19 mar 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.15

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. nm30

    yes!! new photoblog, love these, more more!!

    mar 19 •
  2. diegoq

    Thanx D, magnific photos, u deserve the sydney opera and much more :D
    Greetings from Colombia ;) long life to blue lines

    mar 19 •
  3. cecilia villamayor

    uuyy! Blue Lines…. exellents photos , gracias. mucha suerte en los proximos conciertos. Abrazos. chau

    mar 19 •
  4. cecilia villamayor

    Es hermosa la foto acerca del cisne negro, me gusta mucho.

    mar 19 •
  5. cecilia villamayor

    demon !!!! que buena foto!

    mar 19 •
  6. the FIrecat

    Australia looks like a fun place to be – wish I was there. The deep blue sky on the last photo is almost unreal against the building. nice to see the bubbly clouds and the black swan too. cheers to blue lines.

    mar 19 •
  7. cecilia villamayor

    que buena de Damon !,lo agarraron por detras…y nubes de agua, otra que es muy buana. tiene mucho movimiento.Muy buenas,Robert , las disfruto .seria bueno mas fotos tuyas ….chau .suerte

    mar 20 •
  8. Justin

    Hello – just wondering if you could tell me the playlist between Martina Topley-Bird’s set and Massive Attack’s actual show. I’m keen to know the song that came after the Bruce Springsteen song (I think it was Bruce Springsteen). Many thanks.

    mar 20 •
  9. Marina

    fascinating pics, black swan rather disturbing/scary though
    …the lucky people of sidney…when u guys back in uk? grey in london

    mar 20 •
  10. bobsouth


    Nice photos- did you take any From Melbourne? From an ex-pommies point of view, it was great to have you guys down here in Oz- never got to see you as a group when I lived in Bristol!!

    Please, please don’t leave it so long between visits down under, I was lucky enough to be able to attend both the Sydney and Melbourne shows- both blew me away…


    mar 21 •
  11. ImaginativeKiwi

    Awesome looking black swan

    mar 22 •
  12. Vanessa

    How beautiful the black swan is nice shot of it.

    mar 23 •
  13. Cormac

    That sydney opera house shot is amazing!

    apr 01 •
  14. Denise

    Hey Justin,,,, was it “I’m in love with a German film star” by the Passions? Great song

    mag 27 •
  15. c72

    water clouds – beautiful

    ott 22 •

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