10 Mar 10

Elephants or Ivory?

This weekend, 13th March, two African governments will lobby the UN to weaken the ban on ivory trading, which could lead to elephant populations being wiped out and, ultimately, extinction for the whole species. Each year over 30,000 elephants are killed by poachers for ivory. If Tanzania and Zambia are successful in exploiting the loophole, this awful trade will get much worse.

Help the conservationists who are trying to save the elephants and extend the ban for another twenty years by signing the petition at Avaaz.org and forwarding the link to as many people as you can.

The UN Endangered Species body only meets every three years, so this is an extremely urgent situation.

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  1. Paul

    Bravo for supporting a cause like this !

    Mar 10 •
  2. pilar gargallo sesenta

    los elefantes estuvieron muchisimo antes que los humanos!!!! el ser humano es la peor plaga!!!

    Mar 10 •
  3. Alison

    Disgusting trade, that should not be still happening in 2010. This must be stopped….

    Mar 10 •
  4. cecilia villamayor

    hace años que ocurre esto!! lo mismo es con otras especies, y todavia ocurre.! …! no entiendo porque…! Es otra BESTIALIDAD DEL HOMBRE. cuando no joden a otro ser humano, se ensañan con otros seres. no tienen nada bueno que hacer de sus vidas , esta gente”?????!!! Cecilia.

    Mar 10 •
  5. cecilia villamayor

    Nada , ni el comercio , ni la necesidad economica puede justificar esto , y cualquier ota cosa negativa. Esta estrategia no es creativa porque es destruciva, de manera contraproducente, Hay que ser inteligente en la manera de usar un recurso ,no destruir.Son idiotas,malvados ,por el egoismo que tienen. ¡¡¡tengo una bronca!!!

    Mar 10 •
  6. Claudia Eva Rose

    Why should it ever come to such a beautiful animal against the selfish nature of some humans, let our considerate side shine! Be AGAINST Ivory…a petty materialistic thing when it has been removed from it’s true state! Ivory does nothing but represent cruelty and destruction of true beauty.

    Mar 10 •
  7. Macha

    Thanks so much for the information…I’ll sign right now….I hope it can helps… :(

    Mar 10 •
  8. rosario

    Signed… had it in my mail…

    Mar 10 •
  9. the FIrecat

    Such barbaric egoistic unnecessary trades must end. A better relationship between elephants and local people in the region need to be worked on also I think. To the poachers, exporters and importers: STOP wasting fuels on that bloody business too you bunch of idiots – causing both ecological and environmental damages.

    Mar 10 •
  10. MelindaDC

    Elephants look so much better alive and with their tusks…they are happier too.

    Mar 11 •
  11. massivefan

    Not sure about this. Controlling elephant population is an absolute necessity – if there were too many they’d absolutley destory all forests – if you’ve ever seen first hand (like i have) how much damage one elephant can do to one tree you’d agree with me. On that basis I’d like to know the rationale behind the application to “relax the ivory ban” – is it becuase elephant population is now spiralling out of control which threatens trees / other vegetation – if so, I’d like to know more. Its all about context, you see – you can;t just “wave the finger” and go – “yeah, tut tut, killing elephants is bad” – it is on the contrary a necessity to prolong african vegetation. More information would be better. Don;t get me wrong I’m no advocate of illegal poaching of these beautiful and majestic anamals, but you all need to know that if the ivory trade were abolished alltogether the elephant population would spiral out of control and would be a very dangerous threat to african forests. You only have to read a Wilbur Smith book to know that!! All i’m asking for is a bit more background and put this “request for ivory trade laws to be relaxed” into context.

    Mar 11 •
  12. rosario


    Mar 11 •
  13. rosario

    massivefan, want to pick a fight!? Not at all in my plans, but you never know, after all ‘danger is everywhere’!!!! Peace…

    Mar 11 •
  14. rosario

    @massivefan. I’m sorry, I was joking, but it is really a serious matter…what I meant to say was some times you’re called to take an opinion, without all the data available… You choose your own batles… In most of cases of wild animals versus man, the animals are in disadvantage(?) the growing population around them, force the ecosistems… there are lots of relavant issues on this, but you have to put those in a balance and choose which are more relevant to you… Bye

    Mar 12 •
  15. jon muni

    I agree with Massivefan.

    More needs to be done than just banning the ivory trade and tackling illegal poaching. This is a bigger issue than just ivory. There needs to be debt cancellation, education and poverty irradication at a grass roots level. Often these animals are killed for their MEAT, the tusks are often an additiional bonus! I am a great lover of Africa, of animals and expecially Ele’s but its always very easy for someone in their comfy armchair to wave the forbidding finger at poachers and then return to eating their oversized meal swilling down a beer. Put yourself in their position, feel their hunger and see what lengths you’d be willing to go to to find food for your malnurished family. It’s all to easy to sign up and do your bit from your pc….and then forget about it.!!

    Elephants are very destructive animals, you would not believe what dammage they can do. I have seen whole Mopane Tree forrests wiped out. Old old trees destroyed. A more holistic approach needs to be taken. Culling is a terrible thing but necessary.

    Maybe some human culling is necesary to give back some ground to the elephant !!!!

    Just think about whether this petition will work, and if it does….what then ? What animal will be next ??


    Mar 12 •
  16. cecilia villamayor

    creo que hay que , dejar que la naturaleza haga el equilibrio . Ella sabe . El hombre tiene la capacidad de hacerlo. Ademas ella esta actuando . Pero como dice Evo morales, el presidente de Bolivia : “la madre naturaleza esta enojada” . ¡Atencion con esto! . Ahora veo: ¡caos en el blog ! .

    Mar 13 •
  17. rosario

    Ok, only massive things, sorry!
    Did you enjoy the concert?
    Did it went well?
    Hope so!

    Mar 13 •
  18. rosario

    I think you’ve made a good choice!

    Mar 13 •
  19. rosario

    You know me… can’t be quiet for long… what if…. take four, put five and instead of ten, put PFR? Just me thinking ‘out loud’…

    Mar 13 •
  20. rosario

    Seen Flat of the Blade for the 2nd time… liked it more than the first…

    Mar 13 •
  21. Lesia

    You have hit the mark. Thought good, I support.

    Apr 15 •

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