03 mars 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.13

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  1. CBates

    Love the first shot, very atmospheric.

    mars 03 •
  2. Andrea

    Great pics!

    mars 03 •
  3. poizzenapple

    have no words….
    thank you!

    mars 03 •
  4. rosario

    Returning? How could you, so soon?
    Ronald… great!!!

    mars 03 •
  5. Joan

    thai lights is a fascinating photo. almost looks like candy.

    mars 03 •
  6. Russell Higgs

    « To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest » ….. (Og Mandino)

    mars 03 •
  7. Allene

    The last shot is very cool.

    mars 03 •
  8. rosario

    Great pics!!!
    But, Lizardskin??? Couldn’t you think of a nicer name to call it???…Really???… Ok… you should know!!!!
    Better get home, get comfy and rest…

    mars 03 •
  9. Lola

    amazing mcpeace!!!!!!!!! fantastic pic

    mars 03 •
  10. Magda

    Brighton looks gorgeous.

    mars 03 •
  11. the FIrecat

    an excellent shot of Brighten! I liked the way you played with saturation too. love it.. I’m keep looking at it.
    I guess you can see mcpeace only in Buddhist countries, for their marketing strategy with a touch of cultural adaptation.
    I fancy walking on the lizard, with sharp long pin heels.

    mars 03 •
  12. rosario

    ‘fancy walking on the lizard, with sharp long pin heels’???
    Tap dancing??? In the rain, singing… maybe?

    mars 03 •
  13. Paulo

    We want HELIGOLAND 2, with:

    1. Heartcliff Star
    2. Dobro
    3. Red Light
    4. Marooned
    5. All I Want (this is the gratest one!!!!!!)
    6. United Snakes
    7. Kingpin
    8. Fatalism
    9. Invade Me
    10. …

    Paulo (from Lisbon)

    mars 04 •
  14. rosario


    mars 04 •
  15. rosario

    Supporting Heligoland 2!!!
    If you’re really ‘alive and kicking’, hope the preparation for next shows goes well. Fingers crossed, is more my scene…
    By the way, the fan graffity shows ‘really good taste’… on graffities…
    sorry couldn’t resist

    mars 04 •
  16. the FIrecat

    I don’t. Though I would like to see Red Light being released. I’m not that keen on the track 9 on the list to be honest.. but that’s just me. I guess others like it.

    mars 04 •
  17. Higgy

    I like Brighton’s very much it carries something of Massive attack’s atomsphere
    Hope you will someday for live performance in Egypt.

    mars 04 •
  18. rosario

    We too hope that the future concerts you are preparing now, will be Great!!!
    I’m certain they will love you!!!…
    … Same world…

    mars 04 •
  19. Paulo

    Well, I Think that Dobro, All I Want, Red Light, United Snakes are very very very good songs…

    Invade Me is the newest one…it was performed in America…Take a look in youtube…



    mars 04 •
  20. rosario

    I’ve just noticed. You’re already sold out in Sidney. It’s Great!!!!

    Can fans images go back a week??? Please… weird, I know, it comes with the age…

    if repetead please delete

    mars 04 •
  21. Lilli

    I see that your soul is not only dark but you are so romantic :-) greetings Robert from Poland !!! you ‘ are the best and you know that !!!!

    mars 04 •
  22. rosario

    Now i was r-e-a-l-l-y looking at the agenda… till September…
    We also have summer festivals…

    mars 04 •
  23. simona

    lovely, brighton!!! used to be my townie for a year, now it’s part of me – including through your photo
    can’t wait for your next concert – my next unearthly experience of music

    mars 04 •
  24. rosario


    mars 04 •
  25. cecilia villamayor

    brighton :…nice, beautiful…. mcpeace: ja,ja,ja.. unica !.,genial! (estos « yanquis »…) lisbon lizardskin :.. sorry, Rosario, but is’t true! ( es como un lagarto ) tailandia…mm…like a America… greats photos ! thanks, Robert…. abrazo from Argentina, good look !!!

    mars 04 •
  26. cecilia villamayor

    Lo sentimos, …….! buena suerte

    mars 04 •
  27. cecilia villamayor

    ¡¡¡ como desearia visitar Lisboa!!!…alguna vez , antes de morirme…¡¡¡como me gustaria!!! despues visito a Rosario, y nos vamos juntas a Bristol a comer con Robert en la costa…. ¡soñar no cuesta nada! …..estoy loca! es la humedad de Buenos Aires, sepan comprender!

    mars 04 •
  28. rosario

    Not again…
    Sorry, too tired… seems like I’ve been trying to read ‘palimpsests(?)’ all week without the ‘Roseta Stone’… not complaining sometimes is fantastic (something between Great and Fantasy?)… but it’s also like calling out and getting just my echoed voice?… Got to get Real…

    So, about last time, I guess you’re wandering… just my guess… the only playlists I ever made was in my old G4 (wth a stone age wireless service), a cd to a friend, one for the car for long trips, and the one for my little ipod suffle, that came from the G4 list…
    That’s all… music is not at all my element…

    In case you’re wandering too, I came from arts, in a ‘Stagnnant Pool’ (Felt) now, and pointing arrows to private book edition, but just pointing, complete ignorant about it… Just to complete the scene, Linkin Park ‘Numb’ (I believe this is one!)…

    Some Homework for the weekend?…You’ve been challenged!!!!… Backing up not admited…. It’s a matter of ‘Honor’… I have to do this all time…
    Da Weasel featuring Manuel Cruz – Casa (Vem Fazer de Conta), just the refrain, sang by Manuel, it’s the most beautiful part of the song, in Portuguese, please…. just to see how hard it can gets sometimes….

    Now ‘Saturday comes slow’ but monday be there in a minute… this isn’t a comment, this is a chapter of a book, sorry…
    Got to go now…

    Work, Work, and rest, rest, rest… Good luck… back on monday…

    mars 05 •
  29. rosario

    Cecillia, the Robert part is way too far for me to even dream … but Lisbon doesn’t have to be a dream at all…
    Lots of kisses, waiting for you!!!!
    Lizard, no, please… we are ’so proud’ of the art work that we step in to everyday… ah!

    mars 05 •
  30. cecilia villamayor

    Gracias Rosario!!! . es agradable lo que me decis . Acerca de la foto, solo interpreto lo que Robert quiso decir con la imagen y a mi me parecio lo mismo. Pero es cierto lo que decis ,y es hermoso ver lo la expresion que sale de sus almas en su arte expresado, en este caso, en la calle, (perdon si no soy clara) . y lo puedo apreciar atravez de una foto de Robert… .. Es un gran gusto de chatear con vos,. Abrazos y besos desde Argentina , Suerte en tu jornada ! chau Rosario! . Cecilia.

    mars 05 •
  31. rosario

    Hola Cecillia, la foto no es una question. Yo me ha reido de lo nombre que le puso Robert…
    Me gustaria muchissimo recebeirte a Lisboa…
    Perdoname, mas mi español es malissimo…
    Besos, Suerte,

    mars 06 •
  32. cecilia villamayor

    gracias !!! si ! !! ese nombre es simpatico, . Bueno, si se me da la oportunidad ,me mando para alla.. , si Dios quiere y con un poquito de suerte…… un Abrazo !! chau!!

    mars 08 •
  33. rosario

    Quando quieras!!!
    Besos! Tchau!

    mars 08 •
  34. cecilia villamayor

    Rosario : seras bienvenida y racibida, si deseas venir a la Argentina!! besos , la mejor de la suerte en estos dias, y en tus ideas e inquietudes. abazos.! cecilia.

    mars 09 •
  35. rosario

    Muchissimas gracias, Cecilia. Me gustaria muchissimo, pero no siento que sea possible.
    Muchissima suerte en tu vida y en tus sueños…
    Besos. rosario.
    A lo peor nos ‘encontramos’ por ca, apoyando MA…

    mars 10 •
  36. cecilia villamayor

    Ah !!! Seria buenisimo!!!, si me fuera posible. Muchas gracias por el deseo, y te deseo lo mismo, de corazon.Besos y abrazos. desde Argentina.Cecilia. esto , que se da, es algo que estimo muchisimo. chau!!

    mars 11 •
  37. rosario

    Muchissima suerte.
    Besos Largos.

    mars 11 •

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