03 Feb 10

Heligoland ‘Tweatre’

Heligoland ‘Tweatre’, an exclusive Twitter platform which allows you to view the specially-commissioned short films that complement tracks from Heligoland, has now launched. You can currently watch films for Splitting The Atom, Paradise Circus and Flat Of The Blade, and directly ‘tweet’ your thoughts about them. More films to follow shortly…

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  1. stef

    Great idea Heligoland Tweatre!!! Awesome video!! Thanks, thanks!!!

    Feb 03 •
  2. carlo carloni

    heligolandia is a place
    heligolandia is a person

    Feb 03 •
  3. theodisc

    splitting the atom: twin tower’s past meets Nibiru’s future with m a ss i ve att ack stuck loosely in the middle

    Feb 09 •

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