01 mar 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.12

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. cYpher

    get well soon….

    mar 01 •
  2. temperaudio

    i too am like a one legged tap dancer.. ear infected. Try making/producing music with one ear.. grrr.. feel better mate and catch u in NYC

    mar 01 •
  3. Magus

    more great pics Robert, keep up the good work and get well…Come to Canada!

    mar 01 •
  4. rosario

    wet beside and ‘inside’ the ears…
    take care…

    mar 01 •
  5. robstalienne

    cool les images, a quand la prochaine tournée en france,continuez comma ça,viva massive attack

    mar 01 •
  6. stef

    Yes come to Canada, come to MONTREAL QUEBEC!!!!

    mar 01 •
  7. Veniamin

    get better ASAP!

    mar 01 •
  8. Andrea

    Get well soon, <3

    mar 01 •
  9. roddy

    Boys, been wanting to see you in concert for ever. Got quite excited about the US tour…. would have travelled from San Diego to LA or SF. Turns out that those dates clash with my wedding in Ireland….. damn it anyway. Will there ever be a “next time”???!!!

    mar 01 •
  10. brian k7

    A show in Montréal, Québec, Canada would be awesome…..love Heligoland and everything else.

    mar 01 •
  11. g

    S F A K A T A K ! ! !

    mar 01 •
  12. meteorite

    Nice pics -sorry about your ear problem….

    mar 01 •
  13. poizzenapple

    get well soon – praying for …
    awesome pics, especially the last one – eternal skies…
    best wishes & regards from Ukraine!…

    mar 01 •
  14. astral

    thanks for another lovely sky pic :) i might have to as permission to paint a version of that one!

    mar 01 •
  15. rosario

    feeling better?

    mar 02 •
  16. Titia0402

    J’adore votre nouvel album tout comme les autres, bonne continuation ! ^^
    Quand est-ce que vous refaites une tournée en France ? en espérant avoir la chance de vous voir en concert bientôt ;)

    mar 02 •
  17. Walter Alvarez

    Espero que te mejores de los oidos, para que vuelvan a Argentina……

    mar 02 •
  18. rosario

    Still in LA?
    Feeling better today?
    Ready to be tortured?…

    mar 02 •
  19. Lola

    robert, i take care of you….smack

    mar 02 •
  20. the FIrecat

    (please delete my last one if duplicated, but I don’t think it worked earlier)
    I love the cute shrine with gems and flowers; the rain-soaked shiny road with the moist air – kind of dreamy; and the glorious m4 skies.
    I’m sorry to hear about your ear-infection. Have good rests, and try not to get stressed too much – hopefully it will clear away soon. Take care x

    mar 02 •
  21. rosario

    Please do not fly before you’re really ok… Ok?

    Talking about shrines… your reflection…
    Coincidence??? Went out and found a really good shrine, don’t know if I can get a picture of it…

    mar 02 •
  22. cecilia villamayor

    uuuyyy…que feo , Robert. lo lamento mucho. Espero , de corazon, que te mejores para que disfrutes tu viaje. es un dolor agudo. muy buenas fotos, las disfruto ; sobre todo la foto del santuario (no se que devocion es) y la foto m4 skies. paracen PLEGARIAS (son necesarias) ,REVOLUCION DE LA CONCIENCIA Y EL CORAZON. Abrazos from Argentina. chau ,Robert . Cecilia.

    mar 02 •
  23. cecilia villamayor

    estuve mirando de nuevo la ultima foto , la m4 skies : ….. beautiful photo !!! nice,; da placer mirarla . Thanks. una ayuda para tu malestar : unas manos cariñosas en tus orejas, unas lindas palabras a tus oidos. glorioso remedio….. abrazo . Cecilia.

    mar 02 •
  24. Diego Q

    I hope you good health Robert, get well and continue with your hypnotic tour, as you said in KCRW, we will be waiting Massive Attack in South America: Colombia =), Chile (they needs you more than never), Argentina and Brazil… thats the way in this part of the world ;)

    mar 03 •
  25. rosario

    Still in LA?
    Hopping you feel better…
    And like Cecillia said ‘tender hands on your ears and nice words, glorious medicine’ (rough translation, sorry!)
    Take care… and please don’t go out to take photos (wet behind ears!?). We really like to see them, but we rather have you in good health…

    mar 03 •
  26. Larubia

    ???… Harryman??? Went to Spam…
    Sonic youth – sugar kane (live at Campo Pequeno Lisbon 14.07.1993)

    mar 03 •
  27. kamil ouvín

    hello Mr. Robert Del Naja, how are you?
    well once I have read a interview with you or Daddy Gee and someone said ” we are just old geezers,making some music”
    wow!!! your band made a masterfull work!!!

    I am just listening MAsSIVE ATTACK Blue lines, I think, that is the one of best stuff you did musically.
    well I wish happy sunny day, anywhere you are, your photos are cool .

    I wonder,where I can found your art work,as sketches or paintings? on web page? Can I buy them?

    Kamil Ouvín
    Czech republic
    one planet in a solar system


    mar 04 •
  28. Sterling Slatherly

    Fairmont Miramar, eh?

    mar 05 •
  29. Martyn Dread

    Giving thanks and praise for your Sydney gigs , so good to experience the massive again took me back to the old Bristol days.
    The new album yet another golden feather in ya hat!
    Massive Respect!
    peace and love to you and your family.

    Martyn Dre

    ps hoping your furniture still stands firm….

    mar 17 •
  30. c72

    The last one *

    nov 02 •

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