22 mar 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.16

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English.

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  1. Lola

    i love first pic

    mar 22 •
  2. Vanessa

    lol ,definitely ;-) spooky ,spooky

    Greetings from germany – frankfurt

    mar 22 •
  3. Richard

    Enjoy tonight in Brizzie. We have driven down from Bundaberg to see you.
    Here’s to a good one.

    mar 23 •
  4. the FIrecat

    A good looking ghost with a shimmering strobe effect. the movement is a nice picture too.

    mar 23 •
  5. monkeyboy666

    Thxs for the super night in Melbourne on Saturday. Really awesome rockin’ show. Loved it!

    When are you going to release a live DVD??? It’s necessary ;^)



    mar 23 •
  6. cecilia villamayor

    Hola ghost ! , que tal ? – Angelo vs movimiento. Linda postal de Melbourne . Muy buenas fotos .Suerte en lo proximo. Abrazos. Chau

    mar 23 •
  7. Marina

    slipping into addiction. …your ghost looked amazingly full of flesh, blood and life on stage…

    mar 23 •
  8. ImaginativeKiwi

    That view is awesome, my friend down there was actually supposed to go see your show, at least it’s still warmish looking

    mar 25 •
  9. Cormac

    sweet photos!

    apr 06 •
  10. Larubia

    book butterfly here…

    apr 22 •
  11. Larubia

    been on Heligoland artwork and posts……

    apr 22 •
  12. Larubia

    at some point remembered – I thought of it the first time I saw, but with all that silly stuff that came after – never mentioned it…

    apr 22 •
  13. Larubia

    we have here a small art gallery that is something like Bristol/Lisbon, don’t know exactly… is quite recent and a bit private, really never been there…

    apr 22 •
  14. Larubia

    … as good book butterfly I was around your books…
    … bought Wild Dayz, and… Sly…
    … but I don’t have them with me yet…

    apr 22 •
  15. Larubia

    …the Heligoland Deluxe, I’m hopping to see it with friends…
    …don’t know if they got it already…

    apr 22 •
  16. Larubia

    …this will sound as weird as it looks…
    …really need meds?

    apr 22 •
  17. Larubia

    …when I was in mail, a friend sent me the gallery info, it’s in Portuguese, if you think that can have any interest at all to you, I’ll try and translate or try to get in touch…
    … I’m sending it anyway, you can look, or send to trash…….


    …not pushing, no nothing….


    apr 22 •
  18. Larubia


    apr 23 •
  19. Larubia



    apr 30 •
  20. Larubia

    The almost black tulip is great!
    like the others, I don’t know the name of the white small ones in the field, are one of my favorite…simple but beautiful….
    the others of the trees weird lightening…
    black clouds a little light and black again………..

    mag 07 •
  21. nevan

    angelo é lindo

    angelo I love you….

    ago 18 •
  22. Nevan Darko

    angelo I love you…

    my man..

    nov 15 •

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