27 Feb 10

KCRW Guest DJs

Robert and Grant recently appeared on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic in Los Angeles with an interview and guest playlist selection. You can listen to the show at KCRW.

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  1. Lars Steven

    Thank you for the info including the link to the radio stream. I am listening to it right now. A tracklist would be nice.

    Feb 27 •
  2. the FIrecat

    California Uber Alles was a good choice in the end I must say.

    Feb 27 •
  3. rosario

    Spreading Anarchy in USA? Great!!! Really good choices!!! Some more fun than others,,,

    Feb 27 •
  4. rosario


    Quite risky, being u Djs, but Sonic Youth, 100%…

    By the way, Am I blocked??? … ok, that´s fine by me …

    Feb 28 •
  5. stef

    Grat show and good interview!

    Feb 28 •
  6. the FIrecat

    while D is working with PJ, I’d love to see Chan Marshall working with Grant plz………that would be fantastic.

    Feb 28 •
  7. rosario

    Sorry, me again…
    Taking suggestions? Again? An almost official place to get lyrics?
    I know I’m a ‘bit’ of a pain…
    but it’s good to hear your smooth voice, but problably it would be better if we could understand all that you’re singing…
    I know that if you do that, I will problably be bitching you about it… later… it’s a risk…
    But it’s quite hard to understand the live songs…
    Same planet… different worlds…

    Best of luck in next concerts…

    Mar 01 •

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