05 Feb 10

Flat of the Blade film by Ewen Spencer

Flat of the Blade film by Ewen Spencer

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  1. Emerson

    This is an amazing video, I love the song! Can’t wait to get my hands on Heligoland.

    Feb 05 •
  2. Marcel Maynard

    I’m loving these Heligoland films, I just wish I could make one for you guys, I’m working on something but don’t want it to go to waste.

    Feb 05 •
  3. Fab

    Beautiful song and beautiful music, the clip is still confusing and surprising.
    MA Bravo !!!!

    Feb 05 •
  4. Drew

    So so so perfect. 2 days to Heligoland and the films are moving my emotional core. Thank you so much.

    Feb 05 •
  5. lee

    Nice indeed, good to hear your back. loving the new sound

    Feb 05 •
  6. anne marie subra

    very “avant garde” as usual, delightfully surprising on a soft but weard tempo

    Feb 05 •
  7. Minuit

    intelligent and absorbing.

    Feb 06 •
  8. Mo

    So you return again with more of the best music porn!Can’t wait for the triple..You are true dealers for my vinyl habit!
    Keep kicking against……Xxxx

    Feb 06 •
  9. sergio

    Finally Massive Attack publisheb this CD: Absorbing, High-grade, elegant and full of fine art music….

    Feb 06 •
  10. wally wurzel

    ma push the bar further than most,excellent video film and haunting yet captivating track.

    Feb 07 •
  11. sylva

    10x consecutively still shiver

    Feb 07 •
  12. Trev

    Deep work, music to get lost in!!

    Feb 07 •
  13. :|:

    will there be a dvd or bluray containing all that amazing art work? it would be such a waste only presenting it here and platforms like youtube etc. …

    Feb 09 •
  14. LoveLess

    Pretty nice blog you’ve got here. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

    Truly yours

    Feb 16 •
  15. tingleguts

    favorite song in the group. thx.

    Feb 22 •
  16. stef

    Great great song! I love the experimental side of this song and the Guy Garvey voice fit perfectly with the mood of Masive Attack! Can’t wait the EP with the new songs like Dobro, All i want (I love this song) Heartcliff Stars, Marooned, Red light, Fatalism and Invade me (the new one, I realy love this song to)

    Feb 25 •
  17. ragdol

    Please come back to the states soon. I enjoyed the show in Atlanta. Come again!

    Apr 01 •

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