16 Mar 10

Saturday Come Slow Film

Filmed inside Cambridge University’s anechoic chamber (designed to create total silence) and featuring former Guantanamo Bay detainee, Ruhal Ahmed, this short by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin is a reflection on Ahmed’s experiences whilst in detention (particularly how he was interrogated using high-volume music) and about the use of human sound on the body.

www.zerodb.org [music against torture]

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  1. Aletheia

    The means never justifies the end. Torture does not belong in a civilised world, thus proving were have yet to attain civility.

    Mar 16 •
  2. jeahjeah

    I’d like an higher quality version…

    Mar 16 •
  3. Cousin It

    Great that you highlighted this injustice.
    Much props, as usual.

    Mar 16 •
  4. Ronin

    Amazing. On so many levels.


    Mar 16 •
  5. Growl

    Beautifully realised movie BTW.


    Mar 16 •
  6. cecilia villamayor

    Es una pelicula de muy buena calidad. Dice lo suficiente . Ahora, en lo personal soy de creer que no hay peor tortura que la psicologica, porque es algo sutil , al serlo el daño entra mas profundamente ,por lo tanto,deja peores secuelas que la tortura fisica, violencia fisica. Hay gente que ha sufrido maltrato psicologico ,que prefiere haber recibido otro maltrato que el mental.

    Mar 16 •
  7. cecilia villamayor

    Es tremendo…..

    Mar 16 •
  8. freccia

    Thanks for letting me know http://www.zerodb.org/ , against music torture

    Mar 17 •
  9. jimitits

    oh , and i know sat well, and why it comes slow…and it hurts…and it haunts..and it comes, and it is not real, but un real enough,..

    May 22 •
  10. jimitits

    wanted to say, cool vid/short…will need to watch one million more times..and maybe then will post…i did, and the beast would not accept the coment….was it beacuase i said fuck….maybe….but un…it was from the heart….and anything from the heart is a good ting….MA …u fucking rule…in a most gentle way…opening the doors of perception for thsoe in need…trip hop and never stop…it is not over yet…term 5 was ‘far’….hope to see u all soon….was seated with you upstairs,and have alot of great photos of you all on stage, and Ms, Tolipa Bird…you are beyond words…your voice transcends this realm…u r Billie Hday IN A GREAT CURRENT WAY….hope to see you again soon…amazing voice…soaring in trance still….teardrops still falling!

    May 22 •
  11. film archive

    visulaized education is very affective. Documentaries are the best options for that.
    You can say lots by this 30 or 60 minutes movie. It is not nesessary that the theme of
    the documentary is always be serious matter. But you must see that your film say somthing.
    Then it will be a original film.

    Jun 26 •
  12. Abbs

    It reli makes you think and it inspires you to change the way you interperate things

    Jul 31 •
  13. Jimitits

    It is how one perceivith what is occuring torture occurs to many at all times in everyday life this seems benign however it is not sinister man control n what of the homeless jobless loss of loved ones the cancer in mans cruelty to oneanother is rampant peace llove kindness
    and Awareness the bid hels there sat come slow stilll to many n will until the End of the time period we can trascend it look at MA psyche !!

    Sep 22 •

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