05 Mar 10

Robert’s Photo Blog no.14

bird shadow…

pg pyramid…

silver city…

hella getaway…

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  1. stef

    Bird shadow it’s very interesting

    Mar 05 •
  2. temperaudio

    PG pyramid…. tea and a spliff to start the proceedings methinks
    see you in NYC fellas

    Mar 05 •
  3. Jorge Rosa


    Mar 05 •
  4. aygen

    the 1st two are really nice. it s always interesting to see these kind of small details from daily life and find out how people name them (the photos)
    i hope this photo blog will never end , it s really very very interesting

    Mar 05 •
  5. ale valverde

    silver city.. está hermosa!!

    Mar 05 •
  6. cecilia villamayor

    hella geteway :a donde escapa? — bird shadows : me encanta ,y silver city ,es hermosa! es Lisboa? , y se parece a Buenos Aires . Esa infusion se ve interesante…. gracias ,Robert por las fotos . Abrazos desde Buenos Aires. chau ! muy buena suerte . Cecilia.

    Mar 05 •
  7. Paulo

    @Jorge Rosa: it seems, it seems…Lisbon…

    Mar 06 •
  8. poizzenapple

    another awesome staff… you really make my day!
    very inspirating photos, especially no.1 & 2…
    thanks – keep on!

    Mar 06 •
  9. the FIrecat

    The bird shadows look like fishes in water. It seems to me that an advantage of looking downwards as a pedestrian is in finding coins, something nasty (thereby avoiding it), and discovering aesthetic beauty just like that.
    I like the great contrast between reflected lights and the man-shadows in silver city – a strong picture that is.
    The sign is not quite right at some levels. I guess it could either mean in emergency: 1) the man should run into a rectangular object (most likely a door) ; or 2) the man is turning into a big box or a fridge. I think that’s the use of arrow causing confusion there.
    P.S. @aygen I second that.

    Mar 06 •
  10. rosario

    Silver city is Lisbon, I suppose the first one is too…
    sorry… too tired… the rough fake??? Too bad????
    Quoting: ‘Let’s keep it criptic, shall we…??? Joking….


    Mar 06 •
  11. rosario

    Ok, pigeon city… I went to the agenda and there is STILL no date for lisbon… rough fake tested… better run??? …
    The ‘Mad Wild Bunch’ played???
    Better run, no, perhaps change identity???
    Is it true??? Are you really felling good???
    A bit off, Sonic are coming the end of April…

    Mar 06 •
  12. rosario

    Hummmm…. hidding something?…. !?!?!?!?

    Mar 06 •
  13. rosario

    Sorry… pissed? me too….

    I believe this is corny enough to make same sence:

    Depeche Mode – Try walking tn my shoes

    bye now

    Mar 07 •
  14. rosario

    Frozen… not hidding… and not death yet too

    if repeated please delete

    Mar 07 •
  15. rosario

    So prepared to go Downunder? Hope so…
    … 3… Counting backwards to get a massive heart attack, thank you very much…
    If I’m going to get stoned with ‘lizard’ in Lisbon, the least I can do ;P
    Truly! I guess you deserve it…
    Sorry I’ve to go out now…
    Later if I can…

    Mar 08 •
  16. rosario

    We will be waiting to ear from you…
    But please take care, seeing your photoblogs is great but it isn’t that great knowing you got sick…

    Mar 09 •
  17. cecilia villamayor

    suerte en Australia!!! que lo pasen lindo!!! !!! exitos!! fuerza en todo !!! un abrazo from Argentina

    Mar 10 •
  18. rosario

    One…and it isn’t from U2…
    So flying south for the winter?…
    Sorry, to access stuff I have to upgrade stuff… and couldn’t do it yet…
    Best of Luck…

    Mar 10 •
  19. Lilli

    tea is very much intriguing :_) – the English tea is best !

    Mar 11 •
  20. rosario

    ??? Nice!!!!!
    Guess didn’t read before, have really to upgrade stuff….
    No time to do it now…
    Not running, not hidding, serious stuff to do…

    Mar 11 •
  21. rosario

    Intriguing!? … need some time to be ‘observed’…

    Mar 11 •
  22. cecilia villamayor

    A mi me interesa esa infusion . Ahora, me intriga “hella getaway ” (???) hmmm

    Mar 12 •
  23. Lilli

    I am also greeting you rosario – everyone has other feelings we dear :)

    Mar 12 •
  24. Lilli

    of course “my dear”

    Mar 12 •
  25. rosario

    Hi, Cecilia. Who knows what Robert saw!? That’s the fun of it… ah!

    Mar 12 •
  26. rosario

    Hi. Hopping you have a good flight, (not on British Airways, I hope) and an excelent concert… Go and get them…Best of Luck…

    Mar 12 •
  27. cecilia villamayor

    Hi Rosario ! , I agree with you !! yes thats at ’s fun!!….. sure.! Chau.!

    Mar 13 •
  28. cecilia villamayor

    Rosario, NOW I agree with you. Me parece que hice lo que a mi no me gustarian que me hicieran,( y han hecho conmigo ) Bueno, yo tambien le deseo a la banda y a Robert la mejor de las suerte esta noche y los proximos conciertos.Que pasen los mejores momentos.

    Mar 13 •
  29. rosario

    Just to say Hi, Cecilia. Besos. Y que les van bien todos los conciertos em Australia y en Nueva Zelandia…

    Mar 13 •

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