12 feb 10

(English) Hammersmith Apollo

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. aIDA

    NICE! im waitting for Guadalajara´s Show!

    feb 12 •
  2. Beto

    Me too! GDL SHOW! You’d better play Protection and Paradise Circus!

    feb 12 •
  3. DiegoQ


    feb 12 •
  4. Bill Gray

    Hi guys and gals,

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with some promoters so that I can come and take some photos during your Auckland show. However, nobody has responded to me request for Media Access yet.

    Any tips as I’d really like to come and photograph the show and am a big Massive Attack fan?

    My contact details our on my website, if you all would like to get in touch. I’m a pro and will treat you with respect!


    feb 12 •
  5. dani

    they are so great singin live…. their music… and those lights… imagine urself there.. a little bit smoked:P… they can send u to wonderland :)) … waiting for them… at bucharest one day

    feb 12 •
  6. James

    Cracking gig, great set. Really glad I got the chance to see the band in a great venue, and not some enormodome.

    feb 12 •
  7. Justyna

    Cool, at least I can see you properly. From the place I was I could see fuck all :)

    The GIG was top, I saw you live for a first time and to be honest I cant wait for next one………..

    I will never get seating tickets again!


    feb 12 •
  8. Coral

    Was completely lost in the evening, the atmosphere and the bassline rearranging my whole central nervous system….need to see them again soon

    feb 12 •
  9. Joao De Sousa


    feb 12 •
  10. Jon

    Saw them last night, they were awesome!

    feb 12 •
  11. Lola

    love you so much…rob!!!

    feb 12 •
  12. serpentine

    love that photo of martina… ♥

    bill, good luck with that one, been trying for years but nevermanaged to get one!

    beto: they’d need to take tracey thorn and hope sandoval with them to do that, it’s not going to happen i’m afraid!! but you’ll see, the gigs are amazing without these songs anyway x

    feb 13 •
  13. the Firecat

    they’ll send you to the reality sucks too.
    Inertia Creep and Atlas Air were the highlights of that night to me – and Saturday Comes Slow.

    feb 13 •
  14. André Lafère

    I’ve seen them in Antwerp with this show. Faaaantaaaastic!

    feb 13 •
  15. Rav

    Massive Attack were awesome thanks for the great show guys!!!

    feb 13 •
  16. David harding

    I went to this gig and it was incredible. Great shots.

    feb 13 •
  17. monique - clara

    ..heya,..love to see some “great” pictures of your show,….Hope to be part of it next time,..
    maybe Hamburg,..??????,..that would be cool,..
    cause the tickets to see you at hammersmith apollo weren´t (wasn´t?) available anymore,..:(

    ,…good luck for your forthcomin time,…!!!!!!!!


    feb 14 •
  18. Marina Donarini

    I was there, my first Massive gig. It’s hard to find the adjectives, what can I say? I was still on a high the following day, and I don’t do drugs. I felt 10 years younger all of a sudden. I could have danced for hours on end. It was awsome !!!
    And omg those guys are HOT !!!!!!
    Can’t wait for my next gig. XXXX

    feb 14 •
  19. stef

    I listen the new song INVADE ME and i like it very much. It’s great to hear Martina and 3D

    feb 15 •
  20. cecilia villamayor

    beautiful song…… i like , nice voice of Martina. un abrazo from argentina, good luk.

    feb 15 •
  21. Simon Bradley

    Still feeling the vibe 1 week on from the Brighton Dome gig. Awesome. Who is responsible for the great light show ?

    feb 16 •
  22. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Why you dont came to CHILE in 2 of march???

    Please, came to southamerica!!!

    feb 17 •
  23. Tomek

    the setlists was the same as on the shows last year or they changed something?

    feb 18 •
  24. Alexios

    Hey. i got some pictures from that night ! Epic performances! ! !

    feb 19 •
  25. cecilia villamayor

    que emocion , saber que estan en este continente…….. como desearia estar en Mexico y verlos en vivo ! bueno les deseo muchos exitos y suerte , que lo pasen muy lindo, saludos a todos. abrazos desde Argentina. chau Robert

    feb 19 •
  26. brizzle charlie

    The gig at the Hammersmith Apollo on the 11th was incredible!! one of the best gigs I have ever been too, seriously… I would pay good money for a live CD of that, as cheesy as it sounds…come on guys!

    feb 21 •
  27. rosario

    On cold rainy days it’s probably better not to understand cold rainy lyrics (Flat of the blade)… Mr D.
    Try The Cold Song (Purcell) by Nomi?

    feb 23 •
  28. trixie

    Getting ready to be blown away in Melbourne OZ, March 20, coming down from Cairns.

    mar 07 •

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