …
    none-pre-order in our country …
    none-live-shows in our country …

    How long? …

    but you are guys – looks awesome, as always…

    févr. 02 •
  10. Tim King

    You can listen to the album on NPR, but I still can’t hear the interview. Booooo!

    févr. 03 •
  11. Mimi G Design

    3D hot! Wants to date that!! aaaah! x

    févr. 06 •
  12. Federoy

    « not available outside UK »

    févr. 07 •

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