08 feb 10

(English) Newport soundchecking

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Antistar

    Great show guys cant wait to see you again

    feb 09 •
  2. vbrad

    glad it was good , can anyone remember any of the setlist as goin to hammersmith on thursday.

    feb 09 •
  3. Avalanche

    Fantastic start to the year – Atlas Air was outstanding and really enjoyed Splitting the Atom.

    feb 09 •
  4. Des

    Awesome gig last night guys loving the new stuff and where did Bobby get those dance moves from!!…quality..until the next time…peace

    feb 09 •
  5. scavos

    JR is the man. Check http://www.womenareheros-paris.net to see what I mean.
    The stage set for Teardrop looks awesome. Would be great to hear it too!

    feb 09 •
  6. russtin edmonds

    brill gig it was awesome really was

    feb 09 •
  7. the Firecat

    It was an eye-catching beautiful stage for a good pair of eyes.
    The opening with the united snake was a nice surprise. I enjoyed the whole lot with a few unexpected and somehow time seems to have passed very quickly in Newport last night. I still have this feeling of combusted emotional overload, and I can hardly think of anything else all day.

    feb 09 •
  8. rosario

    And Lisbon? When again?

    feb 10 •
  9. cecilia villamayor

    and southamerica?, Argentina?, please….Seria fanastico ver, y escuchar lo que veo en la foto………

    feb 10 •
  10. cecilia villamayor

    seria fantastico……..

    feb 10 •
  11. Paulo

    We WANT:





    feb 11 •

    it’s incredible for all massive attack mexican hard-die fans to have the chance to see them live in our city at the amazing venue Auditorio Nacional.
    oh god i’m so thrilled that i just can’t wait any longer to live this experience
    i hope songs such as teardrop and live with me can be performed. see you there guys!

    feb 13 •

    oh sorry! i just forgot that i talked about the forthcoming mexico city show!
    and I use this space to say hello to my friends in athens, jerusalem, london, amsterdam, torino, barcelona,
    guadalajara mex , sao paulo, and vancouver who are also M.A. FANS for sure , you know who you are guys … sorry for putting off getting in contact but you know you’re always thought about!!!
    you ought to join me for the massive-attack-mexico-city experience!!!

    feb 13 •

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