15 Mar 10

Grant – Sydney

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  1. gabriel

    cant wait to see my favourite duo performing at the opera house forecourt

    hit me up if you need to sort any creature comforts during your stay in Sydney

    Mar 15 •
  2. rosario

    my youtube access quited on me last saturday…
    I’m doing my best here…

    Couldn’t really understand your choice, I’m not mad or anything, just sad, you do have choices and not only here…
    spliting, all I want, Lawrence featuring Girl?

    Mar 15 •
  3. Birchgrovegold

    Brilliant show tonight in an amazing setting. One to remember for sure. Also as an ex-Bristolian now living in Sydney, I just loved the concept of seeing the guy who used to work in the record shop I went to when I was a school kid performing in front of the opera house and still looking the same age – Full marks :-)

    Mar 15 •
  4. rosario

    Sorry, not focused… it isn’t getting any easier, and no guide lines here…
    red light after spliting (…), before all I want, (…)(…)(…)…, Lawrence feat. Girl, ……. ending Atlas Air…
    I guess you must be really tired out there…
    Stoping, I’m not getting further today, I guess…
    … sad

    Best of Luck… go and get them!

    Mar 15 •
  5. rosario

    What? How can I understand?…

    Mar 15 •
  6. rosario

    Ok! Admiting… not getting… and this one I guess, don’t know at all, is coming up?

    Mar 15 •
  7. rosario

    right… not making any sence… what if instead of using my words to mess me up, you could use your own???

    Mar 15 •
  8. rosario

    My two wise cigarrettes (not sure of the writing!?)… told me you are really fooling around… right? Joker!!! And I’ve no escape? right again… AH!
    So Mr funnyman, what’s next?

    Mar 15 •
  9. rosario

    … I guess they were really wise…ah!?

    Mar 15 •
  10. rosario


    Mar 15 •
  11. serpentine

    fab photo.. soo wish i was there too!!
    but you guys are missing out on all the lovely sunshiny days we’re having at the moment! bristol’s nicer in the sun ;)

    Mar 15 •
  12. rosario

    Shouldn’t you be doing ’sound cheks’ or something???? Uh?
    Instead of messing with ’serious’ people with lots of ’serious’ bussiness to do???
    Like buying lunch??? it’s lunch time around here, you know???
    I guess there should be Bed time, no???

    Mar 15 •
  13. rosario

    So what do you say? I go and get my lunch and you go to bed? sleeping whatever, don’t need to know… but I guess L. isn’t there… And it’s just me guessing….Ah!

    Mar 15 •
  14. rosario

    Want to know how I know???? Have to ask……………!!!!!

    Sorry, lots of mistakes……

    Mar 15 •
  15. Oliver Rozynski

    Just returned home from seeing you at the Opera House steps with my girlfriend. Since I started listening to music Angel has had the biggest influence on me and still does.

    To be honest though I wasn’t holding my expectations high for this concert regardless of how much I love your music. Maybe because I’ve been let down with live performances so many times in the past, I don’t know…

    This event however, I will sincerely declare, was the most amazing experience in music I have ever witnessed. I feel bad just calling it an ‘experience in music.’ It was so much more than just the music. It was an understanding of something which I’m sure could never be experienced along normal trains of thought, and for this I’m so appreciative of the effort put in by real artist who still care about the message and emotion they have been communicating since day one.

    I can only hope you realise the difference you’ve made on that which surrounds you.

    Mar 15 •
  16. rosario

    Bristol having sunshiny days??? Here to…. Jealous???? Get a mark on the agenda and come to see for yourself……!!!!
    and another cigarrett coming… don’t if this one is a wise one…..

    Mar 15 •
  17. rosario

    I guess my smokes are getting wiser than me…!!!
    We should write a book on ‘Mad chats on blogs’…!!!
    I’m starting to feel a pro on talking to my screen…!!!!
    Are you really trying to make look crazier than I already am…???

    Great job, by the way……..!!!!

    Mar 15 •
  18. rosario

    I just checked is around 1.35m in there, shouldn’t you go to get some sleep…… and try again???
    You might not have to sleep… don’t know… If your a bat or something…
    But I really need to Eat…… Starving here……………..

    And perhaps have a really cool dream on L.???????

    Mar 15 •
  19. rosario

    Ok, I’ve to go….

    ‘Sweet dreams are made of …’ whatever you want… with L.???? maybe???
    tomorrow I tell you if you dreamt with her or not…….
    Big Kiss

    Mar 15 •
  20. diegoq

    what did you smoke porteña???

    Mar 15 •
  21. Jason

    Been loving it since blue lines but I was honestly afraid of disappointment. At last, after soooo many years my fiance insisted we go… It was amazing! Everything I could ever want! (Except for the idiot who kept on trying to chat up some chick behind me!!)

    Thanks for a great experience!

    Mar 16 •
  22. cecilia villamayor

    Daddy Grant…. nice photo . i Ihope , have nice moments . good luk in live. chau.

    Mar 16 •
  23. rosario

    First @ diegoq, I don’t know what porteña means, but I smoke nicotine, carbon monoxid… 2 packs… got it?

    Mar 16 •
  24. rosario

    Really not mad… Lighter stuff, please… not used to…
    Good concert! Best of Luck!!!

    Mar 16 •
  25. cecilia villamayor

    Hi Rosario, “porteña ” significa que proviene del puerto , de esa zona. y cuidado con el monoxido . Abrazo.

    Mar 16 •
  26. Chris

    Thanks for an awesome show last night! Loved it!


    Mar 17 •
  27. rosario

    Hola, Ceci! Muchissimas gracias.
    Ni todo es malo. Una amiga me ha hablado de un artista americano qué trabaja con el sonido in metales sin hierro y creo qué tambien en ‘liquidos não Euclidianos’ (Perdón!), para crear pinturas. Sé te interesa lo buscaré en lo mail…
    Besos Largos.

    Mar 17 •
  28. Peret von Sturmer

    Great show in Syd. The local political content in the visuals was really appreciated. Important for the gig to not turn into a total escape and stay grounded in the real world. It made the music and the community that came together to perform and appreciate it feel connected to alternate possibilities.
    bests, P

    Mar 18 •
  29. David Pathania

    A trip down memory lane, still my favourite crew 20 years later. And what a setting in Sydney. 101.25, the sound that keeps Bristol Town alive – SPEC FM – go on Daddy G ! Still have ‘tapes’ of your sets dated 1989/90/91. Lived in Bristol late eighties early nineties when I was a teenager and those cherished years helped make me. Been living in Australia for a decade now. The last time I saw Massive Attack and their Sound System was Glastonbury 95. Another classic performance !! Thanks for the trip.

    Mar 18 •
  30. rosario

    In Australian Coast Line, don’t mess with luck…

    Mar 18 •
  31. rosario

    … the shadow…

    Mar 18 •
  32. rosario

    …reverse… Bye…

    Mar 18 •
  33. cecilia villamayor

    hola rosario ,si me interesaria. gracias ! abrazooo!

    Mar 19 •
  34. Diego Q

    Oh sorry, pense q la porteña era rosario, pero veo q es ceci jeje ;)

    Mar 21 •
  35. rosario


    Been without old Mac till now… Mad about the service… should be with me last Monday….

    Really, sorry…

    Mar 25 •
  36. rosario

    gone for a big smoke…………….

    Mar 25 •
  37. rosario

    Won’t get a serious comment on anything……….
    HATE Paradise Circus!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Temper could be my middle name, but surely PRIDE is yours…………
    How the Hell did I got here!?

    Maybe on Futebol tomorrow….

    Mar 25 •
  38. rosario


    Mar 25 •
  39. rosario

    Hi, sorry…
    On photo blog… Killer smile… is more a heartbreaking one…;P
    yes… but not only the sand banks, the picture is beautiful…
    careful with storm…

    Mar 26 •

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