23 mars 10

(English) Robert’s Photo Blog no.17

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  1. cecilia villamayor

    Martina in the Gardens : es hermosa. me encanta como se llama esta foto. Es agradable ver a otro grande del futbol. que pasen un lindo dia , lindos momentos. abrazos. Chau

    mars 23 •
  2. Marina

    Mr Agostino, looks so Italiano!! Miss them all, Italian men
    Picture in gardens reminds strangely of Arena in Verona, Aida

    mars 23 •
  3. Lola

    go agostino gooooooooo

    mars 23 •
  4. Mr. Zaziki

    Oh, mr. Agostino drinks a « Helles ». What is called beer in well Bavarian. Helles is in english « a bright one »
    Greetings from Munich and « oans zwoa gsuffa » — (Bavarian Oktoberfest Greeting) .

    mars 23 •
  5. Dusty

    What a fantastic concert we had the pleasure of last night in Brisbane! Really hoping that massive received the gorgeous note from my Lily aged 9 who would have loved to come to the concert ….. maybe next year back in England we can take her to an all ages gig??? x

    mars 24 •
  6. Dane

    This was truly amazing and awesome. A message was distributed that many people needed to see. I’m sure many people didn’t get it though.

    I was right up the front behind the guy with the glasses who was making sweet love with the fence, beanie was really hot after a while, can’t imagine what it was like for the band with all those lamps, plus the heat of the equipment.

    The military bombing transcript gave me chills, and Horry doing the « inverse Jay z pyramid » thing was heart warming to see.

    Glad to see massive are speaking out about what’s going on, and not hiding it in silly metaphor. Big bayer logo and flags smashing on the screen really made me want to fist the clouds.

    mars 24 •
  7. Avalanche

    Ago lives!

    mars 24 •
  8. maddy

    Agostino Fricken legend!

    mars 25 •
  9. Tanya

    Totally exhilerating…. thankyou. Robert you are an inspiration and I am going to do everything I can to help this country get a human rights bill. Please come back again soon.

    mars 25 •
  10. rosario

    And the list keeps growing….

    mars 27 •
  11. rosario

    Last night my team won the match…we’re real close to win our championship…

    I’m going to youtube… see the interviews and…


    mars 28 •

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