27 feb 10

(English) KCRW Guest DJs

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Lars Steven

    Thank you for the info including the link to the radio stream. I am listening to it right now. A tracklist would be nice.

    feb 27 •
  2. the FIrecat

    California Uber Alles was a good choice in the end I must say.

    feb 27 •
  3. rosario

    Spreading Anarchy in USA? Great!!! Really good choices!!! Some more fun than others,,,

    feb 27 •
  4. rosario


    Quite risky, being u Djs, but Sonic Youth, 100%…

    By the way, Am I blocked??? … ok, that´s fine by me …

    feb 28 •
  5. stef

    Grat show and good interview!

    feb 28 •
  6. the FIrecat

    while D is working with PJ, I’d love to see Chan Marshall working with Grant plz………that would be fantastic.

    feb 28 •
  7. rosario

    Sorry, me again…
    Taking suggestions? Again? An almost official place to get lyrics?
    I know I’m a ‘bit’ of a pain…
    but it’s good to hear your smooth voice, but problably it would be better if we could understand all that you’re singing…
    I know that if you do that, I will problably be bitching you about it… later… it’s a risk…
    But it’s quite hard to understand the live songs…
    Same planet… different worlds…

    Best of luck in next concerts…

    mar 01 •

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