04 mar 10

(English) Saturday Come Slow Film

Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en English.

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  1. Paulo

    curiously, I think that this song isn’t very MASSIVE…



    mar 04 •
  2. Larubia

    I’ll wait till next week?

    mar 04 •
  3. Neon

    I don’t get point of making those movies except Paradise Circus… especially movie for this song?!?

    mar 04 •
  4. dana

    can’t wait to see the whole movie! i like the song. @paulo: the whole heligoland isn’t very massive, it’s a new start and it’s beautiful.

    mar 04 •
  5. cecilia villamayor

    que interesante !!

    mar 05 •
  6. Paulo

    dear @dana: I desagree with you: I ,Think that Heligoland is very Massive!!! Except for this song…honestly I don´t like her…it seems a pop song…
    on the contrary: “All I Want” is one of the best songs of Massive Attack, and it is not at Heligoland…(it’s only my opinion)
    best regards

    mar 05 •
  7. poizzenapple

    an idea about the anechoic chamber seems to be quite interesting….
    so patiently waiting for the film… )))

    mar 06 •
  8. Ronin

    “neon” – there is no point. It’s art. Get it?

    mar 07 •
  9. Larubia

    same here, poizzenaple

    mar 08 •
  10. Larubia

    Eard somewhere you like punk… I like a lot ‘Should I Stay’ from The Clash…

    mar 13 •
  11. rosario

    Censorship! What’s the criteria?

    mar 13 •
  12. Larubia

    blue monday

    mar 13 •
  13. rosario

    Think I’m afraid to be cut??? Not very perceptive….think again….

    mar 13 •
  14. rosario

    Jesus!!!!!!!!! read above, p l e a s e…..

    mar 13 •
  15. rosario

    Sorry… my mistake…

    mar 13 •
  16. rosario

    Sorry……… my mistake….again…..

    mar 13 •
  17. rosario

    Ok….let me put this way… sometimes I know, others don’t have a clue…

    mar 13 •
  18. rosario

    Could you please do the same above? and now I am asking please…

    mar 13 •
  19. rosario

    ok, taking the risk of appearing up above, my issue is I never know when I’m going to be cut off… See, I don’t have any ttrouble to be cut, I only would like to know when u cut or not…. I said things before hopping to be cut, and I wasn’t, and other that seemed to me that where acceptable, where cut… so I’m asking, do you have a criteria? How can I know?

    mar 13 •
  20. rosario

    Right… Bye now…

    mar 13 •

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