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(English) Robin Hood Tax / No Bonus for RBS campaigns

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  1. Alex

    It’s just that I am sceptical that these funds sourcing from the tax will really be spent in appropriate way….

    févr. 15 •
  2. the FIrecat

    0.05% isn’t it? not 0.5%. Did you remove my comment because it had a link (to Guardian’s article)? I’d like to think that was a careful measurement to remove a spam, but not censoring. I think this is a wonderful idea for good causes and I’d like to support that. I really do. But I can’t stop feeling a bit skeptical about something that sounds too good to be true in golden colour. I don’t know how taxing on economic activity (but not profit) will affect us all. Are banks going to introduce other charges to customers to compensate, or are they just buggering off to the countries where FTT’s not applied? I don’t know – but we’ve got to hope for the best when this comes to realisation.

    févr. 16 •
  3. the FIrecat

    This got to be done globally. It’ll work if ALL the countries in the world introduce this, not only in the UK.

    févr. 18 •

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