03 Feb 10

Heligoland: deluxe vinyl / CD format

The deluxe format will be available from next week: triple heavyweight vinyl containing Heligoland and exclusive remixes plus a CD of the LP.

The 12″ book has original art by 3D and the cover is a one-off black glitter design.
This is the only physical format that will feature all the art and looks beautiful.

It can be pre-ordered via the Vinyl Factory website and from your favourite vinyl shops.
Check the artworks blog for more details on this format and future projects.

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  1. the Firecat

    Fabulous. I feel so ecstatic and am glad to be alive. Thank you !!

    Feb 03 •
  2. Sandra

    Wow …. Thank you Massive Attack …You re fantastic … i love u so much …..; Kisses from Arles ( FRANCE )….;

    Feb 03 •
  3. Vanessa

    Good evening

    Very good news.
    Great idea to put a CD with the vinyl edition!
    So impressive to put art with music together ;-)

    Greets Vx

    Feb 04 •
  4. Sereno

    Oh my gosh…was waiting so long! thanx fi all di good vibez’n music you spread!!!
    Sereno from Jena-city(germany)

    Feb 04 •
  5. Saint Brendan

    … … … big fat Massive Attack vinyl, a big fat j and a kaoss pad = bliss :)

    Feb 04 •
  6. Nooc210

    Freakin’ AWESOME!!!

    Feb 04 •
  7. Night Hunter

    Haha, on pic no.2 the bloke has balls! Nice 1! Unfortunately I can’t afford this… I guess I’ll have to settle with an ordinary CD, let’s hope some of the art made it in the booklet!

    Feb 04 •
  8. poizzenapple

    so amazing…..
    but – in our country the pre-order is NOT available at the moment ((((

    Feb 04 •
  9. cecilia villamayor

    yes! sii!! , …. the paint about of the heart , …. thank you, i like. .cecilia.

    Feb 04 •
  10. Jennifer

    is this the version that cost 58 bucks on amazon.com in the us?

    Feb 05 •
  11. Mauricio Munuera

    PERFECT! Just bought it =]
    Can’t wait to listen to it… guess it should take almost a month for it to get here to Brazil.

    Feb 06 •
  12. andyboy

    D. Have to say i’m dissapointed the CD hasn’t got the remixes, seems a deal with itunes was made eh??? very naughty.

    Feb 06 •
  13. SlingRock

    I’m a little upset I bought the CD off itunes and not the vinyl version. boo :(

    Feb 10 •
  14. Ruby Holiday

    Does Vinyl Factory send to the US? It’s up to $73.00 on amazon now & I’m sure it will go up. I have to have it, though!!

    Feb 10 •
  15. Yulita

    you know I adore you… will do anything to have this set… nevermind i have no vinyl player, it’s for all the art and all about FANaticism. but i’m not really fond of the idea you need to blackmail your fans to give tons of money just to have all possible rmxs and art…

    PS I do adore you! :)))))

    Feb 11 •
  16. My Own Private Alaska

    This album is absolutely gorgeous !
    Actually, we did the same for our album : 2 vinyls + CD of the LP + DVD

    Feb 16 •

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