08 Feb 10

Heligoland released today

Heligoland is released today, available on three different fomats: CD (available everywhere), an iTunes Deluxe Edition (featuring six extra tracks and exclusive art) and an exquisite deluxe vinyl edition from Vinyl Factory: triple vinyl with extra tracks, a CD of the album and an exclusive 12″ book of artwork by 3D, all housed in a unique black glitter sleeve.

Massive Attack are also heading out this week for three UK shows, in aid of the HOPING Foundation. Brighton and London are sold out and there are only a few tickets left for tonight’s show in Newport; more info HERE

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  1. Elen

    at last it came, so long-anticipated album! cheers!

    Feb 08 •
  2. Terenn

    At laaast !

    Feb 08 •
  3. Enge

    So, which colour CD sleeve did you go for?
    I got me a nice, I suppose you could call it Aqua-Marine, cover…I’d only seen the burnt orange one but it looks like theres three different colours you can have.

    Feb 08 •
  4. scavos

    Deep, dark and disturbing. Love every last drop of it.

    Feb 09 •
  5. HAL9200

    You should’ve made a sticker on it which says “headphone music”. I first was disappointed, but when I heard the full spectrum on headphones, I finally loved it, listening the whole night/morning over and over again! Thank you for this difficult piece of music! Atlas Air…. one of the best songs ever!
    But there’s one thing… in my opinion the songs sounded way different and I dare to say better live back last year in Frankfurt. So, how about a live album? I love your dynamics on stage! Anyway, great music! Thnx again!

    Feb 09 •
  6. Anders

    I was actually looking forward to this album but since the deluxe version is only released on iTunes, I ain’t buying it. The reasons are three. First off, iTunes use their own music file format which isn’t compatible with the rest of the world. Second, it seemes kinda stupid to pay for music files in a compressed format, making the sound worse, for almost the same price as the physical CD. Third, I want my music in flac format when playing in Winamp. Since I haven’t found an online store that sells flac format I need the CD to rip it in flac format myself.

    Massive Attack, until you release the deluxe version of Heligoland on CD, I ain’t buying it. So please do it, cause I really want this album.

    Feb 09 •
  7. Sam Beckett

    So so so disappointed that the special format is unique to iTunes – compressed versions of all that great music for the Big Apple but unavailable on CD to mere mortals who have bought everything you’ve ever released – so I have to buy CD for full frequency enjoyment and then download the mixes (plus the same tracks again) to have everything – so un-2010, people! Still, I can always fail, fail again, fail better…

    Feb 09 •
  8. stef

    Great great album, Haunting and sophisticated. After many listen, this album is a masterpiece no doubt!! Continue your great work guys.

    Feb 09 •
  9. reactiv

    enjoying through and through..glad i waited

    Feb 10 •
  10. Alexandra.

    Hey guys!
    Thanks for another great album!
    Listening 2 it right now, while drinking my tea at school.
    Gotta say that I LOVE it!

    Feb 10 •
  11. Droogy

    So we’ve worried about the formats,missing well loved live tracks,tracks from the EP being on there but none of it matters a toss.You guys knew what you were doing all along eh.Heligoland is a perfect, beautiful feast of thought provoking sounds that simply burrow and burrow into our souls.Thank you so so so so much.

    Feb 10 •
  12. suono

    I’m so disappointed too for deluxe edition only in compressed or vinyl formats, and for the absence of some well known tracks in the CD. I bet you guys will push on live stages for the future, letting us only a part of emotions on our CDs, and the rest in our memories!

    Feb 11 •
  13. Andrea

    I love this album and I love Massive Attack,my preferred song is “Girl I love you”,thankyou guys.

    Feb 12 •
  14. Rod Christopher

    I find the album to be brilliant for the most part! A bit sad that you didnt include ‘All i want’ though. Yolanda Quarty has such a great voice. My faves at the moment are ‘Rush Minute’ & ‘Atlas Air. So deep, so dark & so so disturbing!

    Been following you guys since ‘Protection’ & ive seen you live 3 times. Nothing you guys ever do disappoints me & this is no different!

    Keep up the great work & hope to catch you on stage again very soon!

    Feb 15 •
  15. High waistbands

    Not quite as good as SLADE IN FLAME but a good effort.

    Feb 21 •
  16. James Norris

    Album is awesome and the artwork is amazing. I bought the 1st ever hand finished print of ‘peace at last’ (Unkle War Stories albium cover) form Lazarides gallery. I love the image and it sit’s infront of me now…. however this may be my new favorite! The clockwork orange eyes, race evoking lips (similar imagery to the wooster group), bleeding eye and awesome orange background makes me want to get this on my wall. I tried to prize the large album poster from an advertising board on the underground (with no joy). Oh well may have to go deeper into dept if released as a print. :)

    Feb 26 •
  17. Nicola Zaffalon

    CIAO. More music! NICOLA

    Sep 01 •
  18. Nicola Zaffalon


    Oct 28 •

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