04 Mar 10

Saturday Come Slow Film

A small still from Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin’s film for Saturday Come Slow.
The film was shot in the anechoic chamber at Cambridge University last month and will be finished next week.

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  1. Paulo

    curiously, I think that this song isn’t very MASSIVE…



    Mar 04 •
  2. Larubia

    I’ll wait till next week?

    Mar 04 •
  3. Neon

    I don’t get point of making those movies except Paradise Circus… especially movie for this song?!?

    Mar 04 •
  4. dana

    can’t wait to see the whole movie! i like the song. @paulo: the whole heligoland isn’t very massive, it’s a new start and it’s beautiful.

    Mar 04 •
  5. cecilia villamayor

    que interesante !!

    Mar 05 •
  6. Paulo

    dear @dana: I desagree with you: I ,Think that Heligoland is very Massive!!! Except for this song…honestly I don´t like her…it seems a pop song…
    on the contrary: “All I Want” is one of the best songs of Massive Attack, and it is not at Heligoland…(it’s only my opinion)
    best regards

    Mar 05 •
  7. poizzenapple

    an idea about the anechoic chamber seems to be quite interesting….
    so patiently waiting for the film… )))

    Mar 06 •
  8. Ronin

    “neon” – there is no point. It’s art. Get it?

    Mar 07 •
  9. Larubia

    same here, poizzenaple

    Mar 08 •
  10. Larubia

    Eard somewhere you like punk… I like a lot ‘Should I Stay’ from The Clash…

    Mar 13 •
  11. rosario

    Censorship! What’s the criteria?

    Mar 13 •
  12. Larubia

    blue monday

    Mar 13 •
  13. rosario

    Think I’m afraid to be cut??? Not very perceptive….think again….

    Mar 13 •
  14. rosario

    Jesus!!!!!!!!! read above, p l e a s e…..

    Mar 13 •
  15. rosario

    Sorry… my mistake…

    Mar 13 •
  16. rosario

    Sorry……… my mistake….again…..

    Mar 13 •
  17. rosario

    Ok….let me put this way… sometimes I know, others don’t have a clue…

    Mar 13 •
  18. rosario

    Could you please do the same above? and now I am asking please…

    Mar 13 •
  19. rosario

    ok, taking the risk of appearing up above, my issue is I never know when I’m going to be cut off… See, I don’t have any ttrouble to be cut, I only would like to know when u cut or not…. I said things before hopping to be cut, and I wasn’t, and other that seemed to me that where acceptable, where cut… so I’m asking, do you have a criteria? How can I know?

    Mar 13 •
  20. rosario

    Right… Bye now…

    Mar 13 •

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